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Pitbull Muscle Building & Training


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Pitbull muscle building includes both diet & training in his routine life. Diet plays a crucial role, while strength training for Pitbulls is necessary as it helps make your dog flexible and get that sleek physique that you are looking for.

Moreover, to avoid several joint issues or poor muscular growth, muscle-building activities are necessary for Pitbulls. The training of these dogs does not rely on exercise only but on correct food supplements. Few dog owners start dog training and exercises at an early stage, whereas some do that in the later elder stage of the dog’s life. These dogs are heavier; you have to pay special attention to the pitbull muscle-building activity.

Here, we will present a detailed description of muscle-building training and its factors for your understanding.

Pitbull Muscle Building Training

Kinds of Pitbull Pups

Mainly there is the three-breed classification of pit bulls. They are- American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire bull terrier, and Staffordshire bull terrier. However, commonly you will see American Pitbull Terrier in the USA and other adjacent countries.

American Pitbull Terrier


It is the pure pit bull breed. They are taller as compared to the other types. They are famously known as red-nose pitbull or blue-nose terriers. You can identify them by the color of the nose which is different from other pit bull breeds.

It is noticed that blue-nosed pit bulls are weaker in terms of their immune system. The American pit bull terrier has a life span of around 8-10 years.

American Staffordshire Bull Terrier


They are also known as American staffy. Usually, they are medium in size & weigh around 45-7-0 lbs. You will love their sociable nature and friendliness. However, they need an ample amount of grooming. This dog breed is a reliable guard dog but gets aggressive seeing another canine in the house.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier


The particular breed has its origin in English Midlands. It is the result of a crossbreed between a Terrier and a pit bull. They are courteous, affectionate, and loyal. Children love this breed as they are fluffy and obey the owner well.

Pitbull Muscle Building Exercises & Training – YouTube Guide

Traits of Pit Bull

Pit bulls have distinctive personalities and temperaments. Here are a few common traits that you will find in your muscular pit bull. It does not matter whether you want to know about red nose pitbull muscle building or blue nose pitbull muscle building; the following traits are similar in both;


With a simple glance, you can understand that pit bulls are smart and intelligent. At times, they are stubborn too. Moreover, they will not listen to or obey their owners if they get stubborn.

People Pleasing

Pit bulls are beautiful dogs. They love being the center of attention in the family. However, they are not great night guard dogs. If you have any young kids at home, you need to be careful while playing with the pit bull. As pit bull loves, but they can get rough too.


Like any other dog, pit-bull have immense loyalty in them. They will always protect their owner if they love you. By playing with them, you can establish a good bond with these cute dogs. However, if you have any other pet at your home, pit bulls can get a bit aggressive. We have a complete guide on how to train your aggressive pitbull and reviewed the best shock collars for Pitbulls check it out once.


Due to the physical appearance of the muscular pit bull breed, they are athletic. You can take your little pit bull pup trekking, hiking, or even swimming without any hassle. Hence, for any outdoor exercise activity of this dog, you will not face any challenges.


You will enjoy each moment once you start living with an energetic and super fun pit bull. They love playing all around indoors and outdoors. While the pup is playing outside in the garden, you have to be careful and manage the yard. It is because of the pesticides in the garden or lawns.

If your pup eats it accidentally or even if it sticks to their fur, it can cause serious health problems. Use pet-friendly weed killers for the pit bull’s safety.

Need For Cuddles

To feel safe and secure, you will always find your pitbull around you and cuddling. They love being petted by their owners.

Strength & Muscle Care Of A Pitbull

If you are planning to bring a pit bull into your house as a new pet owner, there are a few things you should keep in your mind about their care. They are as follows;

Exercise & Strength Training

Often as a new pet owner, you might feel confused or scared to take care of a muscular pit bull. However, you need to understand that their strength training is the key. To gain a sleek physique and strong muscle, you have to make the pit bull exercise vigorously.

Never start the exercise routine of your pitbull in their old age. There are chances of joint problems that may arise in the older stage. Proper food and supplements, along with exercise, can keep the muscular pit bull in shape without any serious health problems.

Gaining Muscle

Every dog owner wants their pup to grow healthy and have a sleek physique. When it comes to pitbull muscle building, you have to take care of their diet and regular exercise. Excess feeding can make your dog grow extremely fat and unhealthy. In addition to that, joint and hip issues may arise in the pit bull from a younger age. To avoid such scenarios, here are a few tips that you can follow;

Intake Of High-Quality Protein

To gain body weight, every dog needs 1 gram of protein in general. Therefore, for a pit bull, it is no exception. However, you should keep in mind not to increase the protein percentage for getting quick results. Surely, you can add pitbull supplements for muscle building in their treats or meal. If you still want to opt for a high-protein diet or any pit bull steroids, consult a vet before starting their meal program.

Sufficient Exercises

Apart from the pit bull muscle-building food, you should include considerable exercise form in this routine to provide him resistance. Too much working out can tear the small ribs. A 10-15 minute cardio, including sprinting, jumping, jogging, or climbing stairs, is enough. Again, remember excessive cardio can spoil the muscular building of pit bulls.

With time, you can increase their exercise regime and resistance. It is also helpful to prevent any injury. Please check the pitbull muscle-building workouts that you are including are enjoyed by your pup and not causing any discomfort.

Start with a slow or brisk walk every day. The Pitbull muscle-building training should not stress them or cause any anxiety. With the speed increase, their heart rate will also grow. Hence it can help the circulation of blood flow better.

Weighed Pull

For the weighted pull exercises, the harness is important. Make sure to tie an escape-proof dog harness. When you put a weight with the harness, it will distribute the weight uniformly on the pit bull’s body.

You can add a little weight in the beginning. For instance, around 10-15 meters of the harness is good to go. Resting in between exercises is equally essential. With time, you can increase the number of sets and repetitions. Other than a weighted harness, you can also use parachutes or skaters as pitbull muscle-building equipment.


Other than walking, you can include swimming in an everyday workout for the pit bull. It is said that swimming is efficient as 1 hour of walking. Moreover, it helps to work on the front muscles of the dog better than walking alone can do. It is a low-impact and safe workout, which you can think of considering for the muscular pit bull breed.

Stair Exercise

Running up and down the staircase can burn a hell of calories. It works wonderfully for building muscle in pit bulls, especially on their cores. As the full body weight pressure falls on the legs, the dog will get lean and strong legs. It also helps to gain stability of the joints in them.

Tug Of War

It is the favorite game of pit bulls. The advantage of this game is that it strengthens the core muscles of the dog. Again, your dog will learn to obey rules while playing.

Spring Pole

Another excellent exercise that makes your red nose pitbull muscle-building strong is the spring pole form. In this game, a string is tied to the tree branch. Your pup can play tug and war without your help.

Flirt Pole

You can affix a toy with the rope and stick. Show it to your dog and make him chase it. The flirt pole exercise should be done under the observation of the dog owner. You will have to put in your effort while playing with your pup. Otherwise, they will feel lonely and may not run after the toys at all.

Jump On The Bench

Among the high-level cardio exercises, jumping up and down on the bench is amazing. You can take your dog to the parks to make him perform this exercise. Check the movement of the dog’s front leg while they are jumping from the bench. This particular exercise helps in maintaining the dog’s balance. A sense of body control also develops well in their mind.

Weight Fetching

Playing a go-and-get game can make your pitbull pup happy and energetic. Using a weight of 1 or 2 kg as an object for your dog helps his muscle development.

Double Leg Walk

The two-leg walk is similar to a wheelbarrow. This exercise helps the dog’s front leg muscle build. Again, you have to maintain a shorter distance while practicing in the early stages of your life. A substantial 20-30 seconds of front leg walk is enough for a day. You have to keep in mind the comfort and possible injuries that can occur in your dog’s leg due to this exercise. Hence, do not be too harsh on your cute friend.

Dog Squats

Like the human squats, this exercise is the same. You can also use treats for making your dog sit and stand with time and quickly. Mostly with the treat in your hand, they will start following your exercise instructions properly. You can also append weights at their back or ankles while a dog is squatting.

Backward Walk

To work on the hip and joints, make your dog walk facing backward. You can start this exercise with your dog at a shorter distance in the beginning. However, you have to understand this technique is new for any dog.

Therefore, you have to be patient with them. Start in the narrow areas where your dog can learn backward walking faster without feeling scared.

Weights On Ankle

You can fasten the weighed belt on the muscular pit bull breed. They can walk for some time with ankle-weighed equipment and lose unnecessary weight from the body. You can also use a rock piece or sandbag with the dog’s ankle if you do not want to buy weights outside.


The pit bulls suffering from hyper activeness can go for this weighed backpack equipment. You can attach this weighing bag to their back and make them walk for 5-10 minutes. With time, you can increase or decrease the weight limit depending on the dog’s comfort level.

Ball Stability

For American pitbull muscle building, stable balls are the best pieces of equipment. When your dog stands on this device, the core muscles engage nicely. Again, it helps to maintain a balance in their body. It is a lovely exercise form for muscle build and strengthening purposes.

During the beginning of this exercise, you can support your pup by holding their hands. Gradually you can remove the support to check their stability.

Common Disease & Health Care of Pitbull

With the growing age, you may notice a few health problems in your pitbull. Some of the general diseases are discussed below;

Hip Dysplasia

Due to their huge size and muscular build, with older age, pit bulls are receptive to get hip dysplasia. It makes bone deterioration, and they face challenges while walking.

Separation Anxiety

At times, you can see the pit bulls chewing or scratching their beds, toys, etc. They might try to elope from the house. Separation anxiety can result in all these symptoms. Pit bulls usually do not like to stay alone in the home.

Hence, you should spend quality time with your pup and not leave them alone. Again, dog beds for anxiety can help them to stay calm and sleep peacefully. You can choose calming dog beds from the market or online for anxiety issues in Pit Bulls.

Heart Problems

Pit bulls often suffer from an irregular heartbeat. It is mainly because of the valve problem, which leads to heart issues. Consult a vet if you notice such symptoms.


During older age, pit bulls can experience cataract problems and difficulty in eyesight. However, it is not a major issue as it can be fixed with minor surgery.


Parvovirus may cause a major illness in your pit bull’s health. They may vomit or go through severe indigestion and dehydration. Mostly when the pups go to play in parks or outdoors, they get infected by this virus. However, if you vaccinate the pit bull at an earlier age, you can avoid the infection.


It is a common problem that almost all dogs face in their lifespan. Pit bulls can suffer from allergies due to air pollution or due to certain food. The dog will start itching or scratching because of allergic reactions. Again, there are specific medicines that vets can prescribe to treat allergies.

Diet & Food

The diet of the pit bull pup should be full of carbs and protein. It will ensure their growth and health properly. Adding pit bull muscle-building supplements and vitamins to the diet can also enhance their fitness.


To keep your pitbull pup energetic, give them blueberries. Another benefit of this fruit is its antioxidant properties. Usually, this helps to protect the dog from cancer and fight against any serious disease. Moreover, blueberries also keep the pups healthy.


For a decent source of protein, you should include beef meat in the bowl for your pitbull. Beef has a considerable amount of minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, it helps to improve the joints of the dogs in the end. To save your dog from any infection, you should cook the meat properly.


If you do not like beef or meat, you can give your muscular pit bull pup lean protein through chicken chunks. Moreover, there are plenty of vitamins present in chicken that help to nourish the fur and skin of your pup.


Raw or cooked carrot is a source of antioxidants. Again, you can also get Vitamin A from it. Cook or simply cut the carrot sticks into small pieces for your pup. They will enjoy the carrot pieces, and it will help them during their teething time.

Sweet Potato

You can consider sweet potato sticks as a treat when your pitbull is obeying you and behaving nicely. It is easy to digest and has ample fiber content. Another benefit of sweet potatoes is their fighting capacity against cancer.

Green Beans

For a healthy snack item, you can consider giving a bowl of green beans to your pitbull puppy. Green beans are full of iron and vitamin A. These are also great options if you want to reduce the bulkiness of your dog and get them back in shape.


Brown rice is the ideal option to think of when your little pit bull pup is going through diarrhea or stomach upset. It is easy to digest and has immense nutritional benefits. Try avoiding white or plain rice.


Like the human body, the pit bull also requires an apple a day to derive healthy life. Apart from providing minerals and vitamins to the body, the apple helps in teeth cleaning as well before giving it to the pup, wash and clean the apples. If you want better digestion of your pup, you can also boil or cut it into small pieces.


Another significant food item with high antioxidant properties is pumpkin. You can make a puree or simply offer them pumpkin seeds. Both are beneficial for the dog’s health.

Grooming Essentials

To make your pitbull look presentable, you have to take care of its grooming.


Every day take out time to brush the fur of your cute canine friend. It will protect them from outside infections too. Again, for better blood circulation brushing their hair helps.


Once a month, you should give a lovely bath to your cute furry pit bull. Use natural and pet-friendly lotions or shampoos for this purpose. If your dog is allergic to any particular product, then you should take advice from the doctor before using the shampoos.

Along with this, you should remember to cut your nails regularly. It will prevent your dog from scratching its own body. Trimming nails can protect your dog from bacteria and germs.

Use small cotton balls for cleaning their ears. Do not go too deep inside the ear canal while cleaning.

Take Care Of Skin Fold

If you notice any redness or folds in the pit bull’s skin, use essential oils to soothe it. Using lukewarm water can also help to remove bacteria from the dry skin folds.

Pitbull Care & Fencing

Pit bulls, in general, can jump fences because of their athletic build. However, do not worry. Not all pit bulls escape through the fencing system. They will jump and escape if only they are interested in something outside the house or fence.

You will be amazed to know a regular size pit bull can jump walls that are 12-13 feet tall. Hence, a strong electric fence for dogs can be a savior in these situations.

Training To Stop Fence Jump

Few preventive steps that you can start following for managing your pit bull in the garden or fence area;


You can attach a microchip to your pit bull’s body. It will help people to bring home their pup in case they get lost.


You can use the best bark collars around your pit bull’s neck so that you can get notifications or alerts about their movement.

Fence Length

Build a tall fence that your pit bull cannot cross smoothly. Remember, they can cross and jump through the fences 5-6 feet tall. Therefore, you can create a fencing system above that limit. You should use a chain link with it. The benefit of using it is you will have a grip on your pup.


Many dog owners have their garden or lawn areas where the pit bulls play. You should engage your puppy inside the garden with toys and other things. It will not make them lonely. Moreover, they will remain distracted with their fun games and exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Pitbull is a lovely friend that you can bring home. They are loyal and gentle with everyone. You can spend hours with these cute pups playing and enjoying. However, with a proper diet and exercise regime, you can give your pitbull a great healthy lifestyle.

In this context, it is essential to know that the muscle-building of pit bulls does not necessarily need to begin from a too-early age or in their older days.

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