Top 5 Best Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers | Reviews & Buying Guide

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Best Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers

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We might have seen dogs have a habit of sleeping anywhere. Like human beings, dogs, too, need comfort while sleeping. According to the veterans, a bed provides a great amount of warmth to a dog than any regular human bed or couches—the risk of joint pain increases when the dogs or pups sleep on the floor.

If you have adopted a furry and energetic golden retriever recently at your home, you have to give special attention to their comfort and sleep quality. The best dog beds for golden retrievers can surely solve your problem. These beds are light and are travel-friendly. There are different designs available according to your dog’s size and weight.

In this article, we will discuss the reviews of the top 5 canine beds which are in demand in 2021. Moreover, we will also discuss the factors that you should consider before investing in the best dog bed for your golden retriever.

In a Hurry? Pick The Best Dog Bed For Golden Retriever

The snuggly sleeping surface of this bed is the main attraction for your golden retriever. You can secure your pet well inside the bolsters on the sides. The L-shape of the cushion will help to support the joints of your pet.

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It looks attractive and has orthopedic functions. Moreover, it promotes smooth air circulation while your pet is sleeping on it. The peak a valley design can reduce stress and anxiety in your dog’s mind.

Best Dog Bed For German Shepherd
Furhaven XL Orthopedic Dog Bed Two-Tone Faux Fur & Suede L Shaped Chaise w/ Removable Washable Cover
Key Features
  • Superb Orthopedic support for German shepherd
  • Calms joint or hip pain
  • It promotes air circulation and increases comfort
  • The bed is available in many colors and sizes
  • Easy to wash in the machine
  • Soft texture with durability for long-term years
  • The orthopedic mattress is best for supporting joint pain
  • L-shape of the cushion can give head support
  • The fur lining is soft
  • It is available in many colors
  • Super easy to maintain and wash in the machine
  • The detachable cover is an added advantage
  • Pocket-friendly product
  • You may find this bed is not suitable for strong chewers.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/23/2023 02:41 am GMT

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers

For your dog, the essential part after his food is the comfortable bed option. Like the sizes of different dogs, the bed sizes differ. There are varied shapes with appropriate functionality in these dog beds.

Once you have decided to invest in the best beds for golden retrievers, you will see a hell of lots of options available in the market. We understand you need a piece of expert advice to make your shopping task easier. Here we will discuss the quick pointers to think about before buying your dog the best bed.

Classification of Dog Beds

Orthopedic Beds

Essentially the larger or senior dogs who suffer from joint pains can get relief from this type of bed. The quality of the orthopedic beds differs from one to another. We suggest you check the bed labeling for this purpose.

For example, you can check the memory foam quality or the regular stuff, which is put inside the bedding. For tiny pups, you can go for the overstuffed foam beds. For giant dogs or heavy breeds, you should always check the end foam material. It will provide appropriate support to your dog’s spine.

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Pillow Style Bed

The simplest design amongst the dog beds is the pillow-style bed. Cotton or polyester is present in the making of these dog beds. The best part about these beds is smooth to place. You can keep it anywhere in the room and car.

Even while traveling, you can carry these beds, as they are light. However, dogs with orthopedic problems should not go for these beds. You can use these beds for the regular bedding of your medium-sized dogs.

Heat Beds

For winter seasons, heated beds for the dog can be the best option. They can keep your dog warm, and he will sleep faster. In case you are investing in the electrical beds, then make sure to check the wires and padding of the bed. These beds are ideal for senior dogs. If your dog is a chewer, it can be risky to buy this type of heated bed.

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Memory Foam Beds

Dogs who are heavy and suffer from arthritic pain find this bed extremely comfortable. When any dog is suffering from a joint problem, they face stiffness. Moreover, they cannot get out of bed easily. Therefore, memory foam beds are the best option for such cases.

The memory foam also tends to reduce the fluid sacs filled in the dog’s joints. It may cause pain otherwise in their legs. Another reason to invest in memory foam beds is their pocket-friendly nature.

Crated Beds

Pet owners working and having less time to wash the dog beds can go for this type of crate bed. These are the basic beds. You can train your little puppies to sleep on their beds. While buying the created beds, you have to focus on the size of these beds that should match the size of your dog.

Thickness Of The Pad

You should always check that the bed padding is in the right amount. It helps to get proper comfort to your dog while they are sleeping. According to many doctors, dogs have several pressure points. If by any chance, these pressure points are damaged, then it can be very painful.

The shoulders, elbows, and hip areas of any dog are sensitive. While choosing the dog beds, you should focus on the cushion built on the bed’s surface area.

Material Of The Pad

Not only is the pad thickness of the dog bed important, but the material construction is as well. You may find polyester foam or filling less expensive as compared to memory foam. However, the comfort received from memory foam is more than others are. Again, memory foam is beneficial for keeping the dog’s spine aligned while sleeping.

Memory foam is ideal for back and spine support. If your dog has any orthopedic problems, then you should opt for this type of material.

Microfiber is a synthetic material. It is good for dogs who have a habit of peeing regularly. The microfiber can absorb the water quickly. However, it is less breathable. Hence, it is ideal in winters.

Faux Leather can be used to keep your pet cool. The synthetic fabric is waterproof and is smooth. You can wash and maintain this material without much hassle. A faux fur is a decent option for the little pups when they cuddle inside them.

Hypoallergenic fabrics in the dog beds are useful for dogs having sensitive skin. They can prevent any kind of allergic reaction or skin disease of your pet. Whenever you feel your golden retriever is allergic or sneeze a lot due to dust, you can switch to hypoallergenic material.

Temperature Control

Always go for dog beds, which are weather-friendly. Most dogs tend to curl up during cool temperatures. They seek warmth. Again, the opposite behavior is noticed during the summertime. Hence, you should opt for the beds that can suit this need of your dog.

There are dog beds that are built with high intense fabric with two sides with proper temperature control. If you reside in hotter areas, you can shop the thin fabrics, and it has sustainable breathability.

Easy To Maintain

The material, which is used in the bed cover, is important. You should check the bed cover whether it is reversible and easy to wash. Always go for the removable ones, and machine washes friendly. There are cheap materials as well that get crumpled after one or two wash. Hence, go for the high textured quality.

In many cases, you will find that dogs have urinary issues. They tend to pee more. For such cases also the material of the be covers should be light. Hence, they will be easy to wash and dry.

Weight & Size Of Your Dog

When your dog stretches out of bed, you should provide him/her with proper space and support. Hence, always buy the bed according to the size and weight of your dog. Again, your dog’s age is another important point to think about before shopping for the dog bed. For joint pain or heavy dogs, you should opt for thick beds.


While buying the dog bed, you can also consider your room décor. Hence, you can select the color and designs according to your preference. You will get many fancy colored and designed dog beds in the market. Again, the dog bed style can be a huge thing for the pet owner to flaunt their personality. These days the builders have designed many dog beds like couch style, pillow style, hammocks, or even chaise lounges. You can surely pick the apt one according to your liking.


You should not compromise on your budget. There are varied options when it comes to dog beds with many styles. You can research and compare the prices online to get discounts before buying the dog bed of your choice.

Do Not Make These Mistakes When Shopping Dog Beds

Everyone requires a nice comfortable sleep for their health. Mostly the cats and dogs sleep for 10-15 hours. Hence, we need to select the right bed for them. Many times, we make few mistakes while choosing the dog beds. Here we will discuss such mistakes below;

Wrong Bed Size

Primarily people make the mistake of choosing incorrect bed sizes. You should not buy the dog bed by guessing that it will fit them. Always make sure to measure your dog or pup lengthwise. It will give you a firm idea about the bed dimension.

Wrong Bed Shape

While selecting the bed shape, you have to observe your dog’s sleeping position. You have to notice whether your little loving friend curls up or loves stretching more while sleeping. Most dogs have different sleeping positions. We will discuss a few sleeping positions of your dogs with the preferred dog beds you need for them accordingly;

Back sleepers

The dogs who love to sink in their back while sleeping needs a large space area. Hence, for them, you can buy donut beds. Even regular beds with plush foam are also a good choice.

Snuggling Sleepers

The small pups or cats tend to curl up more while sleeping. You can choose nested beds for such snuggling dogs. Make sure the beds have guards on two sides so that your pet does not fall off.

Belly & Side Sleepers

Mainly dogs that sleep on their belly or side need ample space. Cots are the best option available in the market for belly sleepers. Again, you can buy orthopedic beds with a firm texture.

Always make sure your dog bed has a larger space for your pets to stretch and move. Moreover, they can rest their belly and sleep nicely.

Curled Up

Small puppies love to curl up while sleeping. Again, you may see few dogs love to stay cozy and seek warmth in any weather situation. For such pets, you can opt for nested or donut beds. These beds come with a secured coverage. They can keep your small pet secured and cozy.

Wrong Bed Texture

Just like human beings, dogs, too, have their preference for texture. Few dogs love smooth fabric, while others love nappy material. If you notice the spot where your pet is flopping, you can develop an idea about the fabric they want.

Again, in this context, while selecting the fabric of the material used, you can consider the weather change. In colder regions, you should go for heavy or solid fabric. In warmer temperatures, go for light and smooth textured dog beds.

Best Dog Beds For Golden Retriever Reviews

Furhaven Cool Orthopedic L-Shaped Dog Bed

Best Overall

Expert Score

Best Dog Bed For German Shepherd
Furhaven XL Orthopedic Dog Bed Two-Tone Faux Fur & Suede L Shaped Chaise w/ Removable Washable Cover
Key Features
  • Superb Orthopedic support for German shepherd
  • Calms joint or hip pain
  • It promotes air circulation and increases comfort
  • The bed is available in many colors and sizes
  • Easy to wash in the machine
  • Soft texture with durability for long-term years
  • The orthopedic mattress is best for supporting joint pain
  • L-shape of the cushion can give head support
  • The fur lining is soft
  • It is available in many colors
  • Super easy to maintain and wash in the machine
  • The detachable cover is an added advantage
  • Pocket-friendly product
  • You may find this bed is not suitable for strong chewers.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/23/2023 02:41 am GMT

The fantastic L-shaped dog bed ensures your pet gets the maximum amount of security and comfort while sleeping. There is a high loft present on the surface of the bed. It helps to provide cushion support to your dog. Hence, the spine will be in the correct position while sleeping.

For side sleepers, the L-shape of the bed will be very helpful. It gives enough space for sprawling purposes.

The extra plush foam present on the surface of the bed gives ample orthopedic support to your dog. The presence of this foam also protects the nose and paws.

Again, this bed will make sure that your pet’s blood circulation is at an apt level. The cushion present in the surface provides the right pressure points on your dog’s body, and air can pass through freely in between.

Key Features
  • Comfortable and secured ends
  • L-shaped design for cushion support
  • Great for joints and blood circulation
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Ideal for all sized dogs
  • Orthopedic base
  • Ultra-plush foam flux in the bed for supporting the spine
  • Bolsters can give support the neck of your dog
  • The fabric is soft and cozy
  • Available in 15 different styles and color
  • You can wash it in a machine
  • Not much expensive
  • It may not be ideal for dogs that have extra chewing behavior or teething disorder.

Bedsure Washable XL Grey Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Egg Crated Bed

Expert Score

If you are looking for an affordable retriever dog bed, then it can be a decent option to go. Moreover, this versatile bed provides an ample amount of warmth to your pet. Your loving pet can fit inside it easily.

The design is reversible. On the top layer, there is an Oxford Cooling Fabric. You can use this cooling side during summers to provide a cooling effect on your dog’s body. The opposite side is a warmer fabric called Sherpa Fabric. The design is apt for the winters. In this context, it is important to know that according to your dog’s body temperature, you can use the fabric sides.

For maintaining the bed, you will not have to stress much. The cover is detachable. You can expect nice support from the crate foam design of the bed. In case you are planning any trip or vacation, you can carry this lightweight product with you. The concept of reversibility of this bed is simply wonderful and unique.

Key Features
  • Durable and fits smoothly anywhere in cars or room
  • Ideal for joint pains of your pet
  • Soft fabric washable in machine
  • Reversible Design suiting various temperature conditions
  • Ample space for curl up sleepers
  • It fits the car trunks smoothly
  • The cover is washable and reversible
  • The Water-resistance benefit is amazing
  • The high-quality foam used in the construction
  • Ideal for spine support
  • Pocket friendly
  • The foam is not suitable for avid chewers

PetFusion Medium Firm Breathable Dog Bed

Best Memory Foam Dog Bed

Expert Score

Bring home this premium quality bed for your pet today. You will fall in love with the 4-inch thick memory foam of this bed. It is one of the best dog beds for golden retrievers to give them relief from orthopedic problems.

If your dog is suffering from arthritis or any mobility issues, you can surely invest in this reliable bed. Moreover, there are times when dogs go through anxiety and stress. The bed can act as a calm cuddle agent for your pet, and he will sleep within less time.

The manufacturers have designed this bed with premium components. You will like the water-resistance quality of this bed. The non-skidding nature is another add-on. The bolster support of the bed provides equal pressure on your dog’s body while he is sleeping.

Key Features
  • The slate grey color and durable benefits
  • Water resisting quality for a long time
  • Memory foam 4 inches for supporting the spine
  • Suitable for all sized dogs
  • Easy to maintain plus 3-year warranty included
  • Easy to wash and maintain for a long run
  • Available in many colors
  • Waterproof nature
  • Robust
  • Memory foam is thicker than regular dog beds
  • Additional 3-year warranty included
  • It may not be pocket-friendly. However, the quality of this product is value for the worth.

Friends Forever Removable Lounge Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Orthopedic Bed

Expert Score

The makers of the Friends forever dog bed have put extra attention while constructing the design of this dog bed. Primarily the focus of the bed is the maximum comfort of your dog. You will not have to think about your dog’s sound sleep at all if you are using this bed. The water-resistance quality of this bed is awesome.

Premium quality foam in the component of the bed is the main highlight of this dog bed. It helps mainly the orthopedic dogs while they are sleeping. The dog parent can clean the bed smoothly in the washing machine. You can buy a bed for dogs that weigh 75lbs approximately.

It is an excellent option for providing hip and bone support. The non-skidding and durable nature of the fabric used in the bed is another factor to invest in this dog bed.

Key Features
  • Luxurious bed with smooth cushion fills
  • Water-resistance capacity providing considerable for hip support
  • Easy to maintain and clean for long term durability
  • Ideal for medium and large-sized dogs
  • The Non-skidding bottom and metal zippers for security purposes.
  • Provides comfort and incredible spine support
  • Water-resistance quality is wonderful
  • As the bottom is non-skidding, so it will not move from one place to other.
  • For resting the back and neck of the dog, the bolster stuffing is helpful
  • Affordable
  • In very rare cases, users have opined that cleaning the cover is hard.

Nononfish Anxiety Cuddle Beds For Large Golden Retriever

Best Cuddling Bed

Expert Score

Gift this unique donut-shaped dog bed today. The shape of this bed is suitable for preventing calluses and orthopedic pain in your loving pets. Moreover, if your dog is going through any stress, it is one of the best retriever dog beds to opt for. As the bed is light and portable, you can carry it while traveling for any trip.

The bed is ideal for large and senior dogs of the family. The presence of an extra rim on the border of the bed provides security to your dog. Therefore, while sleeping, they will not slip out or fall from the bed. You will love the back design of the bed. It is dust resistant as well. It is overall comfortable and cozy bedding that you can get for your pet.

Key Features
  • Robust built and ideal for better sleep
  • Supports joints and orthopedic problem
  • It is suitable for XL-sized dogs
  • The Non-slippery ends help to stay at one place during sleeping
  • Travel friendly and lightweight
  • Relieves pets anxiety
  • Provides sound sleep for your pets
  • Treats joint pain better
  • You can adjust the bed manually according to your dog’s size
  • The plush is non-removable. Hence, you may take more time to clean the bed with your hand.

Benefits Of Getting A Bed For Golden Retriever

Dog beds are always required in the house for the following purpose;

  • To improve the sleep quality of your dogs and puppies
  • If your dog is suffering from joint pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc., then an orthopedic dog bed can be very useful. It helps to align the spine and hip of your dog. Hence, they feel better while sleeping.
  • For small puppies, dog beds are the safest place for their mothers.
  • The different fancy dog beds for your golden retriever can also enhance the room décor.

Maintaining A Dog Bed

You can always check the retriever dog bed washing instructions mentioned in the dog beds while buying them. We are providing few washing tips for the dog beds below:

  • Washing the beds in the front load washing machine is super easy.
  • To remove the smelly covers, you can add light detergent to your washing machine.
  • Before applying detergent, you should check the fabric quality to avoid color fading.
  • You should also check the temperature at which you are washing the dog beds. Usually, it is recommended that you should keep the machine temperature at 41 Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Golden retrievers are the most energetic pets that one can have. However, they need a relaxing bed for rest. Moreover, it can also support their joints and muscles for better blood circulation. Another benefit of keeping a separate dog bed is it is travel-friendly.

Those mentioned above 5 best dog beds for golden retrievers are high-quality and affordable products that you can surely consider in your shopping list.

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