Why is my cat so hungry all the time? | Causes & Remedies

why is my cat so hungry all the time

Some pet takers often have a question in mind that why is my cat so hungry all the time?

Do you know who is the world’s most fat man? Let me tell you he was Jon Brower Minnoch from the US with a weight of 442 kg. Can you imagine a human with this weight?

That’s what food does to you if not taken properly.

You may notice your cat’s hunger in your feet whining, begging, and making such an adorable movement that you can’t resist giving him more food.

But, wait here…

Why is my cat so hungry all the time?

Have you ever thought about the reason behind, why is my cat so hungry all the time?

Because this behavior lies in the category of abnormality if your cat does so. It can lead to some physical and psychological problems also.

Hey buddy…

I have explained some logical reasons behind your often cat’s hunger. So, I can help you to save your pet’s health from this on.

There are some conditions regarding food intake and its aftereffects. Like your cat is vomiting, losing weight, eating quickly, or stealing food from the table.

Your cat is eating more but still losing weight

Hey Folk…

If your cat is eating too much but still losing weight then it’s time to take some serious actions for your pet.

No doubt your feline has some disease that he is suffering from.

Here are five reasons why this is happening to your cat.

Let’s together have a look.

1: Parasites

Are you feeding your cat commercially prepared food?

Well, most of the pet takers do this.

But, a cat in any breed is a carnivore and love to kill and eat any possible and eatable animal or in specific conditions rotten animals if in approach. For example, mice and birds.

From these sources, your cat can get fleas resulting in getting worms or parasites.

To avoid it you can prepared your cat food at home.

How do I know my cat has worms?

Cats usually don’t catch worms but if they do, notice these things like eating more food than normal, poor coat quality, sickness or diarrhea. And your cat could be got some allergy scabs on its body as well.

How can I treat parasites?

There are some tablets, powders, and pastes for this purpose. Given to cats by mixing with meals or treats. Use them according to your vet’s guide.

2: Diabetes

Let me tell you diabetes in simple words.

Actually, diabetes does not let your pancreas produce insulin, as a result, your body can’t break and digest glucose from digested food.

The same happens in your cat’s case. Your cat lacks the energy needed for normal functioning.

What are the signs showing that my cat has diabetes?

  • Immediate weight loss.
  • More eating
  • Frequent urination.
  • Vomiting
  • Increased thirst.

How can I treat this?

If you want to treat it naturally then feed your cat green peas, sweet potatoes, and potatoes to overcome this. If you want to treat it more properly then take a visit to your vet.

That is why i am so hungry all the time
That is why i am so hungry all the time

3: Hyperthyroidism

Cats have thyroid glands when they function over actively, hyperthyroidism can cause overeating.

What are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism?

  • Weight loss.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting
  • Increased heart rate.

What is the treatment of it?

Medication can be done to treat this disease. Follow your vet’s instructions and give meds as suggested.

4: Intestinal cancer

This can be another reason for weight loss. Get your cat in the car and go to the nearest vet.

5: Old age

Do you have your grandparents at home?

Or any other old fellow you know?

They get diseases more likely as compared to young ones.

Am I right here?

The same goes for your feline fellow. In old age, they may intake more food but many other diseases as mentioned above can lead to weight loss also.

6: The food you are giving is not fulfilling your cat’s need

Well, who does not eat fast food in this century?

Its no doubt a mouthwatering food but it does not fulfill our nutritional needs. You get obese and lazy after eating it. You also find yourself hungry again after half an hour.

Your cat might smell anything you open at home and coming into your feet rolling itself around. Actually, the poor quality food you are giving to your cat is not meeting the needs she requires.

That’s why she needs something to get into his belly to get his muscles active. So, make sure to give your cat food which is a properly healthy and nutritional filled diet.

7: Your cat is suffering from depression

Have you watched Kung Fu Panda?

An animated cartoon movie in which the protagonist named ‘’PO’’ eats whenever he gets depressed.

It really happens in cats’ case as I have a friend near my house who experienced this too.

He left his cat for two weeks in his friend’s house as he arranged a trip to another city. On his arrival, his cat whose name was ‘’BOBO” had been told about BOBO’s overeating as compared to his usual routine.

But interestingly only after a week, BOBO got completely recovered from depression as he was then living with his caretaker.

How intelligent animals are…


8: Your feline wants your attention

In many cases, cats are ignored in our daily busy routines. They are super intelligent and want our time and company.

If your cat does meowing and whining then it means that he wants food as a substitute for your attention. As mentioned above it develops in the same way as depression.

yes this can be happens

Do you want to know the aptest response to this?

Here it just ignores them, believe me…

If you respond to him every call he will come to you after every short interval. No one can give each call response in this hectic routine of the day.

Make sure you do not ignore them completely as it can lead to depression. Give your time but not all day.

9: Your cat is pregnant

This can be a rare case though. If you have a female cat in the home then probably, she would interact with some other cats around her surroundings including males and females.

The chance of getting pregnant is obvious. Like humans, pregnant females need more nutrients and food after getting pregnant.

Signs of pregnancy

  • Swollen Belly
  • Darkened Nipples, After three weeks of cat’s pregnancy her nipples begin to darken and swollen. Most vets term this sign as ‘’Pinking Up’’.
  • Morning Sickness, As like humans, cats may fell ill occasionally in this condition.
  • Nesting

You may have a quick question here that;

After how many months the cat gives birth?

Interestingly, around about 2 months, cats give birth to many kittens.

10: Cat is eating too quickly and vomiting

Sometimes your cat may eat like he has not eaten anything for years.

As cats nourish with time their fur also the groom. Quite often, during the eating meal, the fur may intact with food and go directly into the digestive tract, when the cat licking her fur.

These are called ‘’Hair Balls’’. Hairballs get stuck in the stomach and in the intestines making cats vomit after taking food.

Do you know what is the only way for cats to get it out?

This is no doubt vomiting…

The food which is taken in his hunger may come out as a whole as it was taken.

How can I prevent vomiting?

Here are some tips to help you to minimize the risk of vomiting.

  • Slow down the speed of intake when your cat is eating. This can be done by giving your cat meals in small chunks. You can serve the food on a plate rather in a bowl.
  • The other way to prevent quick intake during his hunger is to take your cat to vet on a daily bases. Smart advice of cats can solve your problem regarding why is my cat so hungry all the time?
  • The other technical way to prevent fast eating is to place an object like a normal size tennis ball into the bowl. This will force the cat to eat from the sides of the object even in hunger.
  • To lessen the risk of poisoning keeps all medicines, chemicals out of the range of your cat. Animals are like children they don’t know what to eat or not.

So, it’s your duty to do so. Never let your cat go in the garage.

  • If you want to prevent hairballs, brush properly your cat with advanced models. Or use hairball-reducing foods so that your cat might develop the risk of vomiting.


Hey Friend…

I hope that you have gotten the answer to your often cat hunger.

Want to know the most important thing?

It is your cat’s behavior after all that will let you think about himself or herself. Always take a sharp look at your cat’s doing.

If you can’t focus on your cat’s behavior then you are not going to figure it out by yourself.

If you are not getting your cat’s behavior then instantly call your nearest vet.

Kasim Kittiban

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