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how to use a dog training collar?


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Do you know how to use a dog training collar? This is a frequently asked question by pet lovers. Some pet parents don’t like training collars but a lot of people don’t feel any hesitation.

Do you like dog training collars? Every dog keeper who wants to train his best friend should have to know the best use of a dog-training collar. The way that does not annoy your canine.

How to use a dog training collar?

Whenever someone says that collars are brutal to use then I simply ask them; do you know how to use a dog training collar?

Believe me, most of them don’t know how to use training collars. No doubt, there are certain problems but we can avoid them using the actual way.

If you have a small pup then you have to be more conscious about selecting a more comfortable dog collar as well.

After reading this writing, I assure you that a lot of misconceptions will be cleared about the use of training collars.

We have covered some of the strongest shock collars for dogs please check them out if you haven’t.

How to use Prong Collars?

How to use a Prong Collar on Dogs?

Prong collars are a helpful tool for better control and safety of your pet. These collars consist of metal links joint together. These metallic links are adjustable and very simple to attach and detach according to the size you require.

Prong collars have an edge over other collars as they distribute the whole pressure of pull around their neck, unlike all other collars.

Some people think these collars harm your canine giving him excessive pain but believe me, it all depends upon yourself. If your canine makes the moments annoying when you want to play with him then you should have to go with a prong collar for its training.

  • Be fully acknowledged of the proper use and its method.
  • Know the purposes behind the usage of prong collars; safety and correction.
  • Not use if your pooch is already responding well to your commands.

Do you want to try a prong collar?

If you really want to use this helping tool, just follow these steps:

  • Keep in mind the collar should be properly fit to your canine’s neck. It must neither snug too much as to choke your canine nor it should be too loose to slip out of its neck.
  • When you put a prong collar on your dog’s neck, don’t keep it at the base of your dog’s neck as your dog has greater strength here and can pull it easily. The best position for that collar is right below the ears of your pooch at the jawline.

This gives you better control over your pooch. Is it in your control?

  • The next step is how to introduce a prong collar politely to your pet. It is so much easy. Just put the collar in its neck and give it a gentle pull as much as your pooch turns in the direction of the pull.

Remember though this step you are giving your pooch a sensation, if your canine feels any pain, it will no longer wear that kind of collar.

  • In the next step, you have to teach your four-legged companion how to walk and stop using a prong collar. Just walk with your canine and stop suddenly. Your pooch will move forward a bit but will stop as the collar exerts pressure.

This step will give your pooch a signal to follow you. It will not stop if you do not do this training properly.

How to use a Dog training collar

Behold that, your hand should be static not moving, this resonates with your canine that you are doing nothing wrong but it is your friend itself.

These simple steps are very useful if you want to use a prong collar.

How to use E-Collars?

E-Collars are purely a modern invention. Although many dogs keeper are confused about whether to use these collars or not yet these can be a very helpful and effective tool in order to control your naughty canine for its own safety.

These collars have a wireless walkie-talkie and a box with two prongs attached to a collar. When you press the button, your pooch gets a vibration-type static shock.

You should just learn the proper use of these collars and if you have an aggressive dog then it is the most important thing for you to learn its use. Here are some important suggestions if you want to use these collars;

  • The most important thing is the size of the collar. You know these collars have prongs to deliver the shock. You have to buy a perfect and fit collar whose prongs just touch your pet’s neck.
  • Then you have to make your pooch accustomed to that collar as it feels comfortable with the collar. You should walk and play with your canine wearing this collar in order to give him a perception that this collar is its companion.
  • After that, you must start the proper use of the E-Collar with the lowest stimulus. You have to choose the minimum level of shock which your canine can feel.
  • Afterward, just take start your dog’s training with the basic command that he is already familiar with. For example, “sit”. Say your canine “sit” and give it a vibration through the collar until it sits.
  • Always give your puppy positive reinforcement and treat it whenever it obeys your command. You can also praise your dog verbally.
Basic Commands to Teach your Dog

How do you praise your canine?

you have to be more vigilant while using E collar
  • Behold that you must use E-collar along with verbal commands that your canine is familiar with.

Keep following these steps. I assure you, E-Collar will make your canine’s life safe.

How to use Martingale dog Collar

These collars are also well known these days also known as limited-pressure collars. Martingular collars are just like simple flat collars but with a little bit more addition.

They have an extra loop that is connected with metal rings to the main collar.

These collars are also available in different sizes and fashions.

Martingular collars are safer and give you extra control over your canine because of a smaller loop.

Your pooch gets more pressure whenever it pulls back or tries to slip out of it. That enables you to control your hound easily. Due to extra contraction, these collars do not allow your dog to come out of them.

For which breeds are martingale collars designed?

Martingular collars are designed especially for dogs having small size heads. For example, Sighthounds, Greyhounds, and Rescue dogs have thin heads and necks because for that reason it does not slip out of your pet’s neck.

Martigular collars can also be used for dogs who fear leashes or unhabitual pulling. These collars stop them because of their larger pressure.

So, overall these collars are safe as they exert limited pressure on the neck not to choke it completely.

How to use it?

Following these instructions you can use a Martingular collar properly;

  • Choose a perfect-sized collar for your pet. Now the question is;

how to measure your dog’s neck?

Remember that most people do mistakes measuring the size. The important thing is if your pet’s neck is larger than its head then you have to measure its neck size and if the head is bigger then always measure its head.

  • Just slide the collar over your dog’s neck. It should be loose enough that your fingers can get through it easily.
  • If the collar has a buckle, just open the buckle and put it in your canine’s neck.
  • The position of the collar also matters a lot. The right position is high up the neck just behind the ears. This gives you perfect control.
  • Then attach a leash to D-Ring.
martingale collar using tip

Keep in mind, you should not pull continuously as it causes constant pressure and can give your pooch a bit of pain. Just a single tug on a leash is better to control your pet.

How to use Flat Collars

Flat collars or regular collars are the simplest dog collars. These collars consist of a belt and a buckle to adjust the size.

Nowadays, you can also find flat collars with two buckles; first to adjust the size of the collar and second to put the collar off and on your pet’s neck.

There is a D-ring to attach a leash. You can also hang different tags, medical cards, and fashionable names on these collars.

These collars are considered best for daily use because you can adjust these collars easily. These collars are available in a large variety of sizes and materials so you can easily choose a collar that suits your canine.

Essential instructions to use a flat collar?

  • The first and foremost step is how to get a perfect measurement. You can take measurements with soft and flexible measurement tape easily or take a string and measure your pet’s neck. Then lay down the string straight and measure its length.
  • Use the “two fingers rule” for a perfect collar. The collar should be snug as your two fingers can slide between the neck and the collar easily. It should feel a little bit tight on your fingers.
  • If you don’t get a perfect size i.e, you get confused between two perfect sizes like 16 and 17. In this situation, you can order an adjustable-sized collar for canines
  • If you will pull your pooch wearing a flat collar then you are at a big mistake. In this way, you are actually teaching your pooch to pull back.
  • Another point is that you must put off the collar while your canine is playing with other dogs.
i think flat collar is more easy to used


You must follow the instructions manual properly whenever you want to use a dog training collar.

However, If you still don’t understand, then you must consult with someone professional or at least with anyone who is familiar to use these collars.

 In my opinion, you are the trainer of your pooch and you must have knowledge about the collar you want to use for your canine.

Because now, there are a lot of new brands and modern collars available in the market. keep yourself in touch with these items and collect comprehensive information before using them.

Hopefully, you have got a full perception of the query, how to use a dog training collar?

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