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Is your dog encroaching on your bed? Do you frequently have health concerns like allergies to co-sleeping with your dog? Plan your schedule to go for a dog bed. Invest in this vital member of your family and stay safe from any disease.

They also need their comfy bed to sleep and lounge in. Your dog’s bed should be a space that should be supportive and soft. You should know your dog’s favorite position, size, and shape to purchase a suitable bed made of soft material.

Sleeping on a hard surface can be harmful to a dog’s health. Nowadays, orthopedic dog beds are imperative to ease the pain and discomfort of hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other joint ailments of your furry friend. Such types of beds also provide a cushion to the joints of developing pups too.

The present article provides guidelines on some of the best calming dog beds to relax, snuggle, and rejuvenate. As you look for options, most of the beds can be seen with removable liners, making them easier to clean. The removable covers make your work simpler than cleaning with a hand roller or vacuum. Below mentioned are few best orthopedic beds highly recommended for your furry friends.

In a Hurry? Pick the best calming bed for your dog

Best Friend by Sheri dog bed is the best-rated calming dog bed available in a wide variety of colors. As you search for options, you will find that this model also comes with an attached blanket. The donut shape of the bed helps the dog to curl and snuggle and have a peaceful and cozy sleep.

Dogs of all sizes and weights can avail this dog bed. Dog beds are easy to machine wash and dry and come with a removable cover fitted with a zipper. You do not need to worry about your floors getting dirty as the bed is resistant to water and dirt. The material used as a filler and cover is pet-friendly and highly durable with premium quality stitching.

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed in Shag Fur, Machine Washable, Removable Zippered Shell, for Pets up to 150 lbs – Extra Large 45″x45″ in Taupe

Things To Know Before Buying The Best Calming Dog Bed

Dogs being beautiful and loving creatures must have a comfortable and cozy spot for the dogs to relax. Good sleep is essential for pet health. There may be situations when your dog has an accident, gets infested, or may get stinky.

In such a situation, your friend needs its place of refuge where they can feel safe and undergo less anxiety. Investing in a dog bed will keep you both happy and healthy. Therefore dog beds are an essential aspect of your friend’s growth and development.

How do you pick the right dog bed for your friend when there are so many options available in the market? What is your budget? Are you looking for fancy or simple, expensive, or homemade dog beds? You may across these common questions while planning for a dog bed. Here is a dog bed guide that will help you to choose the right kind of dog bed for your pup.

Know Your Dog’s Sleeping Pattern

The selection of your dog bed depends on your budget, taste, and décor. It also depends on your dog’s sleeping pattern, age and nature, schedule, mood, level of exhaustion, and other preferences. Dogs sleep in various arrays of positions. The four most common sleep positions are:

  • Light sleep ready to spring out like a crouching tiger
  • Curled up in a ball
  • Flat on their side
  • Stretched right out spread-eagled

Try to find them a bed that does not restrict them and allows them to adopt any sleep position as they desire. So keep an eye for all these observations so that you buy the best calming bed for your dog.

Types Of Dog Beds

Basic Dog beds models that are commonly available in the market are:

  • Flat pads/mats are reasonably priced
  • Snuggle/Nesting beds are preferred by small dogs who curl up mostly.
  • Nest/ Cuddler beds have an oval bowl shape. It supports a variety of natural sleeping positions.
  • Bolsters come with a incorporated pillow fitted on the longer side and are usually fancied by large dogs. It provides comfy back, neck, and head support.
  • Donut-shaped beds are circular-shaped with a detachable center pillow.
  • Waterproof beds are helpful for outdoor pets.
  • Homemade beds are low-cost and easy to modify. You can make your dog bed by following online tutorials. Go for materials that are safe and durable for your pet.

Specially Designed Dog Beds

However, if your dog has grown old and has medical problems, then you can look out for these options.

  • Orthopedic beds are ideal for larger and senior dogs. They need medical-grade foam to support their old joints. It is available in different sizes and shapes.
  • Heated beds are ideal for those who are very sensitive to cold and have arthritis. Such beds maintain their body warmth.
  • Travel beds are convenient and ideal for those who travel and get anxious in new places. These beds can be carried so that they can relax and sleep on their bed.
  • Cot-style beds maintain joints by dispensing the dog’s weight uniformly. They are also portable.

Size And Weight Of Your Dog

If you are planning a bed for your pup, then sizing is an essential factor. It depends on your dog’s stage of growth. For a fully-grown dog, take nose-to-tail measurements while it’s asleep. Based on their sizes, look for different beds models. Try to go for beds big enough for your friend to stretch and sleep comfortably.

Dog beds are available in different sizes like S, M, L, XL. These sizes depend on length and weight. Small dog bed size is usually 80 x 70 cm, medium size is 100 x 75 cm (19-27 kg), large size is 110 x 80 cm (28-54 kg), Extra-large size is 120 x 90 cm ( 54 kg).

Material Of The Bedcover

It is always essential to provide a clean, soft, and comfy sleeping area for your dog. Dogs eat, vomit, scratch fleas, and urinate on their bed. So, it is worth looking out for beds with washable covers made of natural fabrics and materials so that they can be washed frequently to maintain hygiene.

Also, make sure that your dog beds are made from chew-resistant materials, like a canvas which is tougher to tear apart and chew. Some dogs sleep outside. In such cases, the fabric of the bed should be made weatherproof.

Additionally, the climate where you live also determines the nature of the material to be preferred for a dog bed. If you are in a colder region, go for heavier fabric or fleece fabrics. For hotter weather, sleek, cool faux suede will be more appropriate.

Stuffing Material Of The Bed

Dog beds are stuffed with various options like polyfil, baffled polyfil, and foam. Polyfil is the commonly used high-loft fiber that can be re-stuffed into the dog bed. It provides stable support due to the presence of interlocking poly-filled tubes. The material is economical.

Foam made from polyurethane provides the best support for senior dogs that need help while sleeping.

Style To Match Your Décor

Since a pet bed is also considered as a piece of furniture in your house, so you can find pet beds with aesthetically beautiful colors to match your decors, taste, and style.

However, go for shades that closely match your pet’s fur to camouflage all the falling hair. This will give you the leverage to wash the bed less frequently. Usually, neutral grey is the most preferred and safe color as they fit well with most interior designs and can hide a dog’s fur simultaneously.


Choose high–quality dog beds that are durable. Check for the quality of craftsmanship, filling material, bed cover material, and washability for a stable bed.

Best Calming Dog Bed Reviews

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Dog Bed

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed in Shag Fur, Machine Washable, Removable Zippered Shell, for Pets up to 150 lbs – Extra Large 45″x45″ in Taupe

Best Friends by Sheri is the best donut calming dog bed ideal for pets who love to curl up. The bed comes with a high-quality zipper and raised rim to provide optimal joint, muscle, head, and neck support. Double lock-stitching reinforces the edge finish to improve durability through wear and wash. The material used in the bed is made of super-soft, durable nylon faux material that provides relief to muscle and joint pain.

Your pup gets the feeling of a mother’s fur coat while taking a nap on this luxury bed. Non-toxic premium filling made of air loft fibers ensures the safety of your pet. These fibers have three times more longevity than recycled fiber and can withstand numerous washes without coagulating. Deep crevices provided in the bed allow your dog to burrow for a peaceful sleep. You can introduce these cuddler beds in your room without compromising with the décor as it is available in beautiful natural colors.

The bed is provided with water and dirt-resistant bottoms to avoid any accidental leakage to our floor. Zippered removable covers fitted to these soft beds can be machine washed easily and dried safely. The entire bed in small size is safe to machine wash and dry. All the above features make this product the best-rated calming dog bed. In case you have any concerns regarding the product, it has excellent customer service. Los Angeles-based store can be reached out by phone call or emails to ensure your satisfaction.

MIXJOY Orthopedic Cuddler Dog Bed

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog Bed Ultra Soft Washable Dog and Cat Cushion Bed (36” x 36”) (Brown)

The orthopedic deluxe bed is ideal for your pet to make it feel like a king. It is an ultra-soft, round bed made with high-quality nylon and luxurious faux fur. The Mixjoy dog bed is self-warming and creates a cozy environment for restful sleep and a better mood. The pet’s bed is designed smartly with raised rim resembling a nest-like design to provide head and neck support.

These designs allow them to curl up quickly for a peaceful sleep and to feel secure without worries. High-loft, recycled polyester fiber filling makes it lightweight and portable to travel. Transportation becomes convenient and can easily fit in the car.

You can let your pet enjoy the comfort of its bed during camping. Keep your pet’s sleeping area comfy and clean as the bed is washing machine and dryer friendly. The comfortable calming dog bed is available in multiple natural colors to match your room’s decor and different sizes.

BINETGO Joint-Relief Dog Bed

BinetGo Calming Cat and Dog Beds,20/24/32 inches Dog Bed, Black/Pink/Beige Puppy Bed ,Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed in Shag Fur– Machine Washable, Anti Slip Waterproof Bottom (32", Beige)

BINETGO dog bed is the best round calming dog bed ideal for larger dogs. It is provided with a non-skid bottom to maintain its place on tile and hardwood floors. The filler material of the bed made out of high-loft recycled polyester fiber makes it lightweight and portable. Such beds are easy to transport and convenient to carry during camping and traveling.

The bed comes in three different sizes and three beautiful colors to match your interior decors. Such types of beds can easily accommodate dogs of 25lbs. The bed is easy to hand wash to provide a cleaner and comfortable place for your pet for healthy sleeping. Opt for a gentle cycle while machine washing.

Use low heat for tumble drying. These types of beds can be washed and dried multiple times without affecting the quality can be carried out. While opening the package, shake it properly and leave it for 1-2 days. Shaking allow the bed to retain its original fluffiness. Your pet can enjoy a warm and comfortable sleep, which helps them maintain better health and behavior.

Western Home Dog Bed

【2021 Upgraded】 Western Home Round Dog Bed for Small Dogs , Calming Donut Cuddler Pet Bed,Fluffy Plush Faux Fur Cat Bed(27", Grey)

The best calming dog bed, ideal for smaller dogs, is made available by Western Home. The donut-shaped bed allows the pet to cuddle in a self-warming fluffy plush faux fur bed. The raised rim design provides head and neck support, easing muscle soreness and joint pain for your furry friend. The bed is filled with high-loft fiber to provide strong support and resilience to the pets.

The filler quality makes the bed lightweight and portable. Your dog can be accompanied by its bed while traveling and camping. The bed comes with a cushion bed and anti-slip PVC dot fabric bottom that provides better stability to the fluffy dog bed. Your dog can use such beds to play and rest safely.

The bed comes in 3 different sizes and weights ranging from 15-35 lbs. Maintain your bed by using the washing machine and drier. Frequent cleaning reduces the pet odors and excess hair.

BEDSURE Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

Bedsure Calming Dog Bed for Large Dogs – Donut Washable Large Pet Bed, 36 inches Anti Anxiety Round Fluffy Plush Faux Fur Cat Bed, Fits up to 100 lbs Pets, Camel

The anti-anxiety calming round bed is ideal for small dogs who like to curl up. Its unique circular donut design with a raised edge makes the dog feel secured and allows them to snuggle. Excellent support for the head and neck provided by the bed helps your pet to get rid of joint and muscle pain.

Availability of the bed in two vibrant colors and four different sizes like XS, S, M, L, and XL makes it suitable for you and your dog to make choices based on your home decor and your pet size and weight. The presence of air loft fiber as bed filler makes the bed extra comfortable and cozy. Your pet can enjoy a self-warming luxury bed reminiscent of a warm hug as the ultra-fine microfiber helps your dog to resist the cold.

The bed is designed with a non-slip bottom ideal for tile and hardwood floors. It can be easily fixed on the floor of your home, thereby adding seamlessly to any corner of your room without compromising with the interior decors. An anti-anxiety bed by BEDSURE is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs. The entire bed needs to be machine washed separately with cold water in a gentle cycle. Avoid bleaching the bed and dry it at low heat. Always make sure to pat the dog bed to make it fluffy before use.

How To Maintain Dog Beds?

It is crucial to keep your pet’s bed neat and tidy to maintain good hygiene as dogs are highly prone to catch infections. Frequent washing s helps to get rid of foul odors and other airborne pollutants.

Frequent Washing Of The Dog’s Bed

Frequent Washing removes flea and other insect eggs present in your friend’s body which may cause an infestation in your home. Moreover, your friend’s body may become a breeding area for disease-causing micro-organisms, including fungal, bacterial, viral, and other parasitic species. Such species can remain active in your dog bed for up to 12 months.

Your dog bed may possess advanced properties like minimized odors with waterproof liners, machine-washable covers, hypoallergenic memory foam, removable covers. Therefore, it is imperative to wash your dog’s bed once a week or every two weeks despite all these properties.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Bathing is one of the best ways to avoid the bad odor and pet hair from spreading throughout your house. But make sure to choose the right shampoo formulated with hypoallergenic properties for your pet.

Remove Any Loose Dirt.

Use a vacuum to eliminate the dirt, dust, hair, and other debris from the dog bed. Run a lint roller over the bed to clean the corners and underneath any trim.

Pre-Treat Stains

Use an enzyme-powered pet stain remover to remove stains from dirt, feces, or urine before washing. Avoid using removers that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals.

Wash In Hot Water

Use the hot water option if your dog bed is machine washable. For larger beds, take the help of a commercial washer or wash in your bathtub using your hand. For hand washing, fill your tub with boiling water such that the entire bed can be soaked easily. Pour ¼ cup of any pet-friendly detergent and white vinegar. Soak the bed for at least 15 minutes.

If you are using a washer, then go for two rinse cycles. In case of handwashing, drain the detergent water and rinse the soaked bed in warm water. Squeeze out as much water as possible. Repeat the process until you get clear squeezed water.

Dry The Dog Bed

Make use of a drier using the middle heat option to dry your dog’s bed. Continue with the process until it gets completely dry. Air fluff the dog bed with a pet-safe dryer sheet to reduce static and avoid shrinking. If your dog bed is big enough for the dryer, allow it to dry outdoors under the sun to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Maintain Cleanliness In Your Dog Bed Between Washes

You can maintain the cleanliness of the dog bed area for longer without washing. It can be achieved by covering the bed with a removable blanket to be washed frequently. If your dog bed is small enough to fit in your garbage bag, enclose it to protect it from stains, followed by covering it with the bed’s cover.

Use Stain Remover And Vacuum

Also, make it a habit to wipe down the bed’s exterior area with an 8:1 mixture of water and white vinegar. Vinegar has natural deodorant and disinfectant properties. Use vacuum in between washes to allow the dander, fur, and dust from accumulating.

Apply homemade carpet cleanser made of cinnamon and bay leaves on all fabric surfaces of dog bed before vacuuming for fresh odor. You can also make homemade disinfectant at home by diluting one teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of warm water, followed by a few drops of tea tree oil. You can use it as a daily spray.

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Dog beds are imperative for your pets to provide a cozy, soft, comfortable place to sleep comfortably. Many dog beds are available in the market based on the dog’s shape, size, nature, sleeping positions, and décor preferences. It is also important to choose dog beds that can be easily maintained, washed, and dried without any hassle. So do not think much. Just go and grab the best calming dog bed for your pet friend.

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