What to mix with dry dog food?

What to mix with dry dog food?

You are used to feeding your dog dry dog food in traditional ways. Have you ever thought that what to mix with dry dog food? To make them more delicious and appealing.

So, first, let’s count the mere benefits of kibble to your dog’s health. Isn’t it the easiest way to have them on your fingertips right now?

Kibble maintains your dog’s oral health, cheaper than wet food, easy to store, less mess, takes a little place for storage. No doubt, they leave multiple pros on your pet’s health.

But, take a deep breath here and think, can you live your life on a single diet? Well, of course, not….

What to mix with dry dog food?

Let’s make our friend’s diet tastier than ever by knowing what to mix with dry dog food?

Adding liquid to kibble

Dry dog food, the word ‘’DRY’’ here really means dry. Let me explain the reason behind it. Actually, most vets give a tip to place a bowl of water right near the feeding bowl.

This is for a reason, as, kibble makes your dog dehydrated whenever he takes the meal. And for the other reason, kibble makes your dog-hating it.

So, to take over this situation add ¼ cup (59 ml) of water in the kibble before serving.

wet kibble is easily edible for dogs

You can either serve it right after putting water as a gravy or let the kibble soak all the water in it. It all depends on your dog’s taste.

Advantages of doing this are;


NOTE HERE: Do not put wet kibble for a long time outside as it starts to spoil like wet dog food.

Adding broth with low sodium

Want to be a master chef for your canine?

Want to make his boring kibble transform into something new?

Yup, you can for sure.

No, I am not buttering you. You will be following these instructions.

You can pick up chicken or beef for this purpose or stock cubes are also perfect. Always put broth on the top of the food.

adding broth to the kibble

Here is the procedure:

  • To prepare the simplest broth at home, get a cooked whole chicken, 3 chopped fresh carrots, 3 chopped fresh potatoes into a container and add water (fill the container).

Put that container on stoke and let it boil for 2 hours. After that separate the chicken and vegetables and you can use them for two weeks.

  • You can use the leftovers after every meal. Both warm and cold broth can be utilized.

But warm broth will make more aroma in the meal.

  • Avoid adding too much salt in the dog’s meal as it can cause damage to the kidney.

Adding eggs to dogs meal

Do you remember you are forced to eat eggs in childhood?

You were given half-cooked eggs each day to meet your body protein needs.

Adding egg to your dog’s meal can solve your query regarding what to mix dog dry food? And it’s the simplest way to add more new variety to kibble.

adding eggs into kibble

Moreover, they are excellent for the dog’s skin and coat. Eggs are enriched with fatty acids, amino acids, and proteins.

Should we remove the eggshell before serving?

Yes, you must

That’s all.

Is the quantity of eggs vary with the size of the dog?

Of course, an egg contains about 70 calories which are apt for a bog or medium-sized dog. But coming to the smaller dogs give ½ of the egg.

Adding simple boiled chicken

Many people acknowledged that by simply mixing boiled chicken into kibble makes it more appealing.

adding boiled chicken into the kibble
  • Simply boils the chicken and cut into eatable pieces.
  • Mix the chicken into the kibble properly.
  • Don’t use any type of additives.

Adding fruits and vegetables

I think you have forgotten something…

Let me remind you, that is feeding more kibble to your dog.

Was not it?

Adding different types of things are just serving their purpose to enhance the dish and change its texture.

Like blueberries, banana, apples, cantaloupe, carrots, kale, broccoli, parsley, pumpkin, mushrooms.

adding vegetables into the kibble
  • Always make sure that which fruit or vegetable is toxic for a dog. For this purpose, you can google it or call your vet.
  • Change a variety of fruits and vegetables each day. Make combos of both and serve them with kibble.

Adding no-fat, no-sugar yogurt

Use only no-fat, no-sugar yogurt with the meal. Put it in the bowl, so that, it may not damage kibble or not your dog only eat yogurt.

Varying with the size, 59 ml of yogurt would be appropriate for a small dog. And for bigger one 120 ml is enough.

  • If your dog is allergic to dairy products then not give it this, as it may cause the same damage.


Coming towards the conclusion, I always say in my writings that each and every tactic depends on your dog’s nature and taste. And no one would know this better than you.

I hope this article will help you make your dog love kibble and help you regarding what to mix with dry dog food?


Naina Anuman

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