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Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

If you have already tired and spent dollars buying the chewing-resistant dog beds, then it is the pat article for such dog owners. In a dog’s entire life span of 10-12 years, they always develop a habit of chewing. You might have noticed chewing their toys, balls, remote control, etc. time to time. Dog beds are no exception. For you as a dog parent, it becomes a tiresome task to control your pet.

There are several reasons why pets can chew things. For instance, if they are small, they have a teething habit. Many times, dogs chew things if they are bored or suffering from anxiety. You have to train your dog with their growing age. Buying the best chew proof dog bed is a solution for your dog that has such chewing issues. These dog beds are abrasive resistant. The material of these beds is strong enough to withstand the chewing habit of your loving pet.

In this article, we will discuss reviews of the 5 best chew proof dog beds, which are in demand. We will also present detailed buying guide tips that will help you to buy the suitable product from the list below;

In a Hurry? Pick The Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

The ideal chew proof dog bed is here. You will love the aluminum framing to secure your dog well. Moreover, once you start using this dog bed, you will notice how your pet struggles to chew the bed corners. The robust built, affordable range, and varied size availability make this dog bed highly demanding amongst users.

Comparison Chart For Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

Below is a comparison chart containing the prominent features of the best chew-proof dog beds.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

Now that you have decided to invest in a chewing-proof dog bed, you may be going through a hard task to choose the one. Various and varied chew proof dog beds are available in the market. Here we will present a detailed buying guide, which will help you understand the product you need. Moreover, you can choose your desired chew proof dog bed from the list mentioned above.


Dogs have different shapes and sizes. They do not have fixed sizes like the cats. Therefore, there will be different dig beds available. You need to measure your dog’s size first. Again, dogs have various sleeping habits too. The small pups sleep while curling up. Hence, you can always choose 20 inches more than the original dog size while choosing the chew proof dog bed.


You know already that dogs tend to chew their toys or even beds. Not every chewer is the same. They have their chewing patterns. For this reason, you have to notice your pet’s behavioral pattern. Small puppies tend to nibble, and that is a temporary habit. Hence, you can choose dog beds that are less destructive. On the other hand, big dogs can chew more, so go for strong dog beds with great chew resistance.

Waterproof Quality

Any and every dog parents love the dog beds clean. If you are purchasing a water-resistant dog chewing bed, then it will keep the bed tidy. There are fewer chances of bad odor from the bed. There are times when the dog bed is not clean, or any pungent smell comes out.

The little pup goes and starts digging bed. Usually, the pup does it to understand the source of the smell. Hence, if the bed is clean already, they will not do this activity. Therefore, the water resistance capacity of the chew beds should be present.

Orthopedic Benefits

Many senior dogs have joint problems or arthritis. Again, if your dog has recently gone through any surgery, it might be going through pain. You have to keep in mind their chewing tendency too. Therefore, purchasing orthopedic dog beds that have immense chewing resistance can be an advantage for you. These beds are superb for providing ample support to the joints. Your pet will not feel any pain.

Certification & Safety

Before buying the chewing-proof dog beds, kindly check if that is certified or not. The products, which are certified by CertiPUR-US, are always best. In this context, the safety of the ingredients used in the bed needs to be checked too. Read the label while purchasing the bed. You will get an idea about the chemical-free or natural substances used in the bed. If your pet has an allergy to chemicals, then you can opt for natural chew beds.

Material Built

You have to decide which material or component of the chew bed you will present to your loving pet. Mostly nylon, polyester, and cotton are mixed with foam to construct these dog beds. We advise our readers to opt for the lightweight and breathable texture of the material. The prime advantage of using such beds is less suffocation, and it keeps the body temperature of your pet stable.

Make sure the bed components should be sturdy enough to resist chewing. PVC canvas materials have better strength quality that your dogs will not make any hole in such dog beds.

Zippers & Edges

When you consider buying an ultimate chew proof dog bed, make sure there are fewer buttons, zippers, edges, and seams. These things are easy for any dog to chew. Hence avoiding these features is better.


Never compromise with your budget. You can always check the online sites and compare the process of chew beds for dogs. There are different options available in the market as well. Comparing and checking the prices can fetch you the best suitable product. Moreover, there are many offers and discounts that you can avail of online.


Buying the chew proof dog bed that comes with a manufacturer warranty is always advantageous. Therefore, if you have received any broken or defective product, you can ask for a refund or replacement. Mostly the popular brands of chew proof dog beds come with a 180-day warranty. In these first 180 days, if you are not satisfied with the dog bed, they can replace it for free.

Importance Of Chew Proof Dog Bed

You already know the tips before buying the chew proof dog beds. Probably you have already decided from the above list which product to invest in by now. Here are few advantages of chew proof dog beds;

Every dog has a unique habit of sleeping. Few curls up. On the other hand, few dogs sleep on their stomach. Hence, to provide proper alignment of the spine and joints, chew proof dog beds are beneficial.

Every dog chews whatever they get in front of them. Therefore, you, as a dog parent, should be cautious about their health and safety. They bite or nibbles the dog beds. Therefore investing in a normal dog bed will never be a good decision for you. A strong chew resistance bed can solve your problem. Moreover, there are specific chew resistances in different beds. You can choose according to while purchasing one.

The chew proof dog bed comes in various sizes. Therefore, you can select the extra large chew proof dog beds for the senior or elder dogs and smaller ones for the pups.

The padding line on the chew beds for dogs ensures considerable durability. Therefore, you will not face much difficulty washing the dog beds and the chew proof dog bed covers.

Beds According To The Types Of Chewing Habits Of Your Dogs

There can be several reasons why your pet chews their beds; here are a few possible reasoning;

Pups love to tear apart the beds from every side. It is mainly because they go through teething. You can choose pup teether beds. Even latex dog beds also have decent resistance capacity for such cases.

Rough dogs are mainly aggressive. Their biting habit is stronger as compared to any other dog. Therefore, you have to find beds that have strong rubber built which is indestructible. You have to keep in mind such pets also can harm themselves when frustrated. Therefore, going for chew beds that have thick rope material is also better. Do not opt for latex or normal plush material.

Nervous Dogs suffer from tremendous anxiety. Hence, they develop a biting behavior or maybe chewing. There is always a reason behind anxiety or nervousness. You should consult your doctor first before buying the chew bed for your dog. However, memory foam can help your dog to calm down quickly. If there are any aromatherapy benefits from the soft cushion in the chew beds, you can invest in them.

Often dogs chew the bed out of boredom. In such cases, you can invest in any natural yet strong chew proof dog bed. Check the material built and abrasion resistance of the bed. Again, you should take your dog for a walk and exercise regularly to help them get out of their boring lifestyle.

Best Chew Proof Dog Bed Reviews

K9 Ballistics Chewing Resistant Aluminum Dog Bed

Best Overall

Expert Score

If you are searching for a strong dog bed that can remove your stress about your dog chewing beds, it is an apt product. The high-quality fabric and the elevated design of this bed make it any dog impossible to chew it apart.

Moreover, the design helps the loving pet stay at a normal temperature on summer days. The dog bed is ideal for air circulation purposes. There is aluminum framing on the bed top that can secure your dog.

Again, it is an advantage for standing against the strong chewing of your dogs. You can choose this bed for long-term durability and a strong design. The exterior metallic frame never lets the dog chew the bed thoroughly.

The elevated bed will help your dogs to relax and align their spine well. Therefore, if you have an elder dog with joint pain, it is the product for you. The support on the hips and joint is perfect. There is 5-inch foam support that you will get from this orthopedic foam. You can rely on this bed for the correct body posture alignment of your dog. Generally, this makes dogs active and healthy. Every dog parent loves a playful pet around them in the house.

Just wipe and clean the dog bed, and it will not even consume much of your time. It is because of the smooth ballistic fabric, which can take multiple washes smoothly without being chewed apart. The cover is removable.

Another amazing part is the 120 days warranty from the manufacturers with this bed. If you find any broken or damaged parts, simply contact the manufacturer. Again, if you do not like the product, it will be replaced.

Key Features
  • In the destructible, strong design of the dog bed
  • For chewing, nibbling, biting purpose, the resistance is high
  • Suitable for all dog crate size
  • Safe for your pets
  • Ideal for aggressive dogs
  • Easy to clean
  • 120-day manufacturer warranty
  • Fantastic durability
  • A night of Comfortable sleep for your pet is guaranteed
  • The indestructible bed for your dog
  • Fine waterproof quality
  • Available in all sizes
  • A preassembled dog bed arises; hence, you will not have to spend time assembling the product.
  • Affordable
  • It may not be suitable for large dog breeds. However, it has happened in very few cases.

The Paw & Pals Chewing-Proof Cool Medium Platform Dog Bed

Best Cooling Dog Chewing Bed For Anxiety

Expert Score

The brand has focused on the abrasive resistance of the bed and the comfort of your pet. You will love the innovative design of this chewable dog bed that will never allow your dog to chew it. The mesh fabric present in this dig bed component allows your pet to sleep at any temperature safely without getting too cold or hot.

It has a considerable amount of breathability. Assembling this dog bed is a no-hassle task. You will not rely on any technical person fir assisting you with the assembly process. There are screws that you can fasten when your little pet is sleeping, and the bed is ready.

The advantage of using this bed is you can place it anywhere inside or even outside of your house. This fabric has a beautiful water resistance capacity. Moreover, it has a metal frame on the exterior part that provides ample support to your pet.

The bed is extremely odor-free. You can wash it in a machine or simply hand wash it. Again, there is no way your pet can penetrate inside this fabric. The entire bed size is luxurious, and it has an aesthetic look. Therefore, you can match the room décor and keep it inside. Some dogs have anxiety issues and sleep disorders. You can rely on this bed for such problems.

Key Features
  • Smooth maintenance for a long time
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • Travel friendly due to lightweight
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Elevated shape and unique design
  • The superb cooling platform of this bed
  • Simply assemble without any hazard
  • The support bars of this bed is strong enough to fit large dogs
  • You can keep multiple pets inside this chewable dog bed
  • It helps to beat the anxiety and stress of your dog. They can comfortably sleep on this bed.
  • It may not be pocket-friendly. However, if you think about the high quality of this dog bed, then it is a value for money product.
  • The only color option available is grey.

Kuranda PVC Walnut Chew-proof Elevated Indoor Dog Bed

Best Waterproof Chew Proof Dog Bed

Expert Score

Present your furry friend this excellent quality elevated dog bed. It is a relief for all the dogs suffering from joint or hip pain. The dog bed is designed in a compact cot style. It secures your little pup well. Moreover, they can rest uniformly on the bed. The beds will provide equal pressure on the joints and hip areas.

These orthopedic beds are suitable for senior dogs too. The Cordura and canvas fabric inside the bed are hard for dogs to chew. It has tremendous scratch resistance. Moreover, the manufacturers are providing a 1-year warranty on the bed.

You will notice the regular pillow beds hold the odor and dirt for a long time. When investing in this waterproof chew dog bed, you can remain stress-free from dirt and cleaning. By simply wiping with water, you can clean this bed. Another advantage of this bed is it maintains the temperature and airflow.

Therefore, your pet’s body temperature will be maintained at an equal level. Moreover, this bed is ideal for sleeping at night. You can buy this bed if your dog is suffering from any emotional disorder or anxiety. It has a brilliant capacity to calm your dog and make him sleep anyway.

Key Features
  • PVC support is fantastic with an aluminum guard
  • Increase chewing resistance capacity
  • Ideal for orthopedic and senior dogs
  • It maintains the dog’s body temperature
  • Easy to maintain for long term
  • Warranty included for 1 year
  • The cot design is favorable for orthopedic problems
  • Convenient and comfortable for pets
  • Awesome durability for long term
  • The stability of this cot bed is superb
  • It can fit more than one dog
  • Easy to clean
  • PVC material is hard and chews resistance is lovely
  • Budget-friendly
  • Assembling the dog bed is hard at times. However, it is noticed in rare cases.

The Amazon Basic Elevated Cool Dog Bed

Best Orthopedic Chew Bed

Expert Score

The brand is famous for the production of reliable products at an affordable range. During summers, it becomes hard for humans to deal wi9th the hot temperature. It goes the same with your pets. They suffer a lot from sleep disorders due to the high-rise in temperatures. The manufacturers have focused on this part of body temperature control and designed an excellent chew dog bed. It comes in different sizes and shapes to fit the demand of all dogs.

The mesh cover lining of this bed is strong enough. No matter how much your dog tries to chew it, the resistance is perfect. Again, the airflow and temperature regulation of this bed is nice.

You can raise the bed from the ground at 7 inches high. Therefore, it is easy for anyone to clean the bed and the ground.

Another important fact about this bed is you can place the bed anywhere you want. Both indoor and outdoor, you can place it. The lightweight bed is apt for traveling purposes too. You can assemble this bed with the help of screws. Therefore, you will not need any technical person to help you in setting up this bed.

The bed design is cot styled. It secures the little pup well. Moreover, if the pup has any teetering issues in the growing age, they will not chew the bed entirely. It is an overall versatile chewing-proof dog bed, which you can buy for any sized dog. The no slipping cover of the chew bed makes it stable and strong for the dogs inside it.

Key Features
  • Mesh fabric built for extreme breathability
  • The elevation is possible until 7 inches or more from ground level
  • Wiping with tap water for cleaning purposes
  • Ideal for XL dogs
  • It can be placed anywhere on the floor. No floor scratches were noticed.
  • Portability is fine
  • Smooth to assemble
  • Long-lasting product
  • Waterproof capacity is awesome
  • The breathability and texture of mesh fabric are good. It controls the body temperature of your dog well.
  • Due to the cot style design, any dog size can fit well inside it. There are fewer chances of falling off of the bed.
  • You may find this product a bit expensive as compared to others. However, you can rely on the exclusive quality of this dog bed.
  • In few cases, people have found it difficult to set up the bed. It is not a con.

Veehoo Durable Aluminum Chewing Resistant Dog Bed

Best Long Lasting Chew Proof Dog Bed

Expert Score

Bring home this wonderful and comfortable chew proof dog bed for your pooch today. The lovely design is perfect for the canine friend. IT ensures maximum comfort while sleeping. Moreover, your dog can sleep well without suffering from any pain if they have an orthopedic history. Once you bring it, you will not have to stress about the placement. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

Another benefit of using this dog bed is the rustproof oxford fabric. There is a hard steel coating at the exterior part for providing extra support to the bed. However, it is lightweight and provides considerable portability. If you are planning for any outdoor camping or trips, you can carry this chewing bed with you.

The brand has focused on the dog’s security and built an anti collapsible set on the bed. It will not let your dog fall while playing or sleeping. The surface area of this bed is highly resistant to fleas and ticks. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the dog’s health and hygiene. For aggressive chewers, it is the ideal bedding option to go for.

To maintain this raised chew proof dog bed, you will not have to spend hours. You can wash in the machine with mild detergent. If there are mud clots during the rainy season, simply brush them off. You can simply assemble this dog bed without any screws or hard tools. By simple plug-in technique, the bed starts working.

Key Features
  • Elevated design for spine and joint support
  • Mesh fabric with aluminum protection
  • Unique and durable design
  • Smooth assemble without any additional tool
  • Easy to travel for camps and trips; it has a lightweight
  • It is available in many sizes.
  • The mesh fabric is highly breathable and has no slipping benefits
  • The steel design provides great durability
  • It has a decent waterproof resistance as well
  • Affordable
  • Few users have faced issues in assembling the dog bed. However, if you follow the instructions correctly, it will be a piece of cake for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


It does not matter whether you have a cute puppy or a senior dog; a chew-resistant dog bed is always a convenient product to invest in. Your dog can sleep nicely and play with their toys in the strong chew bed. The chewing pads in these beds are safe for your dogs. Once they get used to chewing the dog beds but cannot succeed, they lie down and sleep comfortably. The above-mentioned best chew proof dog beds are of high quality and are budget-friendly.

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