The 5 Best Escape Proof Dog Harness | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Escape Proof Dog Harness

Did you go for a walk with your dog at the park, and he tried to escape the leash? Yep! that’s common among pet owners like us. When you are busy talking with someone in the neighborhood and suddenly notice the leash became weightless, that is surely scary for all dog owners. If you own a dog, you surely know how often they try to escape, and that’s where the escape proof dog harness comes into play.

We know how attached owners are to their pets, and losing them might seem like a nightmare. Although some dogs get back to their owners even after escaping numerous times, some dogs go missing and never return. You surely don’t want your dog to get into any trouble. Thus, the best way to stop them from escaping is buying a sophisticated harness instead of an average one.

The problem with average harnesses is they easily slip away while you are walking with your dog. You won’t ever face this problem with a good-quality escape-proof harness. In this article, we are sharing RUFFWEAR harness the best escape proof dog harness, what are features you should look for, and how you can select the best harness. Let’s start reviewing the escape-proof dog harnesses.

In a Hurry? Our #1 Pick (RUFFWEAR, Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness)

If you are looking for the best escape proof harness for your dog, then the RUFFWEAR harness is the ideal option. Another reason you should choose this harness is the comfort the foam-padded straps provide to the dog while walking.

RUFFWEAR harness ensures that your dog won’t back out from the harness. You can adjust the fitting of the harness as your dog grows.

Escape Proof Dog Harness | Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart containing the prominent features of the best escape proof dog harness.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Escape Proof Harness

Even though you will find all dogs can escape, some dogs escape more often than others. You might or might not want to buy a harness for your dog. However, some dogs make it especially necessary for you to consider buying harnesses.

If you own a nervous dog, you surely noticed that they chew the harness to set themselves free. Thus, as a pet owner, you should buy a harness that is chew-proof. There are various other factors you need to consider while choosing a good harness for your dog.

Here we are sharing with you a complete guide that will help you select the best escape-proof harness for your dog.


Since the dogs try to chew the harness, you should make sure you buy a good quality harness that is made of chew-proof material. If you buy a plastic-made harness, you will surely be disappointed when it gets damaged within a month.

Although you won’t find any material to truly chew-proof, you can also get a good quality material that will last for 1-2 years. You should choose a harness made of nylon because they are strong and elastic.


You will don’t want your dog to feel uncomfortable and helpless after wearing the harness. If your dog is unhappy or can’t move properly, it is not a good harness for the pet. You should choose a harness that fits the body, including the chest and neck area, without any difficulty.

If you own a disabled or senior dog, you should buy a specially made harness for these dogs. The harnesses with quick-release features are the best option for dogs to wear comfortably. Additionally, you should ensure the harness is breathable since the dogs have to wear it for a long duration.


After taking the durability and comfort of the harness, you should check if the harness is fairly priced. You should compare the price, quality, and features of the harness with other brands. Ensure that you are not paying more for a similar harness that is available at lower prices. However, you must check the reviews to find out which harness has better features and more durability.

Although you will find a good harness for around $20, you must do good research to find the best one, even costing more than $50. The important thing to keep in mind while considering the price is how long the product will last. If you end up buying a cheap quality product at a low price, it might not last for 2 months. When you buy a good quality product, it can last for at least 2 years.

Correct Size

If you didn’t take your dog’s measurement and guess their size incorrectly, the harness would be of no use, and you might have to return it. Additionally, the dogs will immediately slide out of the harness if it is loose-fitting. You must get the correct size of the chest, shoulder, and neck of the dog before choosing the harness.

In case the correct size is not available, you should check similar harnesses which can provide the available one. Some brands don’t provide the correct size guide. Thus, you always check the reviews if the customers have got the correct size of the harness. Further, this will give you an idea of if you order a larger size.

Harness Design And Color

You should consider design and color while choosing the harness. The bright colors are usually visible when you walk at night with your dog. Additionally, you can also notice your dog from a distance when they are wearing bright-colored harnesses. If you choose a dark color harness, you should ensure it comes with reflective designs on the straps.

Adjustment Points

Adjustment points are very important if you want the dog to wear the harness for a few years. The measurement of the dog changes within months as they grow. They can gain weight or lose it. Thus, you should buy a harness that can be adjusted using different points.

Some brands provide 5-7 adjustable points. Additionally, if the harness doesn’t fit properly, the dogs can back out of the harness. Thus, you should buy a harness that provides at least 4 adjustment points.


If your dog is calm and quiet, you should consider buying a harness made of soft material like polyester. For aggressive dogs, you should buy nylon which is good quality material, and the dog can’t damage it easily by chewing. Ensure the material is soft and comfortable.

Breathable Padding

You should always buy a breathable wearable product for your dog. You don’t want your dog to get choked. You should buy a harness which lets the air pass through it and also prevents heat build-up. If the harness is not breathable, your dog might get skin diseases that result from sweat build-up. The chances of skin irritation also increase, which makes the dog feel restless.

Different Weather Conditions

You should buy a water-resistant harness since your dog needs to be comfortable wearing it all the seasons. If you buy a harness that is not water-resistant, your dog might get wet during the rainy season, and wearing the harness can be harmful to health.

Review Of The Harness

You should check the review of the harness to find out if they are providing the best quality product or not. The review will provide you with information about the durability of the product. You might be able to know which product is escape-proof.

Additionally, check if the company provided the correct size guide. You should compare the review of the product with another brand of harnesses to find out which is more trustworthy.

Types of Escape Proof Harness

There are different types of harnesses made for dogs. You must know the difference between the harnesses to determine which type of harness will be best suited for your dog.

Back-Clip Harness

When you make the dog wear the harness, if you find a ring to attach leash in the backside, then it is a back-clip harness. Dogs don’t feel uncomfortable while walking if you attach the leash to the backside. If you own a small dog, then a back-clip harness will be the perfect option for your dog. However, if you have an untrained dog, the dog might be able to drag you while walking.

Front-Clip Harness

Front-Clip Harness
Front-Clip Harness

You can attach the leash to the dog’s chest when they wear front clip harnesses. If your dog tries to pull the leash, you should buy a front-clip harness. Dogs won’t be able to drag you if the leash is attached towards the chest.

You have more control over the dog since you can redirect the dog while walking. However, if your dog has severe behavior issues, this harness might not be able to control him.

Tightening Harness

You should avoid buying tightening harnesses since they can cause the dog to feel pain. These harnesses tighten when the dog tries to back out or pull. Although the dog stops such behavior, it is not good for them and makes them uncomfortable. While buying a tightening harness, you should ensure the pull is slight and won’t hurt the dog.

Best Escape Proof Dog Harnesses Reviews

RUFFWEAR, Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness

Best Escape Proof Dog Harness

Expert Score

Ruffwear is a popular dog gear company founded by Patrick Kruse. A multi-use harness is the best option for your canines if you walk them to challenging terrains. Since average harnesses won’t stop the working dogs from escaping, you should buy a webmaster harness. This harness comes with a reinforced handle. Thus, you can comfortably handle your service dog. You get 5 convenient adjustment points. Thus, you can easily adjust the fitting around your dog’s chest.

The harness comes with an anatomical design and padded handle, which you can lift the dog. You are getting a high-performance harness that can last for years due to durable construction. After wearing this harness, the dog will feel lightweight and safe. Since straps have been padded with foam, the dog will get lasting comfort, and the harness won’t hinder his movement. This multi-use harness is created to provide security and support to working dogs.

Webmaster comes with belly straps and a padded chest. Thus, it is the best harness if you want the canine to wear it all day long. There are two connection points for a sturdy leash that can connect the leash with the amputee dog’s harness. The attachment ring comes in the shape of V and is made of aluminum. This harness is not only a preferred option for working dogs but also for the dogs who are escape artists.

Key Features
  • 5 convenient adjustment points.
  • Foam-padded straps for comfort.
  • Built for year-round use.
  • 2 sturdy leash connection points.
  • Belly straps and padded chest.
  • Multi-use harness for all-day wear.
  • Multi-use harness is very light in weight.
  • Suitable for working and amputee dogs.
  • Padded and extremely comfortable harness.
  • There are 5 adjustment points.
  • We get wide color options to choose the best for our pup.
  • Harness is best to take dogs on hiking, trekking and walking.
  • Too heavy for small dogs.

Gooby Escape Free Easy Fit Harness

Best Harness For Small Dogs

Expert Score

Gooby is a popular company for small dog wearables, which was launched in 2002. The company owners know the best to take care of dogs and thus, create apparel, leashes, and harnesses to protect small dogs. They ensure that they make a quality product that keeps the dogs warm and safe. The harness ensures that your canine won’t be able to escape since it tightens and limits the space around his back.

Easy Fit Harness will be the best harness for your dog if you live in a cold region. Since this harness is made of Neoprene, it will keep your canine comfortable and warm. Neoprene is a soft material that works as water-resistant and protects your dog from cold. The escape-free dog harness comes with a rubber size adjustment tab which you can use to adjust the firmness around the chest of your pup. Thus, your energetic tyke can wear this harness for at least 1-2 years.

Gooby ensures to provide easy-to-use and functional accessories every time you shop for your good boy. You can attach the leash with the escape-free harness since it comes with the D rings included at the back to give you more control over the escape artists. Gooby escape-free harnesses are designed so that when dogs try to back of the harness, it hugs them tighter.

Key Features
  • Lightweight POM plastic leash ring.
  • All-weather resistant neoprene body.
  • Compressed foam inside the shoulder area.
  • Machine washable material.
  • Protects against skin irritation.
  • Step-in design for easy on and off.
  • Compressed foam provides added comfort to the dog when we pull them.
  • This harness is best for the rainy and winter seasons.
  • We can wash the harness in a washing machine.
  • Whenever the dog tries to back out, the harness hugs them tighter.
  • The firmness around the chest can be adjusted.
  • We can make the dogs wear the harness very easily.
  • Rubber adjustment tabs don’t stay in place.

Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

Best Vest Dog Harness

Expert Score

Didog is a popular brand for dog accessories. The brand’s Vest Harness is perfect for all types of dogs. The harness provides a quick fitting and comes with soft fleece pads under the straps. Your dog will feel extremely comfortable while walking since the pads in the harness is wider than the straps. The design of the harness is simple and is available in different colors. The soft Flannel Padded harness is made of high-quality nylon.

Didog ensures that straps are visible while you walk with the dog in the park at night. Thus, they have included 2 stitched reflective lines throughout the harness. You get two rings made of nickel-coated steel to attach the leash with the harness. If you have a puppy, you should attach the leash to the D-ring on the front side. The company ensures that the harness won’t choke the canine since there is no pulling involved for enclosing.

Didog Harness includes just one buckle to control it. You can easily make your canine wear it and take it off. The escape-proof harness is reasonably charged and provides different size options to select from. Before choosing the harness, Didog suggests that you should take your dog’s measurement and add 1-2 inches to get the perfect fitting harness. When choosing the measurement between two sizes, you should prefer the larger size.

Key Features
  • Perfect for all types of dogs.
  • 2 rings made of nickel-coated steel.
  • Soft fleece pads under the straps.
  • Available in different colors.
  • High-quality nylon material.
  • 2 stitched reflective lines.
  • We get bright color options to choose from.
  • While walking at night, the reflective lines are visible.
  • Harness comes with 2 leash attachment options.
  • It is made of good quality nylon.
  • Since there is no pulling, the dog won’t get choked.
  • Dogs feel comfortable since the pads are wider than straps.
  • The stitching of the harness starts to tear.

Rabbitgoo Soft Padded Full Body Pet Harness

Best Soft Padded Harness

Expert Score

Rabbitgoo is a famous brand that provides accessories for cats and dogs. The heavy-duty harness makes it easy to handle large dogs. Unlike standard harnesses, this harness comes with an extra-large handle on top, which gives more support to the dogs. If you own extra-large dogs, then this soft padded harness will be ideal for him. The harness includes a metal clip to attach the leash for safe walking. When you take your dog hiking, this harness will provide maximum comfort as it is breathable.

Rabbitgoo harness provides 5 points to adjust the harness to customize the fitting around the chest. You can customize the size of the harness using 2 sturdy plastic buckles, which are included on the sides. Since the harness includes a quick-release buckle feature, you can easily make your dog wear it and take it off. The harness is made of water-resistant fabric. Thus, the dog can wear this harness in any season.

The harness comes with an extra webbing loop. Thus, you have more control over your dog. If you have an old or disabled dog, this harness will be the best option since you can easily help them get on and off the cars. It includes bright reflective straps and trims so that it is visible at night. Since the Rabbitgoo harness comes with soft lining and breathable air mesh, your dog will feel ultra-comfortable even when they wear it all day long.

Key Features
  • Easy to handle large dogs.
  • Metal clip to attach a leash.
  • 5 adjustable points to customize fitting.
  • Extra webbing loop for additional control.
  • Quick-release buckle feature.
  • Water-resistant fabric.
  • Extra-large handle on top.
  • The harness is perfect for rescue and service dogs.
  • Quick-release buckle feature makes it easy to put and off.
  • We get high visibility of the reflective straps at night.
  • Breathable air mesh makes the dog feel ultra-comfortable.
  • Dogs can wear this harness in any season.
  • We can adjust the size around the dog’s chest.
  • Material is not good.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Operation Harness

Best Tactical Harness

Expert Score

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ICEFANG is a well-known company providing various types of harnesses for dogs. The company work closely with dog trainers and test the product on different dogs before production. Your dog will feel more protected and comfortable in this harness. If you are looking for a harness to take your dog on mission sports or hiking, then this escape-proof harness will be an ideal option. You can adjust the size and fit around the chest of the dog using 7 adjustable points.

ICEFANG harness is not designed to be used with a tie-out. You can burn and solidify the end of the strap when required. The harness should be washed using a detergent. Usually, it is difficult to find a good harness for dogs with deep chests. This harness will fit the canines with a deep chest since you get extra adjustable points around the chest and belly. The harness comes with a 2x metal buckle.

ICEFANG harness includes 3 V-ring clips which you can use to attach the leash. You get 5 different color options to choose from for your canine. The harness comes with a quick-release buckle feature. Thus you can easily make your wear the harness and take it off. The material used to create this harness is nylon. Thus, you can wash it with ease. The harness includes a no-pulling front clip which will make your canine move forward.

Key Features
  • 7 adjustable points.
  • Can be washed with detergent.
  • Adjustable for dogs with a deep chest.
  • 2x metal buckle.
  • 3 leash ring clips.
  • Quick-release buckle feature.
  • This harness is a chew-proof material.
  • We can wash it using detergent.
  • Best harness for wide-chested dogs.
  • We can choose from 5 different color options.
  • It is highly durable and comfortable.
  • Quick-release buckle feature makes it easy to take it off.
  • Harness is too heavy.

Getting Your Dog Used To A Harness

Before buying a harness, you should ensure the dog is comfortable when you touch and pet it. Since the harness will hug the body completely, touching and petting will make him used to it.

1- Start Slow

If your dog gets nervous or uncomfortable when you touch or pet him, you need to give him some time. If you try to rush or make him forcefully wear the harness, he might feel scared of you and the item. He can also develop aggressive behavior to avoid wearing harnesses.

2- Introduce the Harness

Let your dog see the new item from all angles. He should like the harness. You need to gain the trust of the canine and make him gently wear the harness. Give him a treat after he wears the harness. Usually, this will encourage him to wear it more often.

3- Gently open the harness

You should ensure that the harness has a quick-release buckle feature which makes it easy for you to open the harness. Give your dog a treat after releasing from the harness. Keep repeating this process for a week. They will surely start liking harnesses, and the process will become easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Owning a dog is a big responsibility. As a pet owner, you have to check their habits, health, and diet. If you keep an aggressive dog, you have to think about people living in your neighborhood. Since you don’t want your dog to attack someone, you need to select the best escape proof dog harness.

We hope the reviews of the best harnesses and the buyer’s guide were helpful for you in choosing the most suitable one. A good quality harness will not only keep the dogs safe but also comfortable and happy. You should ensure the harness you are buying has good elasticity.

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