Are Retractable Leashes Good for Puppies?




are retractable leashes good for puppies


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All of us love taking our dogs on a stroll. And walking our puppies without a leash is almost unimaginable to most of us. But confining our furry friends with a 6 feet leash sometimes may seem a bit harsh. And this is where retractable leashes were designed in the first place!

Are Retractable Leashes Good for Puppies?

Retractable leashes give your pets the freedom they may sometimes like while playing and walking around. However, it does come with its own set of downsides. Although many like using retractable lashes, many still like sticking to a conventional leash. And in this blog, we will discuss, are retractable leashes good for puppies? from a professional perspective.

What are Retractable leashes?

A retractable leash is comprised of a long cord or tape rolled over a spring enclosed in a plastic cover with a lock button to stop and release the cord.

Have you ever seen someone using retractable dog leashes?

The plastic cover is designated in such a way that it looks like a handle that comfortably fits in your hand. The lock button on the handle allows you to control the length of the cord or tape.

These leashes are available in different sizes depending upon the length of the cord used. It ranges from 10 feet to 26 feet long cord.

When you press the button to release the slack making it less confined, your pooch can move far from you.

What benefits you can get using a retractable leash?

Retractable leashes are very popular right now. You will be astonished that why the use of these retractable leashes is emerging as a top trend nowadays?

Definitely, there are some evident strong points connected with these leashes which elevate the application of retractable leashes day by day.

Let’s have a look at some good points of retractable leashes;

  • A retractable leash enables your puppy to explore the world on its own without experiencing a complete owner’s authority.
  • Puppy love to sniff around and a retractable leash gives a free hand for sniffing your pooch.
  • Walking ahead is an inborn instinct of dogs and a retractable leash gifts a chance to your canine staying ahead.
  • It allows your pooch to walk around in open spaces like parks and fields without going too far from you.
retractable leash seems quite helpful
  • A retractable leash is also useful for your pet in practising the “recall” command.
  • It is highly recommended for night walks with your four-legged companion as it keeps your pet in your control.
  • It does not allow your canine to run out but at the same time, a retractable leash gives your pooch a sense of freedom.

Are retractable leashes bad?

Of course, there are some certain risks using a retractable leash but it depends completely upon you as a dog owner whether you know its proper use or not. If you have a full understanding of how to use a retractable leash then it is a splendid tool for your pet.

These are some risks of using a retractable leash about that you have to be careful:

The distance is problematic

Some dog owners think that there are some issues related to the distance between you and your pet when a retractable leash is utilized;

  • Your pooch becomes disobedient as the leash gives freedom of action.
  • You can not communicate with your pooch using a retractable leash as there is always a distance between your pooch and you while on the same walk.
  • A retractable dog leash makes your relationship with your canine dull and weak as it remains at a distance from you.
  • It doesn’t allow your pooch to run fast but keeps it only ahead of you walking with the same speed as yours.
  • The motion of your dog pulling on a retractable leash can harm their neck and throat, leading to long-term health problems.

These complications are just to some extent but experts say that if you utilize a retractable leash accurately, your pooch will be still under your supervision.

Your pooch will always pay attention to you as you still have control over it.

Physical problems

  • When your pooch is at a release position, the loose leash can be tangled around a person or tree which can cause injuries.
  • Sometimes leash breaks when it is fully stretched and recoils so fast that it may hurt you.
  • If the leash cord wraps around your finger or hand, it can get burnt or cut.
Are Retractable Leashes Good for Puppies?
Are Retractable Leashes Good for Puppies?

Absolutely, these risks can not be ignored at all but it is recommended that you can minimize these risks using a flat belt or tape type leash rather than a cord leash.

Are retractable leashes also good for puppies?

Yes, of course. Some professionals argue if you employ a retractable leash with your puppy, it will be a great idea for both of you. As it is more trouble-free to train a puppy as you like it rather than an adult pet.

You just ought to be more careful while using a retractable lead, especially for your little friend.

It is recommended tips for your puppy;

  • Use a lightweight and comfortable leash during dog training.
  • Consider the length of the leash. It should not be too long.
  • Keep an eye on your puppy when on a retractable leash. If it is close to another pet then keep it close to you.
  • You can let your puppy roam freely at a long distance if there is no danger around it.
  • Don’t use a cord leash for your puppy as it is risky for your pup. You should choose a flat or tap type leash which is much safer.
retractable lashes are good for puppies as well

Keeping under consideration these instructions, you can utilize a retractable leash for your puppy comfortably.

Classic leashes vs Retractable leashes

What is the difference between a regular and retractable leash?

Here is an interesting comparison between regular classic leashes and retractable leashes depending upon their typical features;

  • Classic leashes are rigid, inflexible and don’t allow your pooch to roam while retractable leashes are highly flexible, extendable and canine can wander easily. Classic leashes appropriate for aggressive dog or reactive dog.
  • Regular leashes have short lengths, normally 6 feet. So If your dog pulls on a regular leash, there is no chance of entangling. On the other hand, retractable leashes have long lengths like 10 to 26 feet and can be coiled around a tree or something else. Retractable dog leashes like Flexi leash allows dogs to roam up to 26 feet.
  • It is difficult to train your pet using a long classical leash as when you have finished the work, you have to wrap it around your wrist. For that reason, retractable leashes are very comfortable to use in dog training sessions as these can be reeled in easily.
  • Retractable dog leashes like Flexi leash allows dogs to roam up to 26 feet. There seems to be no physical harm associated with classic leashes but retractable leashes can injure you if not used accordingly. Pet owners have broken bones, lost fingers and even limbs.

Some helpful tips to use a retractable leash

Do you know how to use a retractable leash?

You must have to know how to use your dog’s leash.

The first and foremost point is, you should have a thorough understanding of the correct methods, cautions, and risks of utilizing a retractable leash.

Size of your pet matters while using retractable dog leashes

Your pooch must not be able to pull you off your feet. In other words, you can apply a retractable leash over a small or medium-sized pet.

Utilize a branded retractable leash

Don’t use an unreliable leash from unknown brands as these leashes are likely to break apart easily. You must use a familiar and branded leash.

Use a retractable leash with a comfortable handle

It will be a great relief for you if the handle is quite comfortable in your hand as you can control your pet easily when it is pulling you.

Use a tangle-free retractable leash

This quality makes your leash twist-free as a retractable leash always turns back and sometimes entangles

Don’t grab the leash

Always remember that don’t grab the leash at all. If you are used to grabbing the leash, then you are at a serious mistake. It’s important not to grab it in order to teaching your puppy proper leash manners.

If you’re leash training a puppy, the constant tension on the leash cord of a Flexi-leash also prevents them from learning proper leash manners.

This habit can harm you like burning or cuts. Make yourself accustomed to using the lock button immediately if needed. Regular flat leash is easier to handle.

Keep an eye on your surroundings

Using a retractable leash without considering the surroundings is a usual mistake. If you find any risk around your pet, keep your pooch near you through the lock button.

Keep yourself alert

Some pet owners use mobile phones while their pet is on a retractable leash and may get in trouble. Behold that you shouldn’t ignore the risks.

Keep an additional leash with you

 Always keep a regular leash with you as a reserve aid if sometimes your retractable leash doesn’t work appropriately.

Keep your thumb over lock button

The lock button has a proper purpose. It can leeway as well as stop your pooch. So, always keep your thumb on the lock button as you can use it in a moment in an emergency.

thank you for giving me such a helpful tips

Check the bolting habits of your canine

If your four-legged friend has sudden attacking habits to chase a squirrel, other dogs, vehicles, or other people around it without any warning signs.

Then you should train your pet some warning signs like stare and freeze. Somewhat trained dog can freely run off-leash.

Allow chasing if it is safe

The choice is always yours using a retractable leash. As a pet parent allow, your canine to chase a car or any other thing if you figure it out of harm’s way.

Your companion must not be habitual of pulling.

If your pooch is a keen puller or untrained dog, you must not use a retractable leash. First, you have to train your pet not to pull the leash. Then it will be Ok to employ a retractable leash.

Train your dog first

This is a good idea that you should let your canine know the limits of your retractable leash so that it doesn’t jerk or run when the leash is fully stretched out. On the other hand, if you have a well-trained dog, a retractable leash can be a fantastic tool to utilize.


You can turn a simple walk with your puppy or older pet into a source of entertainment using a retractable leash and allowing your canine to sniff, roam and explore the surrounding with a sense of freedom.

You and your puppy both can enjoy the best time with each other like fun. Just follow the instructions, minimize the risks and let your pet wander about.

 To sum up, I expect that now, you would be optimistic about the use of retractable leashes and clear in your thoughts about the query, are retractable leashes good for puppies?

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