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Do Rottweilers Shed

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If you ask, “Do Rottweilers shed a lot?” I will say yes. A Rottweiler Shedding can be so extreme that it might need you to have cleaned up the house several times a day. For many people, Rottweilers seem like a non-shedding breed, and at its worst, that’s a myth. An average Rottweiler is considered one of those moderate shedders who can shed excessively at times.

However, they’re not the only dog breeds with this problem. Dogs such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers have a heavier shedding problem too. And if taken care of properly, one can lower their shedding level approximately to a much more satisfying level.

Here are some crucial reasons why your Rottweiler has been losing his healthy coat and how to remedy the problem through proper grooming. We hope that helps you take the appropriate care of your pup.

How Bad Do Rottweilers Shed? The Primary Causes

You’ll never know when your Rottie’s shedding becomes a severe problem to care for unless you identify the specific reasons. So, we’re going to help you figure out the most common causes of Rottweiler’s excessive shedding so that you can manage it as it occurs.

Seasonal Shedding

Double-coated dogs, like Rottweilers, shed during seasonal changes. They prepare their coat health for a big temperature fluctuation when the climate transitions from hot weather to colder weather.

Their particular double coat grows for the year so they will shed their entire winter coat by spring. And that’s somewhat natural, so you got no worries to be alarmed when this happens.

Poor Diet

When a Rottweiler doesn’t get proper nutrition in its diet, it starts shedding dead hair aggressively. This may also lead to other skin diseases or health issues.

While you can always take your dog to the vet, there are a few easy things that you can do at home. Try adding vitamin and Omega-3/Omega-6 Fatty acid supplements to your dog’s diet to cure such issues. This will aid in stopping excess shedding and stabilize their weight and digestive system.

Mental Imbalances

Like any other dog, a Rottweiler can experience health issues when faced with unexpected trauma. The shock to the system can cause hair loss and potentially even dry skin. That’s why caring for a Rottweiler properly is so important. It leads to a longer life, which is always a better alternative than losing the dog to disease or injury.

Other Potential Reasons

Rottweilers also experience other factors that can make them shed more:

  1. Changing your Rottweiler’s routine or surroundings may cause them stress, ultimately leading to excessive shedding.
  2. Stressful life events can be another cause of increased shedding.
  3. Skin allergies can contribute to having loose hair.
  4. If your Rottie is under any severe medical condition or medication, the medicines might possess some side effects to cause excess hair loss.
  5. Some Rottweilers have genetic skin conditions for heavy shedding.
  6. If your dog has food allergies to specific cheap food, it may start shedding.
  7. The most common dog shampoos have harsh chemicals that can cause irritating reactions in some dogs, resulting in fur loss.
  8. Most Rottweilers will lose their fur due to parasites and mites.

When it comes to shedding, your first step should be visiting the vet. You can also consider applying skin oil to improve their coat health. Many dogs simply need a little help for their fur to lay flat again — a condition called “coat separation.” This can occur in dogs of all popular dog breeds but most commonly in parent or adult dogs.

How to Reduce Rottweiler’s Shedding?

With a Rottweiler, shedding is unavoidable regardless of how hard you try to avoid it. It’s an inevitable consequence of their double-coated fur. Your dog will most likely shed more in the late spring and early fall. So, it’s essential to learn how to minimize such shedding levels.

Regular Brushing

Brushing is essential for your dog’s well-being. It ensures that they’re getting rid of all their excess hair and healthy skin. Above all, it also provides them with a mild form of exercise. Most Rottweilers really enjoy it when you start brushing!

If you brush them outside, not a single bit of hair will get into your house. Dogs usually love being brushed so much that they won’t want to stop.

Regular Bathing

Rottweilers are moderate to heavy shedder, so regular bathing is essential to keep up with the coat. Occasional bathing — especially when the dog has been rolling around in mud or dirt — will help remove any dirt and debris from the fur that gets past the brushing.

Most grooming experts recommend bathing a Rottweiler no more than 3-4 times a month. Also, shedding season is an excellent time to clean your pup — nothing helps with shedding hair like a quality dog shampoo!

However, be careful to avoid over-bathing your Rottweiler. Overdoing it can cause skin and coat dryness, making the dog’s hair brittle. Once the hair is damaged such that it breaks — it will shed even more.

Additional Tips

Rottweilers with abnormal shedding issues might benefit from a diet change or supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids.

You can try regular grooming to treat the shedding of hair, but do not shave or trim the fur short.

Since Rottweilers have thick coats that vary in length, cutting the hair too short will damage the outer coat and leave your dog vulnerable to sunburns and other severe health conditions.


Rottweilers have thick double coats (think: sheepdog) that make them appear to shed more than other breeds. While their grooming needs are similar to other dogs, the German Shepherd Dog Club of America encourages pet owners to familiarize themselves with the shedding habits of Rotties to enjoy their companionship better.

Owning a Rottweilers is fun, but it requires extra attention to detail. It’s essential to know the right tools to use and how to handle shedding situations properly.

So, the next time anyone asks, Does Rottweilers Shed? Or Do Rottweilers shed a lot? We hope you will get him the straight information about what to believe and what not to.

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