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Best Pet Friendly Weed Killers


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Are you fond of gardening? Is your garden free from weeds? Do you have a dog at home? If, yes then you need to be very careful in getting rid of these inevitable weeds. Some famous weed killers like Roundup, composed of glyphosate, are not safe for your furry friend. It could initiate allergic problems in your pet. To keep your pet well protected, some best pet-friendly weed killers are available in the market. It would be best to be cautious as most weed killers contain toxic sodium arsenite and borax.

You can manage pet-friendly products at home by using household ingredients like concentrated vinegar, dish soap, or salt. But the method needs 10-30% vinegar for effective results. So you need to think of other environmentally friendly options to keep your garden and pet safe.

Most of the pet owners are going organic. These pet-friendly weed killers get rid of the weeds efficiently without affecting your pet’s health. Make sure to consider whether you plan to use the weed killer on your entire lawn or only around areas with pets.

To help these owners, we will be reviewing the five best user-friendly dog-safe weed killers readily available in the market.

In a Hurry? Our #1 Pick (Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer)

Green Gobbler is the best-known animal-safe weed killer. If you are looking for homemade ingredients in weed killer, then Green Gobbler is the best pet-friendly weed killer. The formula contains 20% vinegar and shows its effect within 24 hours.

You can use it on patios, flower beds, and around your pets as well. It is very user-friendly and comes in ready to use pack. Being a biodegradable product, this weed killer is safe if you are using groundwater.

After applying this weed killer, you can replant in a couple of days as it does not leave any chemical residue.

Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer | Natural and Organic | 1 Gallon Spray | Glyphosate Free Herbicide

Best Pet Friendly Weed Killers | Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart containing the prominent features of the best pet-friendly weed killers.

Buying Guide For The Pet-Friendly Weed Killers

Most of the weed and grass killers available in the market are toxic chemicals making them quite dangerous for pets and kids. If living beings come in contact with the chemicals, it gets absorbed in the body and can be fatal.

Therefore, it is vital to research before buying any product to know what to expect while buying. Below mentioned is a buying guide that will help you to choose the best pet-friendly weed killer.


While researching weed killers, always focus on ingredients. It would be best if you look for a weed killer that has comprehensive details about the ingredients. The presence of active ingredients like glyphosate, carbon tetrachloride, or chloroform commonly present in chemical-based weed killers should be avoided.

Always look for pet-friendly ingredients like vinegar (acetic acid) or salt (sodium chloride) based solutions. The product performs best with a 10-30% concentration of vinegar.


Do some research to verify if the weed killer has been certified as pet safe by some governing bodies or organizations. For example, the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a private, non-profit organization that certifies the product.

Selective Weed Killers

Such types of weed killers are selective in killing a specific group of grasses and plants. They are commonly used on lawns to kill rogue plants and weeds without affecting your grass. However, selective weed killers are not safe for your pets.

Non-Selective Weed Killers

Non-selective weed killers will kill all plants that come in contact with this solution. Such varieties are not meant for your lawns. So you should be able to distinguish between the areas before applying this solution.

Area Of Application

You need to recognize the areas laden with weeds. You may have weeds growing between the paving slabs or through the cracks along your driveway. In such cases, there are numerous pet-friendly organic options to get rid of these types of weeds.

Ease Of Application

To make your work more uncomplicated, opt for a pet-friendly weed killer that comes in a ready-to-use pack, like the one mentioned on our list. The majority of the weed killers are available in ready-to-use spray bottles, so you do not need to spend extra to buy anything else to make the packing functional.

Safe For Surfaces Around Weeds

If you plan to treat the weeds surrounded by wood or concrete surfaces, you should go for milder weed killers, as corrosive products can permanently stain these surfaces.

Spray Bottle Or Regular Bottle

If you plan to spray weed killer using your spray bottle, it opens your option to purchase a regular bottle. You can decant the content of the bottle into your existing spray bottle. Another option can be to pour the weed killer into your watering can and spray it. Try to apply the solution on dry days with no wind.

Effective Result

All pet-friendly weed killers claim a time within which the product starts to give results. Some claim to start showing the effect within a day or two, while others take weeks or even months. Always ensure to have plenty of patience while using the pet-friendly weed killer. However, the speed of action of these weed killers also depends on the time of year and the weather.

Application Frequency

Some brands encourage you to use weed killers once a year, while some suggest using the weed killer several times a year with a chosen waiting period. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the type of weed growing in the garden. Based on the nature of the weed, choose a suitable product and apply it accordingly.

After How Much Time Does The Sprayed Weed Killer Gets Safe For Dogs And Kids?

All the pet-friendly weed killers become safe for your pets and kids once the solution gets dried. However, it does not hold for chemical-based weed killers. So be cautious about looking for these factors while buying weed killer.

Avoid Organophosphate Insecticide

Any pet-friendly weed killer which contains organophosphate insecticide like Dursban should be avoided. Such chemicals kill the weeds by attacking their nervous system, leaving the weeds unable to function properly. Such types of weed killers are hazardous if exposed to your pets. Your pets may experience symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and dizziness.

Best Pet-Friendly Weed Killers Reviews 2021

Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

Best Pet-Friendly Weed Killer

Expert Score

Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer | Natural and Organic | 1 Gallon Spray | Glyphosate Free Herbicide

If you are looking for a weed killer that’s safe for your dog, natural and effective simultaneously, Green Gobbler has come up with this certified organic-friendly product. The product is primarily composed of vinegar, but its inclusion in 20% concentration makes it quite effective compared to those used at home for cooking. The ingredients used in this product are biodegradable and glyphosate-free.

When sprayed on any weed or grass, the product shows its effect in less than 24 hours. The sprayer comes with the option of mist or stream. The product is available in a leak-proof bottle. The product is safe to use in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural areas. You can apply the spray in areas where weeds and grasses are unwanted, like flower beds, sidewalks, driveways, concrete, parking lots, and farmlands.

Green Gobbler has made sure to keep its product organic-friendly and safe from toxic chemicals by focusing on using corn-derived ethanol and acetic acid as the two active ingredients. Corn encourages the inculcation of natural acid into the product that gets rid of unwanted weeds in crabgrass, white clover, musk thistle, dandelions, etc. Therefore Green Gobbler is certified for organic use by OMRI. It is one of the cheapest natural weed killers.

Key Features
  • Eliminates weed in a few hours
  • 1-gallon capacity
  • Glyphosate free
  • Ready to use
  • Certified for organic use

Natural Armor Weed & Grass Killer

Best Pet Protective Weed Killer

Expert Score

Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer All-Natural Concentrated Formula. Contains No Glyphosate (128 OZ. Gallon)

Natural Armor has designed a solution to stop the growth of more than 250 common weeds without harming your pets. It does not contain any harmful glyphosate. As the name suggests, the weed killer contains natural ingredients like acetic acid, citrus, sodium glycerin, essential oil, and water. Roundup sprays come in user-friendly packing so that it is ready for use.

You just need to spray and walk away. It does not involve any cumbersome mixing and diluting procedures. You can stream the product in common areas to keep the place free of weeds and grasses. Examples include flower beds, shrubs, barns, driveways, fence lines, gravel areas, parking areas, rock walls, mulch beds, pavers, pool areas, pathways, walls, and water systems.

The product is highly effective and starts performing in a few hours. The weed killer has a pungent odor that stays for a few days. However, a natural weed killer can never compete against one laden with chemicals. It becomes vital for pet owners to prioritize their pet’s health over any other factor.

Key Features
  • Natural formula
  • Glyphosate free
  • Available in 4 different pack sizes
  • Results in a few hours
  • Work best on weeds with shallow roots

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed & Grass Killer

Best Glyphosate Free Weed Killer

Expert Score

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed & Grass Killer (1 Gallon 2 Pack) No Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed & Grass Killer claims to have a long shelf life for use in the future. The formulation followed by this product is slightly different from the others. It uses ocean saltwater, food-grade commercial vinegar, and soap. Salt act as an effective ingredient in killing the weeds in bulk. It is a non-selective solution. The weed killer is free from hormone-disrupting chemicals.

So you should ensure to keep the weed killer away from the lawns and gardens. The weed killer does not discriminate between grass and unwanted weeds. However, Doctor Kirchner’s product is free from toxic chemicals. A family owns the company in Florida. They received an award from their community for designing a safer product for kids, pets, and the environment.

This weed killer is available in a variety of sizes to meet the customer’s convenience. You can buy the product based on the coverage that you need. It is simple to apply. The weed killer begins to wither most weeds in hours, although grassy weeds may take 12-24 hours to turn brown. The product is application-friendly as it does not involve any mixing or measuring. It is not officially certified as organic-friendly.

Key Features
  • Ocean salt-water
  • Glyphosate free
  • Available in 7 different pack sizes
  • Gives fast results
  • Ready to spray packing

Just For Pets Safe Weed Killer Spray

Best Natural And Organic Weed Killer

Expert Score

Just For Pets Pet Friendly & Pet Safe Weed Killer Spray (128 oz Gallon Refill)

Just for pets, a weed killer is not only a great product but also gets the focus for its noble causes. The product is composed of natural ingredients like citric acid, vinegar, sodium chloride, glycerin, lemon juice & clove oil. It is available in spray form and is free from toxic chemicals. Just for Pets claim to be devoted, pet lovers.

So the company can go to any extent to protect the pets. They donate a fraction of every sale to animal shelters worldwide and continuously help homeless animals along the same lines. Just for pet works extremely fast to get rid of weeds at the root level. Due to the absence of glyphosate and the presence of a natural ingredient in the weed killer spray, the product is considered people, pets, and environment-friendly.

This product has earned a lot of positive reviews for showing its result within 24 hours of application. It does not require any dilution or mixing before spraying. It gets dried faster, so your dog can move freely without contaminating its paws with the chemicals. The product is comparatively expensive for one gallon of spray. The product is not available in a leak-proof bottle and has a pungent odor.

Key Features
  • 128 oz gallon
  • Light and natural formula
  • Glyphosate-free
  • Ready to spray with no dilution

Natural Element Store Pet-Human Safe Natural Weed Killer

Best For High Temperatures

Expert Score

Natural Elements Weed Killer | Pet Safe, Safe Around Children | Natural Herbicide (1 Gallon)

To keep the lawns and yards free of weed junk, bring home this brilliant weed killer. Salt and water are blended with vinegar of high quality to prepare this composition. The weed killer works faster as compared to other similar products.

Moreover, it is a safe product for pets and human beings too. No harmful chemicals are present in this amazing weed-killing solution. After applying the solution, you will see the coating of the weed stripping easily. Hence, the weed dies within less than 24 hours.

Another best part about this weed killer is the speedy reaction. You can spread it on the yard and see the weed removal within 24 hours. It works best in around 70-80 degrees temperature. You can use this weed killer in lawns, landscapes, flowerbeds, rock beds, etc.

The simple composition of this weed killer has no complications. You will not have to worry about it mixing with any other substance before usage. If you are using this solution with a pump sprayer, then it will be easier for you to cover large areas of the lawn in less time.

Key Features
  • All safe & natural Products
  • No Harmful Herbicides Used
  • Useful for Broadleaf Weeds
  • It’s a Ready to Use Product
  • Works on high temperature

Benefits Of Pet-Friendly Weed Killer

Below mentioned are some benefits of using the pet-friendly weed killer options we reviewed in the present article.

  • They are composed of ingredients, safe for your pets and kids if ingested.
  • They are comparatively slower in killing grass and weeds, so they can be avoided by destroying all your plant life in one application.
  • Due to their non–toxic nature, they cause lesser skin irritation or other allergic reactions.
  • Its smell is not pungent compared to traditional weed killers.
  • Natural weed killer can be applied on flowers, plants, and vegetables to maintain your garden all year round.
  • Using groundwater for consumption, a natural weed killer is the best option as it is safer and eco-friendly.
  • As vinegar-based weed killer is not toxic and easily gets washed away without accumulating in soil, replanting can be done without waiting much in about two days.

Disadvantages Of Pet-Friendly Weed Killer

There are a few disadvantages of pet-friendly weed killers that can be kept in mind while using them

  • Natural weed killers are non-selective, so you may lose your green grasses while getting rid of the weeds.
  • Do not kill the weeds from the roots.
  • It shows its effect at a much slower pace.
  • Causes brown spots in the lawn

Preventive Measures While Applying Pet-Friendly Weed Killer

Even if the weed killer chosen by you is pet-friendly and does not harm your dog in the long term, you still need to be cautious while applying them safely. Below mentioned are a few tips to keep your pets safe during weed killer application.

Protect Yourself And Your Pet

The pet-friendly weed killers are highly acidic due to the presence of vinegar, so they may harm your skin, eyes, or airways if exposed. Always wear gloves, glasses, and a mask while using these types of products.

Keep your pets and kids inside the house while spraying the weed killer. Avoid allowing your pets to move freely in the yard until the weed killer gets dried up.

Look Around Before Spraying

Ensure not to spray weed killer near any food, water, plants, animals, toys, furniture, etc.

Spray Liberally

Spray the product on the weeds generously so that it gets completely soaked. Avoid using water. It is better to protect your grass while spraying as the product is non-selective.

Spray-On A Sunny Day

Spray the pet-friendly weed killer during morning hours when the weeds are in their active growth phase. On a sunny day, weed killer shows better performance by helping the acid to burn through the leaves.

Avoid Rainy Days

Water will wash away the applied weed killer and make it ineffective, so make sure that the weather is free of rain for the next 24 hours from the time of application.

Pull Out The Weed Roots

A few days after the weed killer application, pull out the weeds to break them apart through the roots.

Opt For The Appropriate Grass

Some grasses grow with a firm root, and thick layer, and are weed resistant. Choose those grasses for your garden that depend on the type of your climate and soil and the amount of sunlight your garden receives.

Alternate Pet-Friendly Weed Killer Methods

If you have extra time to devote to your garden and do not trust the weed killer products available in the market, you can try these pet-friendly easy tricks to manage weeds in your garden. These methods are highly safe as it does not involve any toxic chemicals.

Pull Out The Weeds By Hand!

It is safe to pull the weeds by hand in your garden. If your weeds are embedded in your lawn, use a special digging fork to remove their long taproots from the ground.

Apply A Layer Of Compost

Treat your garden with a layer of compost and well-covered to control the weeds.

Use Landscape Fabric/Mulch As A Weed Blocker

Install landscape fabric under stones and pavers to prevent weed growth in walkways. It protects the roots of trees and shrubs when covered with mulch. However, weeds may try to grow on top of the fabric, but the roots of such weeds will be shallow and easy to pull.

Drip Irrigation Installation

Installation of drip irrigation saves a lot of water. The plant root receives water directly through this method. Unsown soil remains dry, which usually gets wet from overhead sprinklers. Dry soil does not encourage the growth of weed seeds, so it does not need any treatment.

Properly Spaced Plants

If the plants are adequately spaced, they grow from one tip to another, shading any free soil in between. Shaded soil is unsuitable for the growth of weeds. Therefore weed growth is reduced naturally.

Use Boiling Water

Get rid of the weeds by pouring boiling water. The process has to be repeated a couple of times. This method is helpful to eradicate the weeds growing between the cracks.

Use Salt Or Sugar

Sprinkle salt generously at the base of the unwanted weed to make the soil unsuitable for growth.

Weed Torches

Weed torches are fueled using propane. It uses the blow torch method to kill weeds. Many organic gardeners and pet-safe weed-killer users practice this technique. But this method has some limitations.

Weed torches only kill the upper layer of the plant, allowing the weeds to regrow. You may need to repeat the process more than once to ruin it completely. You may need to use your hand to pull it out.

Use weed burners to burn the weeds in smaller areas like driveways, flowerbed edges, or pool areas. Restrict your pets indoors while using a weed torch.

Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining a healthy lawn using the right amount of water, fertilizer, and occasionally mowing will resist weed growth. This technique is one of the most natural weed killers for lawns.

Natural Solar Power

Solar power is a natural weed control method and a pet-friendly weed killer too. Cover the planting area with thick, clear plastic and allow the sun to bake the plants for at least six weeks.

The heat of the sun kills unwanted weeds, weed seeds, and disease organisms. Solar power is more effective if the soil is wet, tilted, and free of weeds.

Use White Vinegar

Decant the white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the weeds with several rounds during the morning hours.

Key Ingredients To Avoid In Weed Killer


Glyphosate is an active ingredient in many weed killers and is effective in killing all types of weeds. However, this chemical damages human cells. It makes changes in DNA and chromosomes. This chemical is commonly found in air and water samples around you.

2, 4-Dichloro-Phenoxy Acetic Acid

Most of the weed lawn care products use 2, and 4-dichloro-phenoxy acetic acid as the active ingredient. Exposure to such chemicals can cause cancer. It has an adverse effect on the thyroid, hormones, reproductive and immune systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When choosing the best pet-friendly weed killer, above mentioned are a few factors that need to be considered. You must understand and protect the environment where you live. The most effective way is to prevent soil pollution simply.

If you follow the tips mentioned in the present article, you should make an informed decision. Whatever you choose from the above-discussed options, make sure to use it properly for maximum output.

These organic weed killers are economical. There are options available for smaller packs to try out the product and get convinced. All the products reviewed in the present article provide satisfactory results, even though it is not a permanent or long-lasting solution.

Enjoy your green pastures and keep your pets free of chemicals. Stay green and healthy.

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