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Are you in rush to find out the best cat water bowl? If yes, then you should stay here.

Water is composed of carbon and hydrogen and it is essential for all life activities. Water has important biological functions like it supports digestion and is necessary for proper hydration and lubrication of joints.

Water flushes out the toxin from the body and maintains the good health of the cat. The water intake is essential for your feline friend so they remain hydrated.

You can encourage your feline to drink more water by getting a good water bowl for them. If the water bowl has some dust or unclean water is present in it, it might be possible that the cat refuses to drink it.

Features of Cat Water Bowl

1) The best cat water bowl should be clean and easy to refill.

2) Water bowl should be wide so that your cat feels comfortable drinking water.

3) It should not contain any chemical that provides harm to the feline.

4) It should be composed of Eco-friendly material (BPA-free material).

10 Best Water Bowl For Cats Reviews

We have looked over many of the water fountains for cats to find the best one which has good quality and have suitable price.

We will discuss the features, sizes, and material of the products so you can select the best one for your feline friend.

1: Petmate Gravity Waterer w/ Microban (Best Cat Water Bowl)

If you are a busy pet parent and you want your cat to stay hydrated, then Petmate Replendish Gravity waterer is the ideal product for your feline friend.

When the cat drinks the water from this water bowl it automatically refills with clean and cool water.

It has a system that removes all the harmful and toxic compounds like chlorine and organic chemicals. The system is called a replaceable charcoal filtration system.

The microban protection removes the dirt and bacteria from the water and helps your cat to drink clean water and remain hydrated. It also inhibits the growth of different strains of bacteria and also eliminates the odor.

The plastic bottle is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and it is easy to unscrew from the base to keep them clean. Wash the water bottle with cold water so any dirt will move out.

Key Features

  • Gravity flow design so easy to refill water
  • Contain replaceable charcoal Filtration system
  • Easy to Clean
  • Refresh and Purified water every time
  • Travel Friendly
  • Your cat easily gets the freshwater due to gravity flow design.
  • Water will free from bacteria and helps prevent the cat from medical issues.
  • Use anywhere; even on travel, you may take this water with you.
  • The plastic is BPA free, which helps prevent the endocrine hormones function abruptly.
  • Old-style water system

2: Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Flower Fountain 3L, Cat Water Fountain

To appeal to the picky drinker’s cat, the design is made to allow the 3 different water flow settings. The gentle water flowing system is due to the flower on the top of the fountain.

You can easily remove and put the flower on the fountain. Gentle Waterflow and bubbling top is due to the flower cap.

It has a triple action filter that removes all the harmful minerals like calcium and magnesium from the hard water and prevents your cat from medical issues.

The top petal has six water pockets which help the cat to drink water when the fountain is off. It is BPA-free. The LED light is also present in the bottom part and it guides the cats in darkness.

The catit flower fountain pushes running water to the surface. It has a compact and ergonomic design to take up less space.

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient Pump
  • 3L Re-circulatory system  
  • 3 flow setting
  • Gentle water flow
  • Bubbling top
  • Calm streams
  • Easy to clean
  • Triple Action Filter
  • BPA free
  • The water fountain is heavy and your cat will not flip this with their paws.
  • The cotton mesh in this fountain filters out the debris.
  • The active carbon present in this filter removes impurities and odors.
  • Ion Exchange property helps to eliminate the calcium and magnesium from the hard water and makes the water soft, clean, and pure.
  • Sometimes plug creates issue and led light will not work properly.

3: Cat Mate Pet Fountain – 70 Fluid Oz

It has been designed carefully for your cats to keep them hydrated. Cats and other pets always want to get fresh and clean water to drink.

The freshwater has multiple flowing sites (two waterfall streams) and one pool. The replaceable activated carbon filter keeps the water clean, free from dirt, and odor-free.

This fountain has an isolated pump for quiet operation. They consume low voltage power. The water ramp in this fountain helps to get rid of splashing.

You can easily clean the bowl of this fountain by using a mild soap. The pump can also be separated from the dish for cleaning.

Key Features

  • Isolated pump system for quiet operation
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Multiple drinking levels
  • Replaceable activated carbon filter
  • Ramp to inhibit water splashing 
  • Pump will be washable and easily clean with vinegar.
  • Water will remain fresh and clean.
  • Hairs and saliva got stuck in the water bowl.

4: Necoichi Raised Stress-Free Cat Water Bowl, Cat, Regular

Necoichi means “cats first” in Japanese. The necoichi bowl is composed of ceramic material and it is very reasonable for your feline friend. The design is made in such a way that it meets the standard of the FDA and ECC.

It is available in two sizes. The measurements lines are present in the bowl, so you can measure the quantity of the water being drunk by the cat.

This is made of non-absorbent porcelain. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. It helps elder cats to drink water easily. The base of the bowl has wide space and it has inner lips that stop the spillage of the water.

Key Features

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Measuring line for control of water
  • An anti-spill lip that prevents spillage of the water
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of high-quality Porcelain
  • It helps the cat to drink a proper amount of water.
  • Raised bowl for elder cats.
  • Spillage of water will be prevented by means of the inner lip.
  • It is not suitable for small cats.

5: PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Dog and Cat Food Station, Stainless Steel Bowl

This water station helps to keep your cat hydrated all the time. It is made of BPA-free material. It is a gravity water feeder that refills automatically when your feline friend drinks water from this station.

It is dishwasher safe which means this station is easy to clean. It is made of stainless steel and hygienic for your cat.

It has a sturdy construction that locks in a particular place and helps prevent spills and knock over. This product has three water capacities depending upon your cat size.

The base should be removed for cleaning. To remove all the bacteria from this bowl you will have to wash the bowl by putting the bowl in a dishwasher at a high temperature.

Key Features

  • Sturdy Construction to prevent spillage
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Gravity water feeder that refills automatically
  • BPA free material
  • The base is washable in the dishwasher so all the bacteria will remove from this surface and prevent cats from medical issues.
  • BPA free material is used that prevents the cats from hormonal imbalance.
  • Easy to carry in other places.
  • Flow valve control prevents spillage.
  • You can not find the water level.
  • The opening is so large so that the dust particles will enter and make the water dirty and cats will not drink water.

6: COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you need a water bowl for your cat then consume water bowl is a good one to select because it is lightweight and affordable. You can carry this bowl easily with you when you go outdoor with your pet.

This water bowl is durable and made up of silicon and it is free from BPA. It is easy to wash and clean. It occupies little space. It has a lifetime warranty and is available in two different colors, blue and green.

Key Features

  • Bowl size 5.1 inches wide & 2.1 inches high
  • Can hold up to 12 fluids ounces of water
  • Include matching carabineers clips
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly material is used
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Easy to transport
  • No smell of rubber and chemicals
  • BPA free material is used for its composition
  • Easily washable
  • Boiling water lead the bowl melted because it is made of flexible plastic

7: UPSKY Double Dog Cat Bowls Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowls No-Spill Resin Station,

This water bowl is affordable and good for your cat to drink water and stay hydrated. It is made of stainless steel having a resin bottom.

The bowl is removable and washable and easy to clean. Fresh and cold water is added to this bowl for your feline friend. The resin bottom helps prevent the spillage of water.

The construction of this bowl reduces the neck burden of your cat.

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel having resin bottom
  • No-spill construction
  • The height pull design of this bowl keeps the cat comfortable in drinking water.
  • The bowl is easily replaceable.
  • There is no as such disadvantage of this water bowl.

8: K&H PET PRODUCTS Cooling Bowl Pet Bed

Before using this bowl for your cat, you have to remove the rubber plug from the bottom of the bowl to activate them.

Shake the bowl to activate the cooling crystals. Now you can put the bowl in the freezer. After this, you can add water to this bowl to keep water cold. This water bowl is free from BPA material.

Key Features

  • No Electricity required
  • Keep the water cool for after 15 hours
  • Hold 96 ounces
  • BPA free material
  • One year warranty
  • No electricity is needed for this bowl to operate
  • Non-toxic and BPA free material is used
  • Freeze the bowl every night to keep the water cool. It is sometimes difficult for busy pet parents.

9: Ureverbasic Cat Bowls Pet Bowl Cat Food Water Bowl

This bowl has vibrant colors which attract your feline to drink more drinks and prevent dehydration.

It has the composition of anti-skid rubber on the bottom and this helps to prevent spillage and slip. The floor is also protected from scratches by means of plastic rubber.

This bowl is durable and has anti-corrosion properties, which means you can buy this product without having any doubt of corrosion.

It is made of polished and high-quality stainless steel and it does not occupy too much space. It is available in different colors and is dishwasher safe.

Key Features

  • 2 Bowl for one price
  • Bottom diameter – 5.9 inches
  • Height – 1.4 inches
  • Multiple Colors
  • Rust Resistant
  • Can hold up to 8 ounces
  • Contain anti-corrosive property
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Anti-skid rubber to prevent from scratches
  • This product is very good for small cats to give a limited amount of water.
  • The little rubber keeps the bowl stuck to the ground and splashing of water will be less.
  • Scrubbing hard on the outer area of the bowl to lead to paint comes out.

10: PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Water Fountain

This pet fountain has a free-falling stream that encourages your feline to drink more and the right amount of water and keep them hydrated and healthy.

The carbon filter in this fountain removes the odor and bad taste of the water. There are two drinking levels in this fountain so your senior cat can easily drink water from the upper level and small cats can drinks water from the lower level.

A submersible pump that consumes low voltage helps provide quiet operation. Dishwasher safe parts and BPA material is used for its construction. The constant water circulation in this fountain inhibits the growth of bacteria in water.

Key Features

  • Two Drinking Levels
  • Having 100 oz. water capacity
  • Submersible pump for quiet operation
  • BPA free material
  • Carbon filter to remove the bad odor of water
  • Activated carbon filters remove all the debris and hairs from the water.
  • The BPA free material used in this fountain helps prevents the hormonal imbalance in cats.
  • You can’t take this fountain outside the home.
  • Running motor makes some noise from which your cat might disturb.


Why Does my Cat hit his Water Bowl?

Cats are playful and they love to play with water and have a habit of manipulating things with their paws.

Cats use their water bowl as a bathtub. Cats usually avoid stagnant water and prefer fresh and running water so this might be the reason for hitting the water bowl.

When you turn on the water tape, your cat might likely climb on this place to drink water. You must choose a water fountain for your cat if they like running water.

It encourages cats to drink more water and remain hydrated and prevent certain medical issues.

Sometimes anxiety and stress create strange behavior in cats and they hit their water bowl with their paws.

How to Stop Cats from Spilling Water?

Patience may be the best solution to avoid the cat splashing the water and use the water bowl as a toy or water bath.

If your cat is not drinking water or splashing it then resolve the health issue of the cat. Consult your veterinarian to avoid the stressful condition.

Place the filled water bowl in the shower so that your cat only drinks water from it and stops spilling water. Use non-spill bottles for water.

Use a fountain-type water bowl, so water will always remain fresh and continuous.

Does Cat Needs Separate Water Bowl?

Cats do not want to share their water and food bowl with other neighboring cats. They also don’t like their food in the water bowl because if food particles are present in the water bowl, the cat avoids drinking water from this bowl.

The drinking habits of cats will change if you continuously change the location of the water bowl.

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Drinking Water?

Just like humans, a cat survives only a few days without drinking water but it also depends upon various factors like age, size, and medical issues.

Diabetic felines require more water as compared to non-diabetic cats. Those cats which only eat dry food also require more water to become hydrated.

If your cat does not drink enough water she becomes dehydrated and loses minerals and fluids in the urine. Quick heart rate, vomiting, dry gums, and constipation all are the symptoms a cat would face if she did not drink enough water.

What is the Best Material of Best Water Bowl For Cats?

The quality of the material must be considered while purchasing the best water bowl for cats. Stainless steel is the best quality material for water bowls for cats. It is unbreakable, durable, and easy to disinfect and clean.

It also does not absorb odor. Other materials used for cats’ bowls are ceramic and plastic, but they have some disadvantages which proved that stainless steel is the most widely used water bowl for cats.

Ceramic bowls break easily and crack may occur on this, so it will damage your feline tongue, paws, and chin. Ceramic bowls also contain harmful compounds like lead in it. But ceramic dishes that are approved by the FDA, are chemicals and toxins free.

Plastic bowls are inexpensive and convenient but they will damage by your feline sharp teeth and bacteria also remain in the plastic bowls if they are not properly cleaned. So stainless steel is the best material for the water bowl for cats.

Where Should I Place My Cat’s Water Bowl?

Cats’ bowls should be clean and free of dust and placed far away from the litter tray. Avoid placing the water bowl on the top surfaces and tabletops.

To keep you hydrated and healthy and prevent medical issues, water is necessary and it should be given to cats in the water bowl so that your feline enjoys clean, pure, and cool water for drinking purposes.

In this way, your cat will not reach that place or she climbs on the table, she may throw the other things present on the table. Cats love to drink in peace so place the water bowl away from the food bowl and in a quiet place.

It is best to change the water from a bowl three to four times a day. But if you have a water fountain bowl for your feline then there is no need to change the water frequently because activated carbon filters help to remove the dirt, saliva, and bad odor of the water.


Most cats like running water, so you should buy that water bowl that works like a fountain and have multiple drinking levels. A good water bowl is made up of BPA-free material and stuck to the surface so that your cat will not hit this with your paws and will not splash the water on the ground.

As we discussed the 10 best cat water bowls, all of them have some characteristics that make them valuable to purchase.

Necoichi Raised Cat Water Bowl is the best bowl for cats because it is approved by FDA and made from non-absorbent porcelain.

I hope this article will help in finding the Best cat water bowl.

Kasim Kittiban

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