About Us

Mypetguides.com is a source of pet guidance for the pet lovers and owners that help you, when you adopt a pet, how you learn the nature of your pet? How you can train it? How you can learn if it likes some food, is it good for him? From mypetguides.com you can get the best buying guides for your best friend. Which product is more suitable for your pet? You can make an easy decision after you stick around on our site.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of researchers they have not professional veterinary background but enthusiastic about researching pet owners’ problem’s solution, having a background in literature and biology and that can make easy for you to select what is suitable for your pet. Experience is more beneficial than a degree. After reading our reviews on any problem that you have, you can discuss it with your veterinary that makes us more confident.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help both pet owners and pets as well. Because I think, pets are humbler and more loyal than a human. We will strive to provide to every solution of your problem, relating pet health, food, training, how you can make your pet frank to you and finding the best product for your pet that makes it easy for you to buy.