How to Stop Cat From Peeing on Carpet? | Complete Guide

how to stop a cat from peeing on carpet

Cat trainers and owners must know, how to stop cat from peeing on carpet? Being a cat owner, you might be upset about this situation, so you must train your cats to stop peeing on carpets, furniture, and other places of the home.

If your cat is peeing on the carpet, there may be some medical reasons or infection of the urinary tract. You need to stop the cat from inappropriate urination.

How to Stop Cat From Peeing on Carpet?

Cats are very conscious about their cleanliness and they also want their litter box clean. You must empty the litter box when it is full.

Some cat owners don’t bother about this issue and their cats urinating all over the house. The cat feels unclean and may suffer from the infection if the litter box remains full.

If you have two or more cats at home, there must be a separate litter box for everyone. Even a single cat must have two little boxes so, it must keep herself clean.

To overcome this problem, the first step is to figure out the reason for peeing on the carpet. Your cat might be sick, anxious, and have an issue with their litter box. Cat’s behavior will be different if she undergoes any of these problems.

What Causes your Cat to Urinate in Carpet?

Here are some possible reasons for this behavior.

1: Medical Reason

The most common cause of involuntary urination is medical issues. We will discuss some of them.

Urinary Tract Infection

Your cat may have a urinary infection if she pees on other places like carpet regardless of the litter box. The infection may be due to frequent urination.

Feline urine has a very foul and pungent smell because of protein metabolism. The protein concentration is greater in those cats that have urinary tract infections.

Feline interstitial cystitis

It is also known as feline idiopathic cystitis and shows a lower urinary tract disease. It is the inflammation of the bladder basically a lack of bladder control.

This disease is so frustrating for cats and she urinates in inappropriate places other than the litter boxes. This is the situation in which cats suddenly pee in any place.

During pee, the cats might cry and feels irritated. If you found this situation in a cat, then consult your veterinarian. This condition will cure after 5-6 days. But in some cats, it persists longer.

Bladder stones

Mineral accumulates and rock-like formation occurs and it leads to bladder stones. Dysuria (Straining to urinate) and hematuria (blood in the urine) is the most common symptom of bladder stone.

Stone damages the tissue of the bladder and causes irritation in cats. Due to this reason, bleeding may occur.

Swelling of bladder walls may occur due to that cat peeing in an inappropriate place. This situation is alarming and cats may feel distressed and pain in their abdomen.

2: Behavioral Reasons

Following are the behavioral reason due to which cats pee on the carpet.


If there is a change in the environment, the cat might feel stressed and she pees on your carpet, rob, or rug.

If you moved to a new house or new people in the house, your cat feels threatened and its effects on their behavior like urinary activity.

Mating Behavior

After mating, the cat marked their territory when they see other male cats like Tom.

Change in litter box

If you change the litter box of your cat or give them a litter box of a different brand, your cat will avoid pee in the litter box and move to other places like carpet and rug.

Cats like fine-grain litter have some amount of sand in them.

Why cats avoid litter box?

  • If you use excessive detergent to clean the litter box, your cat feels irritation with the smell of detergent.
  • Avoid using disinfectant like phenols, they are toxic to your cat.
  • The strong smell of deodorants might disturb your cat and your cat will never want to come back on this place having litter box.
  • If you did not rinse the litter box, your cat will not use it.
  • Avoid placing the litter box in the centre of the garden. Place it at the corner so that nobody will change this position regularly.

To avoid all these issues, wash the litter with clean water and use feline-friendly disinfectant. Place a few chunks of food near the litter box, so your cat might use the litter box.

Keep in mind feeding bowl will never place near the litter box.

Habit of spraying on a particular place  

If your cat used to pee in a certain place, then she will definitely move to that place next time because she has a habit of going to that place and smells like the right and exact place.

If your cat accidentally urinates on this area, clean the area with disinfectant and remove the smell with enzymatic powder and keep them away from this area.

Other Possible Reasons

Old age

An older cat suffers from joint pain and they hesitate to go towards the litter box. You have to provide the litter box to your cat to solve this issue.

Presence of Strangers

If you go outside and your cat is alone in the home. As a marking behavior, your cat might pee on your carpet or inside the room. They pee in that area where she smells the scent of its owner.

To avoid this issue remains your doors closed. If some person or strangers come into your house, the cat might feel frightened and want to hide from all new people and they move indoor and pee on your carpet.


Your cat might be frightened of the dog you have in your garden and they feel insecure and move indoors and she sprays on your carpet.

New cat in home

If a new cat enters your home, your cat might be disturbed by the new one and they feel irritated and she wants to live alone inside and pee in your room or in your carpet.

Building works

If you have some construction work in your home, the cats might disturb by the noises of bricks moving from one place to other.

These noises are irritating to cats and they move indoors (rooms and lounge) and are more likely to pee on your carpet.


If you change the furniture in your house, the environment will be changed, and your cat shows different behavioral activities like rubbing and scratching.

Keep the cat stay away from these rooms so she can not pee on your new carpet or rug.

How to Avoid Cats peeing on Carpet

Always clean the litter box

  • You must give a separate litter box to every single cat. If an alteration in litter box occurs, your cat might feel itching, so you take the little box and clean with water and add a few amounts of sand in it and place it their proper.
  • Place the litter box in their appropriate or exact location.  
  • Remove the smell of pee from that area where your cats urinate so that your cat will avoid urination on that place next time.
  • You should give a choice to your cat to choose a litter box.
  • Avoid using perfumes in the litter box.

So Other Solution of How to stop cat from peeing on carpet

Use Enzymatic Cleaners to Clean Cat Pee

Once your cat has peed on a specific area, they will again urinate on it by smelling the urine. To get rid of this issue, use enzymatic cleaners.

Following are the characteristic of enzymatic cleaners to help remove the smell.

  • Enzymatic cleaners are helpful in removing the bacteria from this place.
  • They remove the foul and pungent smell of the urine on carpet.
  • It also removes the pet stains from the carpet.
  • If your cat has a habit of peeing on your couch, don’t worry use enzymatic cleaner to save your couch.

Use of Oils to Stop Cat From Peeing on Carpet

Cats detect smells very rapidly so you should use essential oils on the areas where your cat frequently urinates especially on the carpet.

Take a spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oil and water to it. Spray on the area where your cat has a habit of urination like carpet and your couch.

This helps to cat peeing on the litter box instead of another place.

Use of Homemade Vinegar for Stopping the Pee on Carpet

  • Vinegar helps to remove the scent of the urine. Follow the instruction to get rid of this issue.
  • Firstly, you should clean that dirty area properly with detergent of surfactant.
  • Then take a spray bottle and add vinegar and some amount of water in it. Water is added to dilute the vinegar.
  • Now take this solution and spray on the urine stops present on carpet or rugs.

This procedure helps to cat urinate on their litter box instead of other places. But if your cat continuously experiences the pungent smell of the urine, then she will definitely move away from the litter box. 

Use of Citrus Solution

Cats don’t like the smell of citrus solution. It repels the cat from that place where she has a habit of urination. So you should clean the particular area, and then spray the citrus solution.

We have to take the following things to make the citrus solution:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Tangerine peels or lime
  • Boiling water

Take an orange, lemon, and tangerine peel and mix in the boiling water. Allow the solution to cool down and then spray on the particular area that is your carpet or rug.

This solution will repel the cat from coming to this place. You can also use fabric spray to avoid the cat moving on the carpet.

Place a Physical Barrier

If you prevent your cat to stop peeing on your carpet then you should keep the doors closed most of the time. You can block his access to that area by placing a baby gate.

If there is a problem in placing a physical barrier, then spray a motion-sensing deterrent near the carpet. This type of deterrent produces a burst of air that is harmful to your cat, but due to this smell cats avoid this area.

You can also remove the deterrent from this area after your cats avoid this area. You can spray synthetic feline pheromone solution on the carpet to remove the marking area in which your cat has been marked.

Make the Surface of Carpet Unattractive

You should make the surface or edges of the carpet unattractive so that your cat will not pee on it. Cover the ends of the carpet with double-sided tape.

This will make the surface sticky. Your cat will avoid moving on this sticky surface, in this way cat will not urinate on it.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, if we place aluminum foil on sides of the side of the carpet, then this will discourage to cat to move on the carpet.

Keep in Mind

If all these procedures will not help then it is a serious medical issue for your cat. Consult your vet and ask him for the cure of this issue.

If you do not take seriously this issue, then it is also damaging to your health. A person can also be affected by respiratory problems and cause a burning sensation in the nose and throat.

A lot of ammonia is present in cats’ urine and they cause bacterial infection.


To sum up the conclusion, I would like to say that cats pee on the carpet, rugs, and indoor places due to medical and behavioral issues. The litter box should be clean and their placement should be at the exact location.

Make sure each cat is using a separate litter box so that your cat will not pee on carpets. To repel the cat from the marked areas you should use different sprays.

Some sprays are used to remove the stains of the urine and inhibit the bacteria present on this surface.

Make the surfaces of the carpet unattractive using different tapes and aluminum foil. This will be helpful in controlling the cats pee on the carpets and rugs.

I hope this article will help you in understanding how to stop cat from peeing on Carpet?

Good luck with our instructions.

Kasim Kittiban

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