How to Discipline a Cat? A Complete Guide

how to discipline a cat

You really love your cat. But your furry friend has an independent mood and she can be feisty at some times. You want to discipline your cat but you don’t know, how to discipline a cat?

How to Discipline a Cat?

It may take some trial and error to discipline your cat. All the pets are different in nature as humans are different from one another.

Some cats may respond positively to your certain style of educating them and others may reject it and their behavior may get worse.

There are some methods that should not be try while disciplining a cat.

It is a difficult task to educate a cat especially when you have never done it before. To discipline a cat, it is important that you must know the dos and don’ts.

Cats are smarter in nature. Once they understand your behavior, they will learn what to do and not and how to behave either your cat is a kitten or an adult.  

Cats are smarter and it is supposed that they have a great memory. According to experts, cats have long term memory as well as short term memory, so they can be trained.

Pets react well to positive reinforcement, so they remember the moments they get through or the moments they enjoy.

Cats like food, attention, and toys, most of them like all these three. Choose a thing, your cat is most motivated by and you can use to beguile your cat to do what you want it to do.

Reward your cat with that thing when you are training a particular behavior to her.  

It will be more enticing to your cat if you reward her special things in regard to the training of your desirable habits.

First, consider the thing your cat is most impressed by and it could be many things like food such as spray cheese shrimp, meat, tuna fish, or catnip toys.

The Don’t of Disciplining your Cat

Don’t compare your cat to your dog

Disciplining a cat is different from disciplining a dog so don’t compare your cat with your already disciplined dog. Stop doing this.

Cats and dogs are different pets, they both have different nature and they also learn differently.

Dogs learn quickly so they will respond to your every action and command but your cat won’t heed your requests to sit and stay. By understanding that you have to treat your cat differently is the first step to success for both of you.

dont compare your cats and dogs

Don’t physically hit your Cat

It’s very frustrating to train a cat when you both are a learner and a beginner. But it should be considered that you never hurt your cat physically.

Cats can’t tolerate the punishment from humans and physically hurting the cat will break the bond between you and her.

Don’t hit your cat. The situation will become worse when you physically hurt your cat. It will cause your cat to lash out.

If you feel it difficult to train your cat, call some other person or professional trainer to do that and not consider it your defeat. You have called him for your assistance.

dont physically hit your cat

Don’t yell to make a point

You can’t speak the same language with your cat and don’t think that your cat will understand your language but definitely change in the pitch of voice will make her understand.

Change in voice makes her understand that something is different but yelling will make her scared. Your cat will feel stressed and anxious if you yell at her. It will cause your cat to misbehave more.

dont yell to make noice with your cat

Don’t rub your Cat’s nose

If you are avoiding your cat to do something by rubbing her nose you are just upsetting her. It will never forbid your cat to not do something that is undesirable and she won’t promise you to never do it again.

If you rub your cat’s nose it will bring more attention to the sense of crime.

dont rub your cat nose

Don’t allow to play something that isn’t okay

Your little kitten or cat is not aware of good or bad things so never appreciate her bad habits. If she is swatting or biting your fingers during Funtime, forbid her to do that because you will not like your older cat to do biting or scratching in your home.

With any new pet, it is your responsibility to train your pet and set early behavioral expectations. If your cat is biting or scratching you during the Funtime stop her.

dont to play somthing that not okay

The Dos of how to discipline a Cat

Do Reinforce good behaviors

Cats don’t learn when you hurt them, they don’t learn from punishment but by praising them and sharing healthy treats. This will help them to recognize that they are treated well and they are doing something right.

Make sure to praise your cat and also treat her well when she is doing something good or showing positive behavior.

Do Reinforce good behaviors

Do stop immediately during bad behaviors

Whenever you observe bad behavior from your cat such as biting, chewing, pouncing, stop her doing that or either divert her attention.

This is the only way you can change the behavior of your cat. Removing the attention of your cat from some bad behavior is the only way to stop the negative behavior.

Do stop cat immediately during bad behaviors

Do consider your Cat’s health

Does your cat have a habit of urinating on the place other than the litter box? it may take time to learn the proper place to relieve herself.

If after some time she doesn’t learn it then call your veterinarian.

This kind of behavior might be a symptom of upset health and your veterinarian will let you know if there is some problem regarding your cat’s health.

Definitely you would never want to hurt or punish your cat for something that she can’t control.

Get to know the exact reason for this kind of behavior from your vet and if it is health-related problem then try to solve it with your vet. This action will change your cat’s behavior.

Do consider your Cat health

Do make change the Environment

If your cat is clawing on your leather couch or jumping on your tables and you want to change this behavior all you can do is to change her environment.

For example, if your cat hits the cookie sheet placed on the edge of the table, it will crash to the ground. A soft silky blanket placed on your couch will slip your cat down if she tries to climb onto the cushions.

It is important to note that never make a change that will ultimately hurt your cat. There are many other ways on the internet to change the environment, which will help you to change the cat’s behavior.

Do make change the Environment

Discourage Bad Behavior of your Cat

Cats are more likely to be attracted to rewards and treat than punishment. There are some ways to discourage the bad behavior of your cat.

Shake a noisy can

If you observe any bad behavior of your cat like she is jumping all over on the counters and somewhere it shouldn’t be, then shake a can with pennies in it to stop your cat from doing it or diverting her attention towards you.

Use deterrents

Some cats dislike the certain odours such as the smell of citrus fruits, red pepper flakes and some commercially designed sprays are also available in markets to keep the cats away form the certain places.

Some sprays taste bad to avoid the cats from chewing the things.

Use a water spray bottle

No one likes to be squirted with water. If you observe any bad behavior or activity from your cat try a quick squirt to avoid doing them something that it shouldn’t do.

It’s likely that after sometimes, this action will deter the bad behavior of the cat.

Use double-sided tape or Aluminium foil

Use these simple things to cover the places you don’t want your cat to reach, This will restrict your cat avoid scratching because cats don’t like the texture of it.  

Say something

Frighten your cat with a loud noise like ‘ouch’ or any other word that discourages or ends any rough activity or behavior.

This action is effective for cats that are aggressive in nature with the new people or they may bite or grab with their legs and arms.

Give a timeout

If you are observing any kind of misbehave from your cat, take your cat in a bathroom or any other room for some time where no people or things are present to play with.

In most of the cases, your cat will come out with different attitude.

Use your voice

If you observe any misbehavior from your cat, use your voice to stop her. It will be enough to stop your cat from doing that.

Keep a stop word in mind and always use the same word whenever you observe any kind of misbehave from it.

This will automatically stop it from doing that whenever you want to stop her.

Whenever you use a word stick to it for a longer time, so your cat will associate this word with bad behavior and it will not do it.

Encourage Good Behavior of your Cat

If your cat is behaving well, encourage her by giving treats, praise, and attention whenever it is possible.

If you observe your cat is lying in front of something and try to chew it, reward her with some food to avoid her chewing that thing.

If you observe that your cat is scratching the pole instead of scratching your sofa reward her. Your cat will learn the difference between good behaviour and bad behaviour.  

Problems and Proofing Behavior

It is important that you don’t hurt your cat physically, like hitting kicking, spanking or hurting your cat intentionally.

If you teach your cat by hurting her physically it will not work rather lead to more aggressive and disruptive behavior.

Do not scruff your cat. It will hurt your cat. This method is not recommended to restraint your cat or either to transport your cat from one place to another.

It is painful and when you hurt a misbehaving cat it will exaggerate her anger.

If you want to grab your cat it is recommended that put a blanket over her and caught. This action will keep you and your cate safe and you can easily transport your cat from one place to another.


To sum up with the conclusion I must say that we should train our cats nicely. Do not treat them badly like hitting, kicking or hurting them.

Everyone makes mistakes so it is not advisable to punish them when you could help them adjust instead. Nipped the behavior in the bud earlier otherwise it will be your fault if your cat is behaving badly.

You can’t change or correct your cat’s behavior in a single way. First, investigate the main cause and type of the problem then train her.

Patience is the key to success. Deal your cat with patience and find out the most effective way to treat your cat and correct her behavioral faults. Hope this discussion will help you in understanding how to discipline a cat in effective ways.

Kasim Kittiban

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