Wet or Dry Food for kittens? Food Types and Diet

wet or dry food for kittens?

Once you have decided to pet a cat, perhaps the most crucial thing is to care for its diet. As we know, cats are obligate carnivores, which means their nutrition relies on meat consumption. And their sensitive digestive system rejects almost everything except meat if consumed in excess amounts. That is why we largely depend on safe, store-bought cat foods for our feline’s sustenance.

Now, with so many types of food available in the market, we often find ourselves in a dilemma to choose which one is the right one. I always hear from friends that should they choose:

Wet or dry food for kittens?

Both foods are excellent to feed to your kitten. Your kitten needs a proper diet enriched with minerals, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Wet or dry food is being fed to many kittens all across the world and they do complete the requirement of needed nutrients for kittens’ bodies.

Let’s find out which food is more beneficial for kittens.

I will try my best to answer your question of whether wet or dry food for kittens and will share my honest experience of it.

Why wet food?

Feeding your kitten, a wet diet is no doubt an excellent meal. Because it is full of moisture which kittens need. About 75-80% of water is present in each intake.

I think you are interested in finding out some major advantages to it.

Isn’t it?

Plenty of water

Believe it or not, about 75% of wet food is water. It makes your kitten hydrated and keeps the urinary tract super healthy.

Awesome texture

Have you seen your cat running all the way to get wet food when served?

If it’s not then you are surely feeding your kitten other than wet food.

Wet food smells really mouthwatering. My cat yearns for it whenever the time of feeding comes.

Easy to chew

Wet food has really a soft texture which makes it swallow with more comfort. If accidentally a kitten loses her teeth then it will provide more comfort to it.

Provides more protein and fats and fewer carbs

Cats are carnivores, so they need more protein content than other pet animal species. Wet food provides an excellent source of protein.

 As it builds the muscles of their body, scarcity of it can also cause muscle loss.

Like me, you have also heard many advantages of proteins, not the disadvantages. Isn’t it amazing?

Yeah, it’s perfectly true though.

Another favor that protein does is that it restrains your kitten from constipation.

Have you thought why constipation?

Surely, for its more water content. It does not allow the lowering of water concentration in the kitten’s body.

Fats, on the other hand, make the coat shinier.  And it comprises fewer carbohydrates as well.

Prevents overeating

Many studies have concluded that wet food prevents overeating in kittens. Besides it is full of water, more protein concentration is also a contributor to avoid overeating.

As it completes the nutritional needs of kittens.

By the way, you must also notice, does your cat feel hungry or overeating all the time, then you should meet your vet to keep your cat healthy.

Solves urinary tract issues

Specifically, in neutered males, this phenomenon usually occurs and makes your cat ill. Also, in the case of kittens, it does not allow any damage to the urinary tract.

Kidney stones and urinary tract infections are prohibited by using wet food.

All health is due to high water concentration.

More variety

Have you ever gotten tired of eating the same food every day?

Well, everyone becomes bored with it.

Same like humans, cats also become bored with the same food.

Wet food many of its textures and flavors don’t make kittens tired of it.

Each serving would be a delightful serving for your kitten.

dear wet food, you seem healthier for me

Why water is given the most importance?

Up to 60% of the human body is made of water. Same like this 60% of the cat’s body is also water. Water helps to regulate normal body functions like chemical reactions in the body, regulates temperature, maintains the urinary system, and also mobility.

What other essential nutrients wet food provide?

Wet food is highly digestible as compared to kibble. It fulfills all the desired needs of the body.

Other nutrients provided by wet food are:


It is crucially important in order to maintain skin, bones, and eyes. It also makes the immune system healthy.


Mainly supports tissues and increases the blood cell count.


It keeps the skin healthy.

What are the major cons of wet food?

Everything with many advantages has some disadvantages too.

Similarly, wet or canned food carries some cons too.

Shorter shelf life

Approximately, about 4 hours after opening it is safe for use.

More expensive

Wet or canned food is more costly compared to dry food. Spending more money will surely buy more health for your kitten.


Wet food involves no grinding activity. It is soft enough to swallow with almost no physical mouth activity.

Due to this, it cannot minimize tartar.

Why dry food?

I have also written some pros and cons of dry food too, to solve your confusion between wet or dry food for kittens?

I am not declaring dry food a bad meal as often people think. No doubt, it is too an excellent and budget-friendly meal for kittens.

Kibble too does provide essential nutrients to kittens like protein (but less than wet food), fat, and fibers.

Kibble is traditionally packaged in specific bags. They are provided to meet kittens’ nutritional and caloric needs.

Other dominant pros of dry food are as follow:

Food safety/free-feeding

Who is not involved in today’s hectic life?

This century has particularly made people busier than in former centuries. Everyone is busy getting a luxurious life.

Kibble has given us the possibility to save time. You can pour the kibble into a bowl and leave it all day long. This method is also known as ‘’free-feeding’’.  

Whenever your kitten feels hungry it can go and grab some kibble.

Note down:

“The bowl should be completely dry. Do not let kibble in touch with water, otherwise, it may contaminate with bacteria”.

Easy to store

Kibbles do not make a fuss. They can be served with more easy hands. You can also store it in the bags in which they come but, the best way is to keep them airtight to maintain them in the best condition.

For dental health

Who does not want white and shiny teeth?

Kibbles do minimize the risk of tartar in kittens. It should also comply with the formula of calcium carbonate for a perfect effect.

dry food, seems good for my teeth as well

But wait here…

Do not rely merely on kibbles in order to get dental health. Surely, it serves its primary function i.e. to omit hunger.

The best way to get your feline’s teeth healthy is only brushing. Brush regularly to avoid bad breathing and paleness.


Evora pet is the most beneficial in order to control bad breath and gingivitis. This can be added to both wet and dry foods.

Long shelf life

Many preservatives and antioxidants are used to maintain their quality and increase their shelf life.

Approximately, for 6 months you can use them with no worries.

But make airtight the package or container in which you are keeping it.

Holistic or natural kibble

Packages labeled with holistic or natural kibbles have less quantity of preservatives, coloring agents, artificial ingredients, or other artificial flavors.

It does not have artificial preservatives. Many searches have found that preservatives are not actually harmful to feline’s health.

It is also found that many antioxidants like BHA and BHT, have been used for almost more than 25 years, and it does not exert any harmful effect on felines health.

Not down

‘’This is only in if they are used in the normal and appropriate way’’

Easy to buy

Not like canned or wet food, you can buy kibble in large quantities at once.

It saves your time and can be used for months (6 months). You can easily keep it without handling any fuss.

Low in budget

Many pet parents who cannot afford canned or wet food for felines can easily buy kibble on a low budget.

It also serves as a good source in order to provide many needed nutrients to the kittens’ bodies.

What are the major cons of dry food?

Low in moisture

As compared to wet food, dry food carries less concentration of moisture. As mentioned above, how important is water for body functioning?

Kibble causes dehydration in kittens. Make sure to keep a bowl filled with water beside the food.

Besides all this, some vets suggest that it is necessary that all cats may get dehydration from kibble. Most cats are ok with dry food too.

It all depends on the kitten’s nature.

Less protein

Kibble food lacks taurine, which is found in the muscles of animals. Kibble is made up of plant proteins like CELLULOSE. It does not have animal proteins i.e. TAURINE.

The digestive system of felines is shorter and it cannot digest cellulose properly.

Many domesticated cats are living on kibble but no doubt they need animal protein to thrive.

Higher in carbs

Less in proteins but higher in carbs. Kibble contains a high amount of carbs. This paves the kitten’s way of DIABETES.

Obesity from free feeding

Free feeding is no doubt an excellent way to save time. But it can also lead to obesity too. As cats are not vets, they can eat kibble whenever they feel hungry.

You leave the bowl full of kibble, But, if your feline does not follow a proper food schedule it may prove dangerous for her.

The more she eats the more she will get dehydration.

High sodium content

Kibble is enriched with sodium, which is primarily a cause of dehydration. Eating more kibble means eating more sodium.

High intake of sodium can lead to:


Traditional flavor

Felines do not like it as much as they like wet food.

I have once conducted an experiment by placing two bowls of kibble and canned food beside each other.

My kitten pounced upon the wet food and finished it in some seconds.

She just tasted the kibble.

You can also feed your cat homemade food that is also full of nutrients. But first, you have to discuss with your vet the best diet.


I think I have solved your confusion between wet food or dry food for kittens?.

As per my experience, wet food is a step further than kibble. I am not announcing kibble as bad food. Because sometimes I use to give my cat kibble too.

But I am thoroughly talking, and that’s why I would prefer canned food. Though it is expensive but leaves many healthful effects on kittens.

It’s just my experience. Each cat in the world has its own nature and cravings so, this can vary from cat to cat.

It’s all on you because no one can know your cat better than yourself.

Kasim Kittiban

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