Kasim Kittiban

Kasim is a highly knowledgeable and passionate animal lover who has devoted much of his life to the care and well-being of dogs. As an avid supporter of all Doodle dog breeds, Kasim has extensive expertise in their care and behavior. He owns his own Golden Doodle and has volunteered at the Humane Society for many years, fostering dogs and helping animals in need. Kasim's dedication to the welfare of dogs has led him to become a respected authority in the field of Doodle care and training. He frequently writes articles and provides free advice to Doodle owners everywhere, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. Kasim's deep understanding of Doodle behavior and temperament, as well as his passion for animal welfare, make him a trusted and reliable source of information. In addition to his own experience as a Doodle owner and volunteer, Kasim is also knowledgeable about the breeding and care of these beloved dogs. He regularly speaks with dog breeders and stays up to date with the latest research and best practices in Doodle care. Kasim's comprehensive knowledge of Doodle dogs and his dedication to their well-being make him a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about these beloved pets.
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