Do dogs Need Vegetables raw diet?

do dogs need vegetable raw diet

Hello folk, many dog owners would have a question, Do dogs need vegetables raw diet? for their pooch daily meal. Well.

it is a very obvious question for those who love much to his furry friend and care a lot about his health.

Vegetables are good for humans for their vitaminsproteinsmineralscarbohydrates, and other healthy nutrients, which help the human to live a healthy life but on the other hand, vegetables are good for dogs as well for their above mention constituents.

Although the healthy vegetables are already mixed with commercially prepared food for dogs, yet you have the desire to give vegetables then give only 10% to 15% of its diet.

If the quantity increased then It would cause some severe diseases that lead to death.

Do vegetables easily digestible for dogs?

Basically, dogs are carnivores from their ancestors but it was discovered that they are a little bit omniverse as well as they can eat vegetables as humans.

But they have molars on forth of the mouth they break down their meal into small pieces with help of front prey molars and further processing of digestion occurs in the stomach.

Do vegetables easily digestible for dogs?

Often, they swallow their meal without or less breaking it down and food through the esophagus comes into the stomach and the process begins.

Therefore, a raw diet can cause choking in their throat. It is preferable to give them raw vegetables by steaming, blending, or fermenting, this makes easy to digest vegetables for your furry friend.

Which vegetables are most suitable for my dogs?

Mainly those vegetables that contain fewer carbs, and high protein, fats, vitamins, minerals are suitable for dogs.

There are a few vegetables that have these constituents,

Now we take look at all one by one.

1: Carrot

Carrot is very healthy for your canine. It contains Beta Carotene and fibers; carrot contains vitamin A which is good for your dog’s skin and coat.

This means the coat of canine looks shinier and more luxurious and fibers improve the immune system of your furry friend.

Carrot is very friendly for your canine teeth and helps to remove plaque and bad breath. But always treats your dog with carrots after blending or steaming them, otherwise, it will cause choking in its throat.

2: Spinach

Spinach is a good diet to feed your canine. It is very wholesome for your dogs. Your friend gets Vitamin A, B, C, Kironantioxidants (which improve cell health and fight against cancer cells) from spinach.

You can treat your furry friend with spinach by boiling or steaming and without seasoning.

Although it is a very wholesome diet yet it has some worse effects with overdosage. It has oxalic acid which blocks calcium absorption in the blood.

The oxalate in the oxalic acid binds with calcium and blocks its further process which leads to a high amount of calcium oxalate gathered in the blood and it secretes through the kidney which leads to kidney damage.

So, if your dog likes spinach, include 10% of its diet only as a treat. So that your dog can enjoy its meal without any illness.

3: Green Beans

If your furry friend likes green beans, you will please to know that green beans help your furry friend to become hale.

Because it has several vitamins and mineral-like vitamins B6 A, C, K, and calcium. It is also full of fibers and contains low calories.

This means that you can feed your friend green bean by adding 10% of its diet and make sure boiling or steaming and cutting into small pieces are necessary to save from choking hazards.

4: Cucumber

If you are thinking to add cucumber in your canine’s diet, relax you are right. It is healthy to treat for your dog. This is a special treat for those owners who want to lose weight of their canine.

Cucumber contains 96% water with low calories, this can prove a high dose for overweight canines combine with exercise.

But there are two conditional drawbacks of cucumber, Choking, and overeating.

Chocking is when you treat your canine without cutting cucumber in small pieces, it may cause choking in their throat.

Overeating is when you treat a dog with high quantities, it leads to gastrointestinal disturbance. So, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

5: Broccoli

Broccoli is wholesome for your canine, it contains fibers, vitamin C, and low fat which is quite healthy for your furry friend.

But treat your canine occasionally with low quantity and you can cook it without seasoning and oil.

It is mindful that broccoli can prove dangerous for your friend as its florets have isothiocyanates that lead to gastric disturbance in dogs.

Give it in a tiny amount if your friend likes it. Always treat broccoli to your canine by cutting, boiling, or steaming, otherwise choking will cause.

6: Pea

Pea is a good choice if you want to add to your furry friend’s meal because it is full of nutrients for your canine.

It contains vitamins like A, k, B, mineral-like iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. They are also rich in proteinsfiber, antioxidants (which are good for the skin and coat of your canine).

The adverse side of the peas is that it contains purines that produce uric acid and uric acid filters through the kidney if we treat our canine excess amount of peas it will produce more uric acid that when filtered through the kidney can produce kidney stone that is too painful for your canine.

Make sure if your canine is not friendly with peas don’t try to add to its meal even it is full of nutrients, it will cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Which vegetables are harmful to my dog

There are certain vegetables which are harmful to your dog.

1: Onion

If you are thinking to feed your pooch onion then your dog is about to enter in danger zone.

Onion has a toxic chemical called N-propyl disulfide that causes the breakdown of a red blood cell.

This chemical causes an oxidative change in the red blood cells by adding oxygen to it that blocks its process of carrying oxygen throughout the body.

It leads to hemolytic anemia which is a fatal disease.

All part of the onion is bad for your furry friend including flesh, leave, whether feed-in juice form or powder, cooked or raw, it will show its toxicity.

If your pooch likes the onion as you like then add a little amount to its meal, according to your best friend’s size. Preferably you may go for other snacks.

2: Tomato

If we take a look at a tomato, you can add it to your best friend’s meal because it is full of nutrients. It has several vitamins and minerals that are proving beneficial for its health.

But you had better go for another diet plan. Because the tomato is only best for your furry when it is in its ripe form.

If any owner of the canine has a garden and has tomato plants then the unripe and leafy part of the tomato can cause serious illness as it has solanine which is toxic for your dog.

If your dog eats a large amount of tomato and after some time it shows its symptoms like gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, vomiting, and abnormal heart rate.

3: Asparagus

Although asparagus is a wholesome diet if you want to add to your pooch diet, yet it has some adverse effects.

You know asparagus stalks are difficult to chew for humans and if for the dog then asparagus is the wrong choice.

Asparagus is difficult to digest for your dog if you feed your pooch in raw form it can cause a choking hazard.

By boiling or steaming without salt is the way but you had better go for another healthier diet.

Also, asparagus fern is the inedible part of the asparagus which is toxic for your canine that may cause diarrhea, vomiting, and several abdominal diseases.

Which is healthy feed to my dog Commercial food or Raw Vegetables?

As I mention above vegetables are healthy meals for your canine, though these are full of nutrients that are essential for your best friend’s growth and life. You can feed your pooch other healthy foods as well.

You can also feed your canine homemade cooked food that is cooked by you.

But always remember that a little lack of awareness can lead to some severe illnesses or your canine may be in a danger zone with little negligence.

Which is healthy feed to my dog Commercial food or Raw Vegetables?

So, you had better go with commercial food, because commercial food prepares under the experience, they know better than you what is good for your dog and they mix all these vegetables and meat in a suitable ratio.

So, it is suggested that if your pooch likes vegetables, you can feed them as a treat.

By adding only 10% to 15% in their meal, the rest must be commercially prepared food.

Naina Anuman

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