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Best Dog Beds For Anxiety

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Every dog deserves a good sleep, and when it comes to anxious dogs, comfortable sleep is even more critical. Can dog beds reduce anxiety? Yes, a cozy dog bed can help the dogs calm down. The best dog beds for anxiety are known for relieving stress. Anti-anxiety dog beds are not only cozy but can also allow your dog to take a peaceful nap.

Anxiety makes it difficult for dogs to get sound sleep, and if they don’t find a suitable bed, the situation worsens. Do you know why your dog is anxious? They can become anxious for various reasons, including experiencing trauma, illness, or a simple change in their routine. The anxious dog needs to feel safe while sleeping, and if you choose the right bed, it can surely make your pet’s life easier.

Since so many sellers claim that their beds are good for anxiety, you might find it difficult to select the best one. In this article, we will discuss the reviews of the best dog beds for anxiety, which are in demand. Moreover, we will also share the factors you need to consider before choosing the best bed for your anxious dog.

Which is the Best Dog Bed For Anxiety?

If you are looking for a bed that provides a better sleep to the anxious dog, Best Friends by Sheri, the Original Calming Donut Dog Bed is an ideal product for you. Another reason to choose this product is that it comes with a removable shell, and you don’t have to wash the bed completely.

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The bed promotes sleep while relieving pain from the joints and muscles. The bed is made of soft material and will provide a soothing calm sleep at night.

Comparison Chart For Best Dog Bed For Anxiety

Below is a comparison chart containing the prominent features of the dog bed for anxiety.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Dog Beds For Anxiety

Did you recently find that your dog is anxious? A good sleep might solve this anxiety issue. When the dogs don’t find a comfortable bed, it makes the situation worse for them. As a pet owner, you should ensure that their bed can relieve pain and anxiety.

There is no one-bed size that can suit every dog. You have to get the best calming dog beds for anxiety, according to the dog’s size. While reading this article, you must be uncertain about finding the best dog bed for anxiety. Here we will share all the factors you need to consider before buying a bed for your loving pet.

Shape Of Bed

If you are looking for a calming dog bed for small or medium dogs, you should choose a donut-shaped bed. These beds ensure that the dogs get support around their neck and head while sleeping. Additionally, it relieves pain from the joints and muscles.

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You should consider an oval-shaped bed for larger dogs that play around before settling down to sleep. Larger dogs need more space to stretch out and roll around. Thus, oval-shaped beds are best for larger dogs.

You have to consider the dog’s size and habits before choosing the shape of the bed. Sometimes companies don’t provide the exact size of the bed, and thus, you should check the reviews to find out if they are providing smaller beds. Your aim should be to get a nesting spot that makes the dog feel comfortable.

Material And Fillings

You must ensure that the dog beds are made of a material which durable and can last for a long. Some brands provide a cheap quality bed that doesn’t last even for a month. The material which used in the bed should be safe for them. Additionally, it should be easy to clean.

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Common materials used in the dog bed are polyester, flannel, denim, plastic, water-proof fabrics, microfiber, nylon, faux suede, and fleece. The best materials, according to experts, are faux suede, nylon, and polyester.

Even though all the beds we shared are the best-quality dog beds for anxiety, some have different fillings and fiber than others. The beds might provide fillings of PP cotton, faux nylon fur, air loft fibers, and vegan fur. According to our research, faux nylon fur and PP cotton make the bed soft and comfortable.

Cleaning Of Bed

Some dog beds can be completely washed in a washing machine. Some beds come with removable, washable covers, and you simply need to wash the covers instead of a bed. You need to find washable dog beds for anxiety.

According to our research, when you wash the bed in the washing machine, it starts losing its fur. Thus, you should buy a dog bed that comes with a removable cover. Additionally, it is more convenient to wash the cover than the bed.

You will find clear instructions about the cleaning process from the brand. You must follow the instruction to avoid fur matting.

Bottom Of The Bed

Certain beds come with waterproof and dirt-resistant bottoms. Thus, the floor remains dry and clean even if the dog accidentally messes the bed. Some beds come with slip-resistant bottoms. When your dog plays around the bed, he won’t slip and stay safe.

You must ensure that you buy a bed with non-slip bottom since your dog won’t slide around and hurt himself. The bed will stay in its place even if the dog keeps moving on it. This bed will also promote restful sleep.

Warranty And Customer Service

Companies are providing good customer care service, and you can reach them easily through phones or emails. You must consider buying a dog from a company that provides a warranty and good customer care service.


You need to find out the sleeping and resting pattern of your dog to choose the best bed design. If you want your dog to feel ultimate comfort in his bed, you buy an orthopedic bed.

The popular bed designs include pillow beds, burrowing beds, heated beds, elevated beds, orthopedic sofa beds, and donut-shaped beds. According to experts, donut-shaped and orthopedic beds are the best dog bed for anxiety.


All the dog beds are available in different sizes. If you have small puppies, you can buy a small-sized bed. Accordingly, for giant breeds, you should buy an XXL size bed.

You need to take the size and weight of your dog into consideration to find the correct size of bed for him. The bed should neither be too large for him nor be too small for him. You should buy a bed which is slightly larger so that your dog can stay comfortable.


If you want your dog to get a cooling comfort, you should get a cooling or elevated type of bed for your dog. You should consider buying an orthopedic bed if your dog needs to get relief from joint pain. If you stay in a region which is usually cold or you are buying in a cold season, you should buy a heated bed that keeps your pet warm while he is sleeping.


You need to make sure the bed is comfortable for the dog. There are dog beds that don’t have proper filling in the middle, making the dog uncomfortable. A bed with raised edges is the best to make your dog cozy and relaxed. The material used should be breathable.


There are dog beds that can be easily folded, and you can carry them while traveling. You can also keep the bed in different corners if it is lightweight. You should buy a portable bed to ensure you can take it while camping out with your dog.

Chewing Behavior

If your dog has aggressive chewing behavior, you need to ensure the bed you are buying won’t get damaged. Certain companies clearly state that their beds are not suitable for dogs who have chewing habits. Thus, you should check it beforehand.

Additionally, you should check the reviews to find if the beds got damaged due to chewing habits. The bed should be made of chew-proof material.

Know The Fair Price

All the companies provide dog beds at different prices based on the size and quality of the bed. You will find an average dog bed in the price range of $40 to $100. You should compare the bed price with others to find out if the company is charging more.

You should also compare the bed reviews to understand the quality and durability of the products. You should find the top-rated dog beds for anxiety.

Types of Dog Beds

1 – Standard Dog Beds

This type of bed will suit any kind of dog. These beds are available in different shapes. Oval and round are the most popular shapes for dog beds. Standard dog beds look like a cushion or pillow. However, these beds don’t include edges or rims. Usually, these beds are filled with foam or polyester.

2 – Nest Dog Beds

If your dog likes to cuddle or curl, then a nest dog bed is the ideal option for your dog. Unlike standard beds, nest dog beds have raised edges. These beds are also available in round and oval shapes like standard beds. However, these beds are more comfortable, and your dog can sleep in them peacefully.

3 – Orthopedic Beds

Thicker foam of higher quality is used to make an orthopedic bed. Your dog will get extra support around the neck and head while getting relief from pain in the joints and muscles. These beds are particularly made for dogs who suffer from arthritis. These beds are also available in different shapes and sizes.

4 – Donut Dog Beds

Donut dog beds are donut-shaped and have a lot of similarities with nest beds. These beds have raised rims and pillow-like edges, which makes the dog comfortable while sleeping. These beds will be best for your dog if he likes to cuddle and curl. However, dogs who are old or have any health issues should not sleep in these beds because they will find it hard to get in and out of bed.

5 – Kennel Dog Beds

If your dog likes to stay in its kennel, then this type of bed will be ideal for him. These beds are available in different shapes. The price of kennel dog beds varies based on the material, size, and durability of the bed. You can buy a good-quality dog bed for around $50.

6 – Covered Dog Beds

Covered dog beds are designed in a way that looks like a small tent. These soft beds have a space where the dog can hide and spend some personal time. If you have a puppy or small dog, then this bed will be ideal for him.

7 – Raised Dog Beds

These beds can be similar to a nest, standard, or orthopedic bed. However, these beds are raised using plastic, metal, or wood in order to make the gap between the floor and the dog.

8 – Travel Dog Beds

You must buy a travel dog bed if you like to travel with your dog. You can roll and fold a travel bed. These beds are lightweight and easy to carry.

9 – Heated Dog Beds

These beds are self-warming and can keep your dog warm in the winter season. These beds usually have orthopedic features and thus, can help reduce the pain in joints. This bed will suit any dog if you live in a cold region.

10 – Cooling Dog Beds

Cooling beds are usually made of plastic and are filled with liquid. These beds can keep your dog cool in the summer season. If you are buying a bed for hot weather, then this bed will be ideal.

Best Dog Beds for Anxiety Reviews

We are sharing the list of the best dog bed for anxiety with their pros and cons.

Best Friends by Sheri, the Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

Best Dog Bed for Anxiety

Expert Score

Sheri Dog Bed is an anti-anxiety dog bed made in the USA. It is a high-quality round shape bed that supports better sleep. Since the original calming bed comes with a raised rim, the dog will get a sense of security. Additionally, the bed provides good support to the head and neck because of its structure. If your dog loves to curl up, he will surely love to sleep on this bed. This faux fur bed provides superior comfort and flexibility.

The dog donut beds are available in beautiful natural colors. Thus, the bed will be a seamless addition to your room’s décor. You can also buy a Sheri blanket with a calming dog bed. Your dog might have some pain in the joints and muscles without your knowledge. The super-soft filling in the bed ensures to reduce the pain. Since your dog will get restful sleep in this self-warming, luxurious bed, you will notice that their behavior and health have significantly improved.

Sheri provides luxury dog beds for anxiety. Since the material used in the bottom of the bed resists water and dirt, your floor won’t get dirty in case of accidental messes. If you are buying a small donut, you might not receive a removable shell. All the other size of bed includes a removable zipper shell which can be washed and dried in the machine. You should not dry the bed in the air since it can result in tangling and fur matting.

Key Features
  • High-quality round shape bed.
  • Raised rim supports head and neck.
  • Superior comfort and flexibility.
  • Super soft filling reduces joint and muscle pain.
  • Made with durable nylon faux fur.
  • Removable shell can be machine washed and dried.
  • We can wash the removable zipper shell in the machine.
  • The bed doesn’t include cancer-causing flame retardants.
  • Sheri provides good customer care service.
  • We can choose the color of the bed to match the room’s décor.
  • This bed will improve the health and behavior of the dog.
  • With proper care, this bed can last for several years.
  • The bed can’t be washed in the machine.

Friends Forever Donut Faux Fur Dog Beds

Best Self-Warming Dog Bed

Expert Score

Donut Dog Bed comes with extra-long faux lining, thus, provides a soft and soothing feeling to the dog. This dog bed for anxiety promotes peaceful sleep and helps reduce anxiety issues in dogs. Since the dogs like to cuddle and curl while sleeping, they will love this donut-style bed. The donut wall of the bed has a height of around 6 inches. Thus, the dog will get calming effect when he sleeps in the fur bed, which surrounds him.

Donut Dog Bed is comfortable and breathable since it is made of high-quality fur. Additionally, since the bed is made of non-toxic materials, this faux-fur bed can be washed in a machine and is dryer safe. You don’t have to deal with any finicky zippers like other dog beds. If you want to see your puppy happy, then this anti-anxiety bed will be the perfect gift for him. Since the bed comes with raised rim and elevated sides, it will provide a secure feeling to the dogs. Thus, the donut bed is one of the best dog beds for separation anxiety.

This Friends forever bed promotes sleep, eases anxiety, and reduces joint pain. The self-warming dog bed provides good support to the neck and head. You can choose a round donut shape bed from three different sizes, which are available in 5 different colors. According to the size of your dog and your home décor, you can make the best choice. However, this bed lacks adequate padding in the middle for comfort and is not created for large dogs.

Key Features
  • Extra-long faux lining.
  • High-quality fur.
  • Can be washed in the machine.
  • Raised rim and elevated sides.
  • Supports head and neck.
  • Promotes peaceful sleep.
  • Our dog will get the calming effect in the bed.
  • We can wash the bed in the machine.
  • The bed reduces anxiety and pain.
  • Best for dogs who like curling and cuddling.
  • There is no finicky zipper.
  • Raised rim supports the head and neck.
  • The bed lacks adequate padding in the middle for comfort.

FOCUSPET Donut Faux Fur Dog Bed

Best Durable Bed For Anxiety

Expert Score

The FOCUSPET Calming dog bed comes in a donut shape. You can choose from two color options to match your home décor. Since the calming bed has a self-warming feature, your dog will stay warm and comfortable while sleeping. Thus, these are comfort dog beds for anxiety. The bed is surrounded by long, smooth fur, which is made of synthetic material. Since the bottom of the bed is water and mold-resistant, your floor will remain dry and clean.

The FOCUSPET Dog bed is available in 5 different sizes. Thus, if you were looking for a bed that can support a dog over 100 pounds, you can get the largest bed size for him. Although you can wash this bed in a machine and dryer safe, you are recommended to hand-wash and air-dry this bed. However, this bed doesn’t come with detachable covers, and it might be difficult for you to wash large-sized beds.

The FOCUSPET dog bed is not created for puppies or dogs that habit chewing since they can damage the material. This luxurious bed is made of 100% durable materials like nylon and faux fur. Your dog will feel comfortable in this soft fur bed. His neck and head will get better support due to the raised rim. Since the bed is lightweight, you can carry it by compressing it while traveling. FOCUSPET provides extra-large dog beds for anxiety.

Key Features
  • 100% durable material.
  • Self-warming feature.
  • Size is available for dogs over 100 pounds.
  • Raised rim supports head and neck.
  • Provides warmth and security.
  • Support machine wash.
  • We can wash the bed in the machine and can air dry it.
  • The lightweight bed can be carried while traveling.
  • Bottom of the bed is water and mold-resistant.
  • We can get an anti-anxiety bed for dogs over 100 pounds.
  • Self-warming fur bed will keep the dog comfortable.
  • Dog will get good support around his neck and head.
  • This bed is not for dogs that chew and rip things.

Western Home Anti-Anxiety Donut Dog Bed

Best Anti-Slip Bottom Dog Bed

Expert Score

The Western Home is a popular company committed to providing well-made dog beds to every customer. This bed is made of high-quality faux fur. The interior of the bed contains super-soft PP cotton, which is safe for the environment. The luxurious bed not only provides soft support but also reduces the joint and muscle of the dog. The best dog beds for anxiety have a circular design and are made of durable material. When the dog sleeps in the bed, you will find soft budges surrounding him.

The Anti-Anxiety bed is best for dogs who like to curl and cuddle while sleeping. You can choose from three different sizes of bed. You should measure the size of your dog to find out which bed will be ideal for him. The dog bed comes with an anti-slip fabric design at the bottom, which gives better security and stability to the dog who likes to play. You can easily carry the calming bed while traveling.

The fluffy faux fur bed can be easily washed in a washing machine. You need to dry the bed at low heat. According to the company, you should not wash and dry your clothes. Once the bed gets delivered to your home, you need to shake it so that it comes to its original shape and size. The donut-shaped bed keeps your dog warm and secure. You can choose the color of the bed from 5 different options to match your home decor. The fluffy bed is one of the best cozy dog beds for anxiety.

Key Features
  • High-quality faux fur.
  • Super-soft PP cotton.
  • Circular donut shape.
  • Not-slip bottom fabric.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Relieves joint pain.
  • We can wash the bed in the washing machine.
  • The bed keeps the dog warm and secure.
  • Non-slip bottom ensures the dog can play safely.
  • Material is environmental-friendly.
  • We can choose from 5 natural colors to match home décor.
  • It relieves the soreness of the spine.
  • The bed is too small compared to the size.

Eterish Fluffy Round Calming Dog Bed

Best Dog Bed For Small Puppies

Expert Score

Eterish Dog bed is specially created for small puppies. Since the bed comes with a raised rim, your dog will feel secure, and it will improve his overall well-being. He will be able to get more peaceful sleep as the bed supports his neck and head. If your puppy often stays nervous or anxious, then this bed will surely make him calm down faster. The bed includes a slip-resistant feature that allows the dog to play in the bed without slipping the bed. Thus, it ensures safety and is one of the comfort dog beds for anxiety.

The Round Calming bed is created in a way that mimics the warmth of the mother. Thus, it comes with shag-like faux fur. One-piece plush dog bed provides your dog more comfort while sinking them into their secure space. The 7-inch thick brim of the small bed contains super-soft filling. Thus, when your dog sleeps in this bed, he will get relief from muscle and joint pain. However, the bed is not created for dogs that chew things.

Eterish Company ensures to provide a dog bed, keeping quality and comfort in mind. You can easily clean the dog bed in the washing machine. Ensure that you dry it immediately after washing to avoid fur matting. After the bed gets delivered to your home, you have to pat it, shake it and wait for days to make it gain its original fluffy shape. The bed is made of plush faux fur to provide the puppies’ warmth and comfort, just like their mother. Calming dog beds are small dog beds for anxiety.

Key Features
  • High-quality, non-toxic materials.
  • Features 7” raised outer edge.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Cozy and durable.
  • Slip-resistant feature.
  • Shag like faux fur.
  • We can carry the bed while going on a vacation or road trip.
  • Dogs won’t get slipped while playing on the bed.
  • Calming bed provides warmth and comfort to the puppies.
  • Raised rim provides support to the neck and head.
  • We can clean the bed in a washing machine.
  • The thick brim helps relieve pain from the joints.
  • This bed is not made for dogs with aggressive chewing habits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We hope the reviews of the beds and the buying guide were helpful for you in choosing the best dog bed for anxiety. A comfortable bed can significantly improve the quality of your dog’s life. As an owner of the dog, it is your responsibility to prevent the dog’s anxiety from worsening. Thus, you must consider buying the best bed to make them feel safe and secure while sleeping.

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