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Hi guys! Our little friends mean everything to us because we love animals. So why not make their lives almost perfect? We are a website devoted to dogs and cats. We are available to help you if you have a dog, want to adopt or buy a puppy, or simply wish to learn more about cute puppies.

Dogs can inspire people more about how they should live than living beings can teach a dog, which is our company’s goal. We’ve always got the chance to make content that is simple to understand as well as help customers find the information they want. We have always made it our goal to provide you with the most current information on dog breeds.

We want to offer you information that is both helpful and easy to read. Before we can start writing an article, we spend a long time researching a topic or checking plans to gain that. We Love supports puppies, and it has advised several trustable dogs to collect the most recent information about the topic to share with you. We aim to be your source of information for all things related to animal care and pets.


MyPetGuides Journey

A pet lover who continues to run MyPetGuides lives almost entirely for his four-legged friends. It all scares me, and I’m confident you are feeling the same way. I worry about how to eat them, where and how to put them to sleep, and what the best product is for dogs.

As an outcome, MyPetGuides provides a small bit of help to the large majority of pet lovers globally. I’ve always had queries about caring for my pets, even from the start, and I’ve never really had anybody to turn to for advice.

Therefore, I decided to start my pet blog website, which you can trust at any time. From your daily questions to customer reviews, MyPetGuides is here to help you make the best choices for your dog and cat. We have also recently started our YouTube channel for all pet lovers.

Naina Anuman
Kasim Kittiban

Our Vision for pets

Our goals are to provide you with the right information on eating, training, and comforting your dog or cat. We also have a Youtube channel for your pets to provide you with virtual information.

Our thoughts for pets

Our goals are to provide you with the right information on eating, training, and comforting your dog or cat. We also have a Youtube channel for your pets to provide you with virtual information.

Our Team

Dr. Naina

Dr. Naina

Dr. Naina is an experienced animal behaviorist and certified professional dog trainer. They hold a degree in Animal Behavior and a Master's in Veterinary Medicine, with a focus on positive reinforcement training techniques. Dr. Naina has successfully addressed a variety of behavioral issues and is passionate about animal welfare. They take an evidence-based approach to recommend dog collars, always prioritizing the well-being of the dog.

Kasim Kittiban

Kasim Kittiban

Kasim is a big supporter of all Doodle dog breeds and he loves animals in general.In addition to owning his own Golden doodle, he volunteers at the Humane Society where he fosters dogs and helps animals. Kasim loves writing about Doodles and talking to dog breeders. This is a completely free service for Doodle owners everywhere!

Olivia Ushi Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans at AVMA


"Olivia is a writer and dogophile. In fact, she and her husband live with a minimum of six dogs! The one pictured is Hachi, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. The other dogs are Cooper, Itzy, Koada, Moki, and JuJu. She is also the owner and author of Little Doggies Rule, a website about cute little mixed-breed animals."

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Our tips to follow before buying pets

Understanding how to care for your pets is important before adding one to the family. You must fulfill both its emotional and physical needs. It requires providing them with nutritious meals, proper housing, and hygienic water to drink. It also helps make sure the dog or cat is happy by giving them a lot of chances to play, exercise, and socialize. Dog ownership is a big commitment that should not be entered into lightly, but with a small effort, you can successfully create a relationship of trust and affection with an important new family member. Give top-quality dog food. Give your dog food on a daily basis. Keep in mind that your veterinarian is trustworthy and skillful. Buy pet health insurance. Regular brushing will help reduce thinning and provide you with the opportunity to check on your dog’s health.

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