Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls

best shock collar for pitbulls

Are you looking for the best shock collar for Pitbulls?

Right now, the majority associates Pitbulls with aggression, brutality and other negative traits that is a huge misconception. Unfortunately, these concepts are still misleading the masses.

Never mind, If you are also falling in this category, you are doing nothing but injustice to these loving pets.

Pitbulls are very loyal, energetic and eager as compared to other breeds. They have a quick learning ability. If you are a well-informed owner, you are surely going to enjoy every moment with these loving pets.

Of course, they are more agile and intelligent, if you want to train them with the method that is most effective then you must go with a shock collar. Some people think that these collars are cruel but they are totally wrong. The cruelty a shock collar depends on usage, if you use correct then it will never harm your dog.

In this article, you will get a complete overview of some of the best shock collar for Pitbulls in order to train your best friend.

Things to be considered while purchasing a Shock collar

It is highly recommended that whenever you want to purchase a shock collar for your pooch, you must not make any haste rather examine the key features minutely.

There is a great number of shock collars available in the market. So how would you select the best one for your Canine?

Besides this, you first have to learn the proper use of shock collar. In this video, you will learn how to use dog shock collar properly on any dog after this apply the same criteria on your Pitbulls.

then you must pay attention to some other salient characteristics given below;

Provided with additional modes

Does every pooch need a shock to be disciplined? No, every dog has its own temperament. Some of them can be trained without shock even with a warning beep or vibration mode.

So don’t apply shock immediately. Your purpose must be correction not suffering. Try beep and vibration before shock mode. 

Adjustable intensity

Every pet doesn’t have same potential and sensation. Some pets are so sensitive that a mild static shock can correct them but some dogs don’t even notice the low-level shock and keep their business going on.

 It means you can’t handle all the pets with the same intensity level. So always select that shock collars which have different adjustable intensity levels.


This is a very important feature as the first and foremost quality of a shock collar is to be comfortable and lightweight. Your buddy needs to be accustomed to the collar instead of feeling an odd type of burden on his neck.


The most remarkable quality of a shock collar is its range. Without an optimum range, the collar will be useless.

Battery timing

The reliable battery is the backbone of a shock collar. How would you command your pooch if the battery goes dead in a short time? So keep an eye at battery timing and power.

TBI Pro Professional Dog Shock Training Collar (Remote Long Range 1600 feet)

The TBI Pro Professional Dog Shock Training Collar with Remote – Long-Range 1600 feet is a perfect collar train your unruly Pitbull.

It has three modes; beep mode, vibration, and shock. You can beep and vibration mode for basic obedience training or initial stage training. Shock mode can be used in extreme situations.

Its remote has a long-range of 1600 ft. This long-range makes it more suitable for you to keep your pitbull in control. As it is a dual-channel so you can command two pets simultaneously.

 It has adjustable vibration for 10 to 100 lbs pets. You can easily make it suitable according to your pitbull’s size and temperament. It also has light indicators to show charging.

It is recommended that you must choose a proper fit collar for your pet. The continuous vibration limit is 10 seconds.

Key Features

  • Available in different sizes
  • Contains 3 modes; beep, vibration, and shock
  • Dual-channel
  • 1600 ft range
  • Waterproof design
  • Long battery life
  • Long time battery,i.e, use 15 days after 2 hours charging.
  • Double fast charging, charge collar and receiver with 1 charger.
  • Long continuous vibrations may be risky.

TBI Pro Professional K9 Dog Training E.Collar (Extended range 2000 ft)

Of course, TBI Pro Professional K9 Dog Training E.Collar is a well-recommended tool for your pets especially Pitbulls to stop them from excessive jumping and other naughty behaviors.

The most remarkable feature is its fully guaranteed long-range up to 2000 ft which enables your pet to walk off-leash in parks or other open fields.

Long-lasting li-ion battery with additional power-saving mode makes it perfect. You can use it without any fear of sudden discharge.

It can be used for dogs of all sizes large, medium and small as it has 100 different levels of vibration which is really good giving you lots of choices.

Key Features

  • 2000 ft long-range
  • Durable li-ion battery
  • Available in all sizes
  • 3 training modes
  • 100% waterproof
  • Extra-long range up to 2000 ft
  • Not much heavy
  • It can’t be used for aggressive dogs.

Dog Training Shock Collar (1440ft Range For Vicious/Hunting Breed)

The most eminent feature of this Dog Training Shock Collar With 1440ft Range For Vicious/Hunting Breed (Pitbull) is to control and train your aggressive pitbull. It stops from jumping and barking with its beeping, vibration and shock module.

It has a vibration level from 0~100. First, you can try with just beeping mode and also vibration if essential. Shock can also be applied to your most fierce or aggressive pet in worst conditions.

Another distinct feature is its Conductive Silicone cover which protects your pet’s skin from any type of irritation.

It also has a power-saving mode. If there is no moment for 2 minutes the receiver collar will be in sleep mode. Similarly, the LCD display also turns off if there is no operation for 2 minutes.

This shock collar is available in from 15 to 22 inches long size and adjustable for small, medium and large size dogs.

Key features

  • Contains 3 training modes
  • Range up to 1440 ft
  • Provided with Conductive silicone covers
  • Power saving mode
  • Available in all sizes
  • Firm structure and water-resistant
  • Power saving mode saves battery.
  • Protective cover makes it fully safe.
  • Button design is the same; it should be improved.

Bousnic Dog Training Shock Collar (Rang up to1000 ft)

The perfect choice for your pitbull or any other four-legged companion is Bousnic Dog Training Collar which is fit for 10~120 lbs dogs for all sizes and breeds.

Bousnic dog training shock collar includes three training modes; beep, vibration with levels 1~8 and safe static shock having levels 1~16.

It is capable of training 2 dogs simultaneously for its dual-channel supporting system. You can walk with your two pets controlled with a single remote.

Another special feature is its static mode goes to protection mode automatically if it exceeds 10 seconds continuous limit.

 It is available with two sets of conductive silicone prongs and metal prongs (longer and shorter). You can choose shorter or longer prongs for short coats and long coats respectively.

Key Features

  • 3 training modes
  • 1000 ft range
  • Dual-channel remote control
  • Protection mode
  • Two sets of Conductive Silicone prongs and metal prongs (long and short)
  • 2 sets of prongs give you a choice.
  • Double supporting system remote.
  • Sometimes dogs get to mix up signals and do the wrong one

Patpet Shock Collar for Dogs (Remote IPX5, 3000ft Range)

Why don’t you use Patpet Shock Collar for your pitbull as it is very simple to use and tame your pet of any size?

The most splendid feature is it’s long-range up to 3000 ft. This quality makes it more unique as it provides you a golden opportunity to command and control your pitbull from a far distance either indoors or outdoors.

This collar is also provided with 3 training modes beep, vibration, and shock. But its vibration signals are so strong and penetrating that you rarely need to use shock mode.

Its design is much reliable. All 3 modes have different buttons. You can recognize and use any button by just touching without looking at as all the buttons have different surface designs.

Key Features

  • Available in 3 training modes
  • 3000 ft long fabulous range
  • Blind operation and simple design
  • Fits to all sizes
  • Water-Resistant
  • Blind operation design with distinct buttons.
  • Prolonged range up to 3000 ft.
  • Highly penetrating signals may prove dangerous.

PETDOIT Dog Shock Collar (Remote Range Up to 1000FT)

PETDOIT Dog Shock Collar very nice looking and adjustable for all sizes even for tiny pets too.

Most of the shock collars don’t have detachable metal prongs but this PETDOIT has this quality. If you don’t want to use shock mode you can disconnect these metallic screws for the comfort of your pooch.

Its barrier-free range is 1000 ft but you will be surprised to know that its remote works if there is an obstacle approximately up to 300 ft which is a rare quality.

PETDOIT shock collar is suitable for your pitbull too as Pitbulls usually don’t hesitate climbing over the walls. Most of the collars do not work across obstacles like a wall but this collar can still command and can make your pitbull come back.

Key Features

  • 3 different training modes
  • 1000 ft long-range
  • Detachable metal prongs
  • Remote works through obstacles up to 300 ft
  • Available for all sizes of pets
  • Water-Resistant
  • Great look and quality.
  • Vibration mode is very quick to be launched.
  • It does not come with silicon covers for safety purposes.

IQ Venture Dog Training Collar (Long Range Up to 2600ft)

Another modern shock collar is IQVenture Dog Training Collar which is recommended for medium and large pets to command and control.

IQ Venture is a perfect collar for beginner dog owners to teach their pets basic obedience commands as well as to control your aggressive pets like Pitbulls as it has 0~99 levels of vibration-shock. You can select the level according to your pooch.

A special feature of IQVenture shock collar is its light reflectivity which makes your pet more visible at dawn and dusk. It is very helpful for safety concerns if your pet is on the road.

Optimum range up to 2600 ft (800 m) makes it worthy. You can guide your pooch anywhere inside or outside within that marvelous range.

Key Features

  • Capable of 3 training modes
  • Amazing range up to 2600 ft
  • Light reflective quality in darkness
  • Water-Resistant
  • Available in all sizes
  • You can locate your pet easily in darkness.
  • Multiple vibration-shock levels.
  • Not recommended for small dogs under 20 lbs.

Planetico Remote Dog Training Collar (Long Range Up to 2625 ft)

The best choice to stop excessive barking and to control behavior is Planetico Remote Dog Training Collar. It has 4 modes beep, light, vibration, and static shock and can be utilized for pets 10~100 lbs.

Its most prominent feature is Nylon. PLANETICO dog training collar is made up of pure nylon which is durable, comfortable, easy to use and wash.

Planetico’s remote is also a unique item. It is 150000 hours lifetime remote which makes it a permanent companion of your pet. You can use it by the easy one-click operation.

Sometimes you can’t see clearly on the remote control screen in the sunlight but PLANETICO’S remote contains an anti-glare screen which enables you to see clearly even in the sunlight and it also built with the scratch-proof hardened acrylic screen.

Its long-range 2625ft gives you an edge to control your pet even if you are in your room or if your pitbull runs off.

Key Features

  • 4 modes; beep, light, vibration and static shock
  • Nylon material, durable and comfortable
  • 2625 ft long astonishing range
  • Remote with 150000 hours lifetime
  • Scratch-proof hardened acrylic and Anti-glare screen
  • Available in all sizes
  • Comfortable remote control with a large Display.
  • Vibration mode is effective enough.
  • Sometimes there is a response delay problem.

Dog Care Training Shock Collar (Range Up to 1000Ft)

Have you tried this DOG CARE Collar? You can buy this collar for any pooch 15~100 lbs and with a pretty good range up to 1000 ft.

The most important feature of this DOG CARE Collar is its “security keypad lock”. This quality makes it 100 % safe as it stops accidental shock to your pitbull by misoperation on the remote.

The most striking feature of DOG CARE Collar is its ability to control 9 dogs simultaneously with 1 remote control which is completely exceptional. This quality is not found in common shock collars.

Key features

  • 3 training modes
  • Security keypad lock that prevents misoperation on the remote
  • Range up to 1000 ft
  • 0~99 Static level adjustable
  • Up to 330-yard remote range
  • long-life battery
  • 100% Water-Resistant
  • Multi-channel, 9 dogs with 1 remote control
  • Adjustable for all sizes
  • Multiple channels support up to 9 pets.
  • Charging doesn’t stay up to 15 days.

Slopehill Dog Training Shock Collar (Range Up to 2600 ft)

An amazing tool Slopehill Dog Training Shock Collar is designed to control and curb the behavioral problems of aggressive pets like Pitbulls which are strong as well as agile.

This shock collar is available in 4 training modules: standard beep mode, led light, vibration mode, and a static stimulation module. Choose the perfect one for your pooch.

Slopehill Dog Training Shock Collar is a special collar that can control 3 dogs at a time with one remote control. Super remote control with a range up to 2600 ft obstacle-free and also 350 ft with the obstacle. You can control your pooch either it is far or in the other room.

It comes with two collars, you can use either that is comfortable for you; one is soft Nylon collar and the other is the shiny black collar. The length of collars is also adjustable and contains size from 8 to 27 inches. This is suitable for dogs of all sizes from 10 to 110 lbs.

The batteries are Lithium Polymer batteries which can last up to 15-20 days after 2-3 hours charging. Collar’s receiver is also provided with waterproof quality.

Key Features

  • 4 training modes
  • Adjustable static shock level 0~99
  • 2600 ft obstacle-free long range
  • 350 ft range with the obstacle
  • Adjustable collar straps 8 to 27 inches
  • Good for 10 to 110 lbs pets
  • Durable batteries
  • Water-Resistant
  • With 2 years of warranty
  • Big LCD remote control.
  • Collar hardware is covered with a rubbery material to keep safe your pet’s skin.
  • The additional reflective black collar is good for a night walk.
  • Some customers complained of sleep function but the company gives 2 years warranty for refund or replacement.

Casfuy Dog Training Shock Collar (Range up to 1000 ft)

Casfuy Collar is a standard shock collar with 3 modes; sound, vibration, and shock. Vibration mode 1~8 levels and static shock is available in levels from 1~16. You can apply any level or any mode depending upon the nature and behavior of your pitbull.

Its 1000 ft range allows you to train pets in backyard, parks or elsewhere. Additionally, a reliable battery that charges into 2 to 3 hours and charging stays up to 15~20 days.

The most prominent trait of Casfuy Collar is its dual-channel supporting system. If you have to train 2 canines simultaneously, it is the best choice for handsome training.

It is also available in conductive silicon prongs. Silicon prongs protect your pet’s skin from getting any type of danger like an excessive shock. So, it is a good tool for safety point of view.

Key Features

  • 3 training modes available
  • 1000 ft long-range
  • Dual-channel supporting system
  • Available with silicone conductive prongs
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • Water-Resistant
  • Lithium-Polymer batteries that stay up to 15 to 20 days
  • Dual-channel.
  • Ergonomic design, easy to use.
  • Risky without conductive silicon prongs.

DOG CARE Dog Training Shock Collar (Range Up to1000 ft)

This DOG CARE Dog Training Shock Collar TC-05 is the updated version of DOG CARE Dog Training Shock Collar TC-0, with some modifications.

It supports 3 channel system which means you can control and command 3 dogs through one remote control system. It is very simple to switch between channels; just a flick of button works.

DOG CARE Collar also has 3 effective modes; Tone, vibration, and shock. Use Tone mode first and if needed you can also utilize vibration mode. If your pitbull is excessive disobedient then you can also apply shock mode.

Vibration mode has a level from 0~99. You can select either one according to your requirements.

A splendid feature of DOG CARE Collar is its AUTO-OFF protection module which automatically shuts it down if you don’t use it for several hours and saves battery consumption.

This fabulous collar also has a security keypad lock which stops accidental shock to your pitbull.

Key Features

  • 3 training modes
  • 1000 ft range
  • Triple channel; can control 3 dogs simultaneously
  • Auto-off protection module
  • Security keypad lock that prevents misoperation on remote
  • Water-Resistant
  • Fits to all sizes pets
  • Anti-jamming quality signals.
  • Low-quality buckle.

Rechargeable Shock Collar for Dogs (Remote Range Up to 1600 ft)

This simple, economical but useful Dog Training Collar is very effective for all breeds including Pitbulls.

That Dog Training Collar also capable of 3 modes; beep, vibration, and static shock. You should not fear using static shock as it has levels from 0~16 and you can choose any level which best suits you.

It is also has a security keypad lock and you can give warning to your pet without any physical harm.

Its remote control range is long enough up to 1600 ft which enables you to keep track of your pooch no matter it is roaming in the backyard or outside the house.

The remote controller also supports multiple channels as up to 3 dogs can be controlled with this single remote control.

Key Features

  • Equipped with 3 training modes
  • 1600 ft remote control range
  • Capable of security keypad lock
  • Can command 3 dogs simultaneously
  • Adjustable to all sizes
  • Water-Resistant
  • Easy to use.
  • Clear instructions about its use.
  • Device holding collar is made of plastic.

Automatic Dog Training Shock Collar (Range up to 2400 ft)

Really, Automatic Dog Training Shock Collar is a great tool for your pet. It has 3 automatic modes; beep, vibration, and static shock.

All the 3 modes have levels up to 7. If you are busy at work, you can adjust the suitable level for your pet then it will respond automatically to undesired behaviors. If you keep the level “0”, the mode will be turned off.

Remote control’s large range up to 2400 ft makes it more worthy. 2400 ft means 800 yards, which is an immense range to control your pitbull. Remote is also a dual channel and you can train two dogs with one remote.

This collar is made up of nylon which is very comfortable to use and prevents any scratches due to its softness. The size of the collar is also adjustable for any dog of any size.

Key Features

  •  3 training modes
  • 2400 ft long-range
  • Automatic; don’t need to adjust over and over again
  • Dual-channel
  • Made up of Nylon
  • Fits to all sizes of pets
  • Water-Resistant
  • Easy to sync the transmitter and receiver.
  • Automatic mode works well.
  • Beeping mode is not effective.

Petunits Dog Training Collar (Range up to 1500 ft)

Petunits Dog Training Collar can be a great training partner for your pet as it is applicable to all breeds. It is best to stop excessive barking and train energetic pets like Pitbulls.

This training collar is provided with 3 training modes; buzzer, vibration, and shock with separate buttons. The beep is standard and vibration-shock levels are 0~100 which gives you adjustment options.

Its reflecting coating surface is best for the night walk. It makes your pooch visible especially if it is on a busy road in a night.

The most prominent feature of this collar is its Memoir function. This quality enables to record previous shock level and you don’t need to adjust again and again.

The charging indicator is also very helpful. You can’t run out of charging accidentally.

Key Features

  • Remote range up to 1500ft
  • Vibration and Shock mode can be set 0-100 level
  • Water-Resistant
  • Memory Function (Can record the previous set level of vibration or shock)
  • Reflective coating on the surface of the collar
  • Adjustable for all sizes of dogs
  • Very useful in dawn or dusk.
  • Works well in its range.
  • Low space between buttons, buttons can ve pressed accidentally in the pocket.

Pervin Dog Training Collar (Range up to 1000 ft)

Pervin Dog Training Collar is a very economical collar provided with all good characteristics. It is safe to use as it contains a very simple set up and fits pets of all sizes.

The collar is made of skin-friendly nylon material and it is much more reliable than any other.

Pervin Dog Training Collar is capable of the power-saving option at such a low price. It automatically turns to standby mode if you don’t use it for 5 minutes.

The most important memory function is also available which records the previously adjusted setting for your pet and saves your time. Its range is pretty nice up to 1000 ft.

All these qualities provided at a very economical price. As it is useful for all breeds you can grab it for your pitbull too.

Its receiver is highly waterproof that can still work after soaked 3 hours at the water depth.

Key Features

  • 3 training modes
  • 1000 ft range
  • Formed with Nylon
  • Memory function is available
  • Power saving option
  • Useful for all breeds of all sizes
  • Hight water-resistant
  • Economical.
  • Equipped with power-saving and Memory function.
  • Sometimes works inconsistently.

Flitter Shock Collar (Range up to 2500 ft)

Flitter Shock Collar is really a magical collar that can control all breeds of pets of all sizes; small, medium and large.

This collar is also available in 3 standard modes; beep, vibration, and static shock mode. Vibration and static shock have different levels from 1~100.

Its remote contains microprocessor technology which is capable of producing strong signals without any interruption.

 Another striking feature is its memoir option which makes it recall previously used settings. This mode has further 3 settings; A, B, AB, which means you can guide 3 dogs with 3 previous memorable settings.

It has a long-range up to 2500 ft which allows your pooch to walk freely but under your supervision.

Why this collar is suitable for your pitbull? The reason is its long-range and strong stable signals which can control your strong pet quite easily through static shock or strong vibrations.

Key Features

  • 3 standard training modes
  • 2500 ft long-range
  • Microprocessor technology; strong signals
  • Memories setting of 3 dogs separately
  • Can command 3 pets with 1 remote
  • Fits to all sizes and all breeds
  • Water-Resistant
  • Beep mode is very effective.
  • Shock mode is not much useful.

Dog Shock Training Collar (Range up to 2000 ft)

This shock collar is designed for your pet to learn basic obedience commands and bad behavior.

Dog Shock Training Collar contains 3 modes like typical shock collars; beep mode, vibration, and Static shock mode. Vibration and shock modes are provided with level 1~100.                       

This shock collar has a long-range up to 2000 ft and its signal strength is very strong even these can penetrate through walls which gives it an outstanding touch.

This dog shock training collar is endowed with fluorescent effects which can save your pet from accidents and you can easily locate it in the night time.

This is suitable for all types of breeds especially for bigger and agile pets like Pitbulls. Its long-range and wall penetrating signals can control and command your pitbull effectively.

Dog Shock Training Collar Key Features

  • 3 training modes
  • 2000 ft range
  • Wall penetrating signals
  • Fluorescent Collar that glows in the darkness
  • Suitable for all breeds of all sizes
  • Water-Resistant
  • Easy to operate.
  • Long-range.
  • Beep mode is not much useful.


 All the shock collars have unique features and worthy in their own way. But Flitter Shock Collar catches more value. As if a collar has the excessive long-range it lacks some other features. But Flitter Shock Collar is endowed with all the necessary features including enough long-range.

It is recommended that you can make your pitbull obedient and well-disciplined if you utilize shock collars properly. These collars can be beneficial for both the owner and the pet.