How To Train A Pitbull To Attack? 13 Easy Steps and Guidelines




How to train Pitbull to attack on command


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It is a ubiquitous question by Pitbulls owners, how to train pitbull to attack? Several of them ask only for information that helps train their best friend.

Nowadays, it’s become a far-famed profession to coach Pitbulls and puppies for domestic use yet for special functions.

How to train A Pitbull to attack?

I will strive my best to give you a satisfactory answer to the query, which gets the most effective steps at the front is how to train a Pitbull to attack.

Pitbulls’ training is often socialization to the domestic surroundings, essential obedience coaching or coaching for specialized activities as well as enforcement, search and rescue, hunting, help to individuals with disabilities, diversion, dog sports, detection, and protective individuals or property.

Why ought you to train your pet?

Have you ever thought, “What are the advantages of training your pet?

Take a glance at that:

1: Getting to understand one another

When you create a training session in your daily routine together with your dog, it helps each of you get to grasp all concerning one another.

Training helps you to spend time with your best friend in a productive and positive approach that may foster love and respect.

Don’t forget to incorporate all members of your family within the training. Your dog must generalize those coaching skills and perceive they’re needed around everyone, not simply you.

Have you ever tried to coach your dog together with your family?

2: Socialization

Dogs are social animals; however, to be social within human society, they need to behave in acceptable ways around individuals and different animals as well.

Teaching a dog how to act around individuals includes skills like not jumping, not begging, running around out of them, showing aggression, and so on.

Have you noticed your dog in a public place? If yes, then how was his behavior?

This helps to make a far calmer interaction and surroundings for everyone. Once a dog gets social skills, it will adjust to every place or every activity.

No one likes to deal with or associate with an unruly dog.

3: Fitting In

Dealing with a dog that misbehaves in a social place with traits like aggression, disorder, chewing, or excessive barking is challenging and embarrassing for you and others around you.

A naughty dog is typically not welcome in someone else’s home or place of business.

I often keep checking the behavior of my dog. Do you do that?

4: Boundaries and Limits

It is vital to determine boundaries and limits together with your dog. An uncontrollable dog isn’t pleasant to take with or move with.

Bad behavior is not suitable for you as well as for everyone.

You will have destroyed belongings and injuries when a dog doesn’t follow commands.

Setting boundaries and limits help your dog perceive what’s and isn’t acceptable behavior. Limits and boundaries tell them how to behave and what is wrong and right, as they are not born knowing this.

It depends upon us how we train them. In this case, it is not their fault but ours as they are just like pupils and we have to teach them.

5: Behavior changes

Training isn’t a rapid accomplishment. With each behavior and each activity, the proper ways to behave or answer cues or commands might not be learned in one session.

Training takes repetition, praise, and rewards to accomplish every goal.

You might get to repeat the lesson again and again. On the approach, you will notice that your coaching ways ought to be altered by your dog and residential environment. However, consistency and repetition are vital, not solely from you but from your friends and family.

Do you train your dog with consistency?

What are the essential and basic guidelines for training a pitbull?

You are at a mistake if you think it is a straightforward query. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of fascinating psychological techniques used in the training process?

First, you have to learn the list of commands and hand signals to teach your canine.

Let’s take a tour of that training world;

Basic pitbull obedience (sit, stay, and down)

First, train your pitbull on three basic steps: sit, stay, and keep down.

This is very simple; usually, every pet owner does it unconsciously. Doesn’t your dog obey you? If it is yours, then surely yes, it is.

1: Reward

Do you remember when you were a child, you did something and your parents gave you some sweets? Certainly, yes And what was your response? You certainly thought, “They are happy because I did something good.” This is called “Reward”.The same is the case with everything in this world.

Pitbulls and other pets are always trained using a reward trick. For instance, for the first time, you shouted “Attack,” pointing towards something, and he didn’t.

Then you again tried that, and luckily, he attacked this time. Then you give him something he likes; he will surely do the same act whenever you call him because of the reward you offer.

So do you know which is the favorite thing of your pitbull?

 most effective way to train a pitbull
Pitbull training with rewards

There are two types of Rewards; PHYSICAL and TREAT. In PHYSICAL reward, you may be touching its nose, rubbing and patting its back. But in TREAT, you may give it something to eat, like wet food or anything he likes.

2: Understanding your pitbull

It is almost the most essential thing you must know about your best friend. If you want to train your pet, you must thoroughly understand and practically participate in his favorite activities to bond with him.

It would be best if you understood his favorite play, his rest time when he is ready to understand, and when he is lazy.

This knowledge is crucial for every pet trainer, and you may acquire that knowledge if you have a complete understanding of your pet.

3: Engagement with command

Have you ever tried to say something to your dog? If yes, has he obeyed your command? If yes, then good; if “NO,” your pitbull is unfamiliar with your command.

You must work regularly to make it familiar to him but remember you must use the reward technique.

Otherwise, the situation may be funny as well as disastrous. For instance, a thief came into your house, and you called your pitbull to “ATTACK,” but he remained in his den watching the situation like a movie.

Technological advancement has made it easier to train a Pitbull using an advanced shock training collar. Using it does not make it more challenging to train your Pitbulls.

4: Concentration and focus of dog

Well, this is also a significant factor affecting pet training. If you are trying to train your pitbull, you must catch the right moment when he is completely attracted to you.

If he is not focused on you, then you must wait for the right moment to give a command.

You must also be attentive and alert to notice your dog’s attention.

Otherwise, maybe you are watching your pet, and he is watching around, and right at the next moment, he is watching you, and you are busy on your cell phone. So, you both should be attentive.

5: Patience

Another essential tip for you is to keep patience and not rush. It is not a mechanical machine in which you feed the commands, and it starts working correctly. It would be best if you took your time.

If you have a puppy, Pitbull, you should train him with a soft and kind heart. And use a training collar that is more comfortable for him.

What are the simple steps to train a pitbull to attack? pitbull attack training

It is time to tell you simple and practical steps to train your pitbull, especially for “ATTACK.”

Many steps and methods are used to train a pitbull to attack, but I will tell you only fourteen simple, easy, and typical steps to train your pet.

These fourteen steps can be easily performed anywhere, whether you are a common man at home or a professional trainer in an institution.

So, are you ready to train your pet? Let’s start;

how to train pitbull to attack on command?
How to train pitbull to attack?

1: Wear Gloves

Wear a glove that covers not just your hand but your entire arm because sometimes, maybe, your pet misses the target and then? So, keep yourself safe to train your pitbull.

2: Sit the pet down

Yes, now sit your pet down and catch its attention.

3: Enrage your pet

After setting the pet down, tap it on the face with the glove in your arm and continue doing until your pet attacks the glove in anger.

Now, do you understand why you must wear an arm-long glove on your hand?

So, you have to make it enraged; otherwise, nothing will happen if you keep standing in front of him all day.

4: Say the Command “ATTACK.”

As soon as your pet attacks the glove on your hand, say “ATTACK” loudly. This is very important to use the correct command at the right time.

5: Show your happiness

Yes, this seems ridiculous, but you must do this to get better results. You must praise the dog verbally and physically by patting or rubbing to show your Pitbull that you are happy.

6: Internalize the command “ATTACK.”

Now, repeat steps 3-5. Again enrage your pet, say the command “ATTACK” loudly, and show your happiness.

Repeat this several times until you are sure your dog understands the command “ATTACK” means.

7: Increase the distance

After ensuring that your pitbull has understood the meaning of the command “ATTACK,” stand at a distance away from him and shout “ATTACK” again.

See how it responds. Remember that if your pet has not understood the meaning of your command “ATTACK,” it will surely respond well; otherwise, you have to repeat the previous steps.

8: Take a break

Take a break to reward your pet again for understanding your command “ATTACK.”

If you have reached this stage, your next steps will be easy. Otherwise, you have to keep on repeating steps 3-6.

9: Repeat steps 7-8

Repeat steps 7-8 for five to seven times more to internalize your pet the command “ATTACK fully.”

Have you ever tried anything like this at your home with your pet? Did he remember your commands?

10: Attack on the intruder

Now, it’s time to show your pitbull how to attack an intruder. For this purpose, place a considerable doll or caricature (dummy) human near your pet. Then point towards the “FAKE INTRUDER,” shout the command “ATTACK,” and check your pet’s response.

11: Reward and repeat

If your pet remains successful, reward your dog with treats or another way. Repeat step 10 times, placing your “FAKE INTRUDER” at various points and pointing at it each time, and shout the command “ATTACK.”

Did you notice something? What is the most important technique which is repeated again and again?

Yes, “REWARD” it is. The reward acts like a stimulus arousing a will in the pet’s heart to do the same thing at which he gets the prize.

12: Get a real man

Now your pet has been tired of attacking dummy humans. He is feeling bored and wants a change, a REAL HUMAN to attack.

This is a funny but dangerous step.

You have to get someone to act as an intruder. Remember, you must use someone whose face is unfamiliar to your pitbull.

When you will try this step, keep the man safe who is acting as an intruder; otherwise, the consequences may be horrible.

13: Real action

After getting an actual human intruder, you must point towards the “INTRUDER” and loudly command your pet to attack.

Repeat the previous step.

Repeat step 13 but while the dog is going for the intruder, shout the command “STOP” to see if he will obey that command by you. Keep in mind “STOP” command will also be sued there, where you will use the command “ATTACK” as these two commands coexist.

So, finally, with these easy and simple steps, you will successfully transform your pitbull into a “SELFLESS GUARD PET.”


So now, I hope you have found a comprehensive answer to your question about How To Train A Pitbull To Attack.

If you follow these simple steps, you may train your pet. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to train your pitbull at your home or you are a professional instructor or trainer.

For me, these steps seem to be pretty straightforward. You have to focus on the main things, which are;

  • Concentrate
  • Build understanding with your pitbull.
  • Engagement with your pet
  • Reward
  • Take your time
  • Stay consistent

Just follow these steps to train your pitbull. The more you repeat those steps, the more will be the results.

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