The 5 Best Electric Fence For Dogs | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Electric Fence For Dogs

Electric fence for dogs is significant for him as well as you being a pet parent. You know how difficult it is to retain your pup from going elsewhere from your home boundary. Overactive dogs often cross the yard happily and go elsewhere. Now, if the boundary areas are rigid, then there is a possibility that your furry friend can be injured badly. Supervising your little pup while they are playing is always a good idea.

However, a question of their safety always remains in our minds.

Hence, After conducting extensive research and rigorous analysis we have concluded that as of 2021, the best electric fence for dogs is the PetSafe Static Containment Waterproof Dog Fence. It gives your dog the liberty to play anywhere they want without you to supervise them. The electric fence works as an invisible barrier where you can train your little pet to play in the front side of the yard. They will not cross the boundaries at all.

In this article, we will discuss such 5 best electric fences for dogs that are in huge demand in 2021. Moreover, we will present a comprehensive buying guide, which will help you get your suitable product from the list below.

Why PetSafe Static Containment Waterproof Dog Fence is the best?

Bring home this most functional and affordable wireless fence for dogs today. The fence covers a circular area of the land. As there is no wire attached, you will not have to spend hours installing this fence on the lawn. You can also carry it during your short trips or vacation.

Another best part about this product is the waterproof feature of the collar. These collars fit nicely on the dog’s neck without causing any pain or marks. It is best for dogs weighing around 7-8 pounds.

Best Electric Fences For Dog | Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart containing the prominent features of the best electric fence for dogs.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Electric Fence

As you read this article, it is evident that you got confused while shopping for the best electric fence for dogs. We know there are several varieties of dog fences available in the market, and it becomes a daunting task at times. Hence, we will provide a comprehensive, detailed buying guide to help you with a solution.

It will also help you to choose the appropriate product you need for your home from the above-listed products;

High Quality Of The Receiver

It does not matter how much the coverage width of the dog fence is or not; you have to check whether the dog neck collar is working or not. If it stops working after some time, then it does not make any sense.

Always invest in the high-quality collar of the dog. First thing, you should check the correct fit around the dog’s neck. The collar receiver should be functional enough. Moreover, if the collar is waterproof and reliable, then you should surely buy that product.

Indoor Or Outdoor Fences

Depending on your requirement, you should shop for a wireless fence for your pets. If you want to train your dog inside the house, then go for the indoor wireless fence. You can use it in your living area.

Again, if you are planning for any trip with friends and family or simply want to train your pet outside the house, then opt for outdoor fencing.

Area Range

The integral part before shopping the invisible dog fence is the capacity to cover the area. There are few fences, which covers small area like 1-2 acre. Again, you can also get wireless dog fences that can cover 20-25 acres. Hence, before buying the dog fence, calculate the lawn area. It will help you to understand how much area coverage you want.

There are fences, which can cover rectangular lawns or even circular gardens. You can also select the wireless dog fence according to the shape of the area.


Always buy wireless fences for dogs that are easy to install. With a piece of basic technical knowledge, you can install it on the ground. You will not have to put in any extra physical effort. If you are connecting the transmitter with a computer, then it will take less than 30 minutes. Placing the transmitter is one of the essential things. Hence, check the transmitter quality before buying it.


You do not have to compromise on your budget. Several options are available on various online sites for electric fences for dogs. All you have to do is make your research game strong. You can compare and check the prices. If you are lucky, you can also get the product with some discounts.


The products, which come with a manufacturer warranty, should be your first choice. You can get a refund or replace the electrical fence for digs if anything goes wrong from the manufacturer’s end. For instance, if you have received any broken or missing part of the product, this warranty will help you. Further, this will save your money for repairing the fence system.

Classification Of Dog Collars Compatible With Fences

In case you are a dog parent of more than a single dog, then you will have to keep in mind what type of dog collars you need. Another thing you will have to check is whether all dog collars work effectively with the dog fence or not. Otherwise, buying the product will result in a waste of money.

Training Modes

The main function of the wireless dog fence is to safeguard your pet. It is easy for the owners to train their dogs with the versatile training mode options available on the fence system.

At times, you would also want to play with your pet. For such occasions, there should be a beep or vibration mode in the fence. Kindly check the operational functionality of these modes before playing with your dogs.

Back-up Source

The transmitter of the fence works on an electrical source. If the power outage happens, you have to think of other options for a backup electrical supply. If you buy a wireless fencing system for large dogs or smaller ones, check the backup setting source.

Best Electric Fences For Dogs Reviews 2021

PetSafe Static Containment Waterproof Dog Fence

Best Electric Fence For Dogs

Expert Score

If you do not have a large yard at your house, then it is the electric fence for dogs, on which you can invest. For small and compact backyards, this fencing system looks perfect. It can cover the maximum area of ½ acre of the land approximately. Moreover, the transmitter system is portable. Hence, you can carry it both inside and outside of your house.

The efficiency of supervising your pet through this invisible wiring is fantastic. It is waterproof and one of the most reliable dog fences that you will fall in love with.

Another important reason to opt for this product is the long-term battery life. It can save up to 1-2 months easily. Again, there is an alert in case the battery is draining out. The best part about this fencing system is that your pet will be guided home automatically if, by any chance, they have crossed the yards.

The presence of a waterproof collar on the neck of your pet makes it unique. The collar fits the dog weighs 7-8 pounds. There are 5setting modes of this collar. You can change these settings according to your requirement. For instance, you can train your pet with sound.

Key Features
  • It is simple to assemble
  • Wireless feature for extensive security of your dog
  • Covers ½ acre of your yard
  • Waterproof resistance is descent
  • Personalization of collar settings available
  • The wireless fence has a dome shape.
  • It is portable hence travel-friendly.
  • There are 5 setting mode which makes it user friendly
  • Connecting with the collar is compatible
  • High-quality materials used in the building of the fence
  • Installation of the fence does not take extra time
  • Inexpensive
  • At times fitting the size of the dog neck is difficult. However, it has been seen in very rare scenarios.

PetSafe Invisible Basic Waterproof Pet Fence Battery System

Best Invisible Dog Training Fence

Expert Score

Bring home this amazing electric fence system today. It can cover 1/3 yard area of your lawn or yard. There is around 400-500 ft wire attached. Again, if you want to increase the fence size, you can buy more wire separately, up to 6 acres more.

You can change the settings to get a static vibe. There are 4 setting buttons. It will help your little furry friend to stay at one place in the yard. He will not cross the yard boundaries. Moreover, you can do this setup by yourself with the DIY method. It is super easy to install.

The premium light collar acts like a receiver for your dog. You can tie this collar around the dog’s neck. It fits around 5-25inches smoothly. Again, you can use the loop in the backyard or even in the front and on the lateral sides of the fence. Within 2-3 weeks, you can train your doggo with this safeguard fence system.

Key Features
  • Adjusting setting for static correction
  • It covers a ½-1/3 area of the yard
  • Installation is super easy
  • The collar fits smoothly and is waterproof
  • High-quality fence system
  • It is a reliable wireless electric dog fence
  • It covers a large yard area
  • The fence is compatible with various collar sizes
  • The low battery indicator is an awesome feature
  • Pocket-friendly dog fence
  • It is may not be ideal for dogs weighing more than 8 pounds.

Extreme Dog Fence 2020 Grade Standard Kit

Best Waterproof Wireless Fence For Dogs

Expert Score

Get home this wonderful dig fence to teach your pet about their safety. Pets will know their boundaries well inside the yard and never cross them. You can cover the boundaries with static wires. Therefore, your dog will get radiation or stimulated lines when they go near the limit area. Hence, the dog will not cross it. This entire fence system can act as a dog-training agent for your dog’s safety. The area capacity in this fence is large and can contain 5-6 dogs inside it.

For installing this system, you have to keep in mind that it should be done indoors. The fence is compatible with different dog collars easily. You will love the water resistance capacity of this product. Even this fence system can stay submerged until 11inches deep. You will get inside this kit are training flags, a battery, a heavy wire tensile protected, a jacket, and a transmitter. You will get a 5-year manufacturer warranty for this product.

Key Features
  • Improved Fence kit covers area 5-6 Acre
  • Complete Waterproof Collar Deep 10 Inches
  • 20 gauge wired fencing
  • Reliable Wire system for long term
  • Smart battery check inside the fence
  • The long wire gauge can cover a large area of the lawn
  • Dog collar is durable, and you can use it for your pet’s swimming session
  • It can connect 5-6 dog collars
  • Adjusting the collar is flexible
  • Pocket friendly
  • A manufacturer warranty for 5 years included
  • The installation may take some extra time.

SportDog Underground Static Vibration Recharging Fence System

Best Rechargeable Wireless Dog Containment System

Expert Score

Amongst various brands, this product is well-loved by all dog owners. You will not have to spend hours and hours installing this fence. The best part about this fence system is an example of both wired and wireless combination fences. The fence can cover up to 1-1/2 acre of land without any hassle. You can also expand the land with 100-200 acres more with flags.

The battery included in the kit is lithium iron mixed. Hence recharging the dog collar will not take much time. Even you can dry the collars easily. In this kit, there are extra dog collars available. When your dog is playing on the lawn, this collar can produce beep and vibration sounds according to the situation. There are 7 static stimulator grades present in this fence system.

In-built light protection in the transmitter is included for alarming you and your dog about safety. The fence will work beautifully during changing weather conditions too. The batteries inside the fence system are rechargeable easily. The smart tracking system serves the best purpose for understanding your dog’s location.

Key Features
  • Easy to assemble and covers 1/3 area of the yard
  • Smart recharge system within 2 hours
  • It can fit large sized dogs
  • For alarm, there is the presence of the transmitter
  • Warranty included for 2 year
  • A shocking auto alert is awesome
  • The land cover area is up to 10-20 acres
  • The unique waterproof collar works pretty well in freezing regions
  • You can add extra collars with this fence
  • Sleeker design of the collar
  • You may find it expensive. However, it is because of the premium quality built of the fence.

OKPET Electric Wired Recharging Electric Copper Dog Fence

Best Wired Electric Fence System

Expert Score

The manufacturers have designed this fence kit with a smart radio wave technique. Whenever your dog is near the barrier of the lawn, there will be the generation of radio signals. These signals are harmless. The indicator has both audible and visible transmissions. The more your dog goes to the boundary, the sensitivity of the radio wave will increase.

The two coil sets can be used simultaneously. You can bury the wire in the ground for a better connection. Again, one transmitter is enough for connecting as many receptors as you want. As these wires have both visible and audio waves, you can understand any problem with the indicator.

The transmitter has dual cables on the upper part of the device. A small cable is attached to the lower area. You have to select the place size where you will put the cables. If you are using many cables, then use the interior of the circle as the active place. Make sure to put the receiver on charge before using it.

Key Features
  • Wire system is harmless
  • Strong and static signal transmission
  • Both audible and visible connecting cables
  • Rechargeable and durable wire
  • A high sensitive transmitter attached with the cables
  • The anti shocking feature is lovely
  • You can adjust the boundary limits
  • Batteries take less time to charge
  • You can add as many dogs as you want
  • The price of this electric fence is on the higher side as compared to other similar products.

Function Of Electric Fence For Dogs

The electric fence for dogs comes with a transmitter. You can put this transmitter inside the lawn area. The main function of this is to send radio waves through the wires. Always check the location of the transmitter. You should place it on the dry surface. Mounting the transmitter does not take much time.

Once the dog’s collar receives the radio signals, it starts alarming you with a sound. Hence, you will understand that your pet tried to cross your lawn boundary. The electric fence also comes with a battery antenna for alarming purposes.

Importance Of Electric Dog Fence

Safety is the prime reason why all dog owners love to invest in the fence system for their pets. Now the question arises why electrical fence or is it good for them? Here we will provide the benefits of using the electrical dog fence over traditional fences.


You can surely get relatively less expensive traditional dog fences. However, the construction cost becomes more as they include materials like iron, wood, etc. Hence, investing in the electrical fence is always a better idea. They are even less costly than traditional fences.


Mostly it is seen that traditional dog fences work better on the flat surface or low sloping areas. For the terrain areas, the electrical invisible dog fence is the best example. In case you have your house in the hilly areas, then you should not think twice and invest simply in the electrical fence. Again if you want your dog to do their regular exercises, go for the electrical wireless fences as they can be placed anywhere in the yards.


Another significance of buying the electrical fence for your dogs is the aesthetic beauty. The visual presentation of the lawn or yard looks prettier if you place the invisible electrical fence. Therefore, if you plan to walk around your garden, you will not have to spend extra time closing or opening the gates. Now you may think, what can you do about the flags?

The answer is you will need the flags till your doggo is not trained. Once they are fully trained, you can remove them. The beauty of your lawn will stay intact.


Using an electrical dog fence is more convenient than the traditional one. You can install the former quickly in your garden than in the latter. Laying and trenching the entire wire system takes lesser time as compared to nailing boards.


Different dogs have different habits. You will often see some dogs are more active and chew things or climb over things quickly. For such scenarios, it is always a good idea to buy an electrical fence system.

Less Human Error

If you have traditional gate fencing, then there is a chance of forgetting to close the gate. Therefore, buying electrical dog fences is favorable. It is convenient, and you can save time as well.

Maintenance Of An Electric Fence For Dogs

You will not have to spend a lot of money to maintain the electric fencing for your dogs. The best advantage of having these electrical fences is no extra money required for painting or repainting. However, you have to take care of the electrical fences for your dog for basic needs.

Check for wire condition

Always ensure that the wires used in the fence are in better condition. They should not be worn out or get damaged. If such bad condition of the wire happens, then it will create issues while alarming you about your pet’s location. You can also use tape for the damaged parts of the wires where it needs to be repaired. Again, if your fence is in the warranty, then contact the manufacturer for the same.

Voltage Capacity

For better electric flow, you can simply check the voltage supply. Moreover, the extra layering on the wire for insulation can help the electricity travel well through the fences. Therefore, keep an eye on the voltage supply. You have to increase or decrease it as per the weather requirements.

Short Circuits

When the fence wires touch the ground of the lawn, it automatically touches the grasses and bushes. Generally, this can interrupt the electric supply. Hence, you have to supervise your garden or lawn area for grass growth. If any branches or grass needs trimming, then you have to do it.

Otherwise, during winters, the dews can accumulate on the grass. Furthermore, when the wire encounters such dewy grass, a short circuit might happen.

Frozen Ground

Primarily in the winters, the ground tends to freeze or even dry out. The wet soil always harms the wired fence. The electrical pulse may face interruption when the wires are connected with the wet ground.

To avoid the dry or freezing ground problem, you can add a few extra wires to the main wired system of the fence. Ensure the places where you are attaching the extra wires do not get any current from the main charger.


Like the plants, during winter, heavy snowfall can also affect the electrical fence. Mainly the small snow particles accumulate at one place on the ground and then enter the wire. All the power drainage from the electrical fence starts happening. It either can cause a short circuit or directly causes fence damage.

In case you reside in the regions where heavy snowfall happens, then you should remove the switch that causes the wires at the downside of the fence system during snowfall. By doing this, you will see the current will not leak out. The entire electric fence will still work.

Extra Charger Facility

There are electrical fences that receive energy from the sun. During the winters, you have to check whether the solar panels are in the proper condition or not. If any leaves, snow, or even debris enters the panel, then you have to move them manually.

These boulders or particles also create a huge mess with the functionality of the fence. The fence will be less effective if these grasses and leaves enter the panel. You should always keep a portable charger or battery system with you for charging the fence.

When you have installed the electric fence for your dog, you have to do regular checkups and conduct tests on the fence. It will help you to get the idea of whether the electricity is passing through the wires properly or not. For instance, if the pet is going towards the boundary line, whether the signals are working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


There are many ways to train your pet dog. However, if you do not have much time, then it becomes a hard task to train your dog for their safety. Investing in the best electric fence for dogs can be a considerable purchase for you. It will ensure your dog’s safety.

You can check the right dog fence and start training your friend today. All the products mentioned above are of premium quality and budget-friendly. You can surely choose the best one from the list to give your dog a safe life.

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